K-ent Hit with Three Star Couple Breakups in One Week

It can’t always be only good news so it’s with a saddened heart that I share the update that news of three K-ent couples having broken up came out all within the week. First came the drama couple On Joo Wan and Jo Bao, who met on the set of Surplus Princess and dated for almost three years. They were a low key couple and the breakup seems like a nonevent as well. The big news is the breakup of singer-actress IU with singer Jang Ki Ha after three years of dating, this spawned crazed drama fans of Moon Lover to spam Lee Jun Ki‘s SNS asking or pleading with him to date IU. Beyond bizarre. And last but not least is the latest news that acting couple Lee Sang Yoon and UEE have also broken up after less than a year. Bummer that so many couples called it quits but I’ve heard the start of the new year spikes in breakups or marriages because couples realize during the holidays whether it’s meant to be or not worth the continued effort.


K-ent Hit with Three Star Couple Breakups in One Week — 62 Comments

  1. i didnt noe Jo Bo Ah and On Joo Wan broke up. They look very cute togther. I tot the same on long legged couple UEE and Lee Sang Yoon. News was there were still an item at year end of 2016. How fast thgs change. Here’s hoping Soo Young and Jung Kyung Ho will last.
    We did start off the year with good news of new star couple Boa & Joo Won and recent marriage of Ryu Soo Young- Park Ha Sun then Rain-Kim Tae Hee. Hope for more happiness and maybe wedding bells

    • Most likely plastic surgery (jaw reduction) coupled with an unhealthy weight loss. Pity, she looked so much better before – see Ojagkyo Brothers for reference.

      • If you checked out old photo’s of her when she was very thin you’ll see her jaw line is the same. It’s not plastic surgery, I thought the same thing until I saw her old photo’s. She looks almost identical to now only younger.

        But yes, she looks better with more weight on, she looked gorgeous in Ojagkyo Brothers but then so many netizen’s was fatshaming her, she lost weight now they complain and call it plastic surgery.

  2. UEE and Lee Sang Yoon’s break up was totally unpredictable, at least not this early.
    I was feeling uneasy over IU’s break up and part of me losing my interest and support on Lee Jun Ki. Despite his agency denying anything scandalous between them, I still feel bitter because he is definitely not an innocent party here at all. I have seen this coming and smell something fishy when they both showed up at each other’s event recently in Taiwan. Then they were gushing about each other which further escalated the craze shippers fandom. I mean, I am fine they were doing it for fan service but IU (despite probably having broken up with JKH by then) was still in public relationship with JKH. I find both IU and LJK were being disrespectful towards JKH. It’s ok that they wanted to ride on Moon Lovers’ popularity but at least, be sensitive but obviously they were not. I am dissapointed mostly in LJK and until I am proven wrong, I am guessing a dating announcement between them is on its way months from now.

    • You can have your opinion however I do not believe stars tell us the exact date they break up or get together. We learned IU was dating JKH two years later so no one knows when they broke up and they do not owe Anyone an explanation. JKH was the one to confirm the breakup. Stars I have seen usually agree on releasing break up news at a convenient time not confirm separately.
      As far as being disrespectful, I am amazed how we expect actors/performers to kiss and pretend to make love to people regardless of their relationships but become judgemental if the do anything but ignore each other in public. IU and LJK are not married nor do we know if they were in a relationship with others during those events. We cannot prove anything one way or another so why think the worse of a story you will never know the truth about.

      • They may or not have the relationship but they were fanning them obviously. IU was still in a public relationship with JKH back then and LJK went on to say things like “I like to have drinks with my co-stats and as when I was drinking, I noticed how beautiful Ji Eun-shi”…”If Ji Eun ask me to come, I surely will come” or “I want to sit amongst the audience and look at how beautiful Ji Eun Shi”. For goodness sake, have some respect for her then boyfriend!!! I don care who the hell he or she is dating, that is their personal lives. What I disagree is how disrespectful they were towards JKH when the whole world knew IU was his gf. If they kissed or perform love scene in the drama, that’s part of their job so who cares. But what they did during the recent events, were so outside of works and purely OTT fan-service. Ofc the man confirm the break up news after being treated like garbage by his then gf and a fellow co-actor who lacks the sensitivity chip.

      • @Lovesparklys Yeah, I heard IU and her guy broke up around 6 months ago.

        As far as the rumors about IU and LJK, None of my business but it’s been reported for years he’s dating his 2nd female lead co-star from Joseon Gunman. I personally don’t think he’s more than friends with IU because he tends to be private, and I actually think he wouldn’t have done the fanservice if there was something going on, but I don’t care really all that much though I think fans of all parties should just leave them alone. Does all this shipping work…has one couple people wanted to get together ever actually gotten together?? I guess maybe Nicky Wu and his gal but I think it is all a little on the wacky side of things.

      • @Kat..yea they broke up around months ago that’s what Ive heard too! Lol its funny they just confirmed it now. Ljk has easy going and friendly personality he really adores his hoobaes,he also attend baekhyun concert and gushed over him so much and he show support to seohyun new album. Just because he is being a good sunbae means he’s dating them now?? ??

      • I am a fan of LJK as an actor for years. But this time, I have to agree with @Emilie. Many misinterpreted her statement. It’s not that she accussed him for causing the break up or that IU cheated on JKH with LJK but the gushing was a bit out of line, considering she was in a relationship back then (even if they had broken up 6 months earlier). He was not like this with his former lead actresses. I watched the Taiwan concert’s guesting and felt uncomfortable with the extreme gushing because I knew she had a bf. Considering how JKH felt when another man gushing openly about his gf and she embracing it and fanning the shippers….I didn’t notice it earlier but now that it was pointed out, somewhat I feel bad for him. What I think the point is, this top class fan service is fine now since she is not attached to anyone, but quite insensitive back then.

      • Wow! How judgemental……watch The greatest love with gyo hyo jin and cha seung won…it explains how celebrities handles their relationship announcements…when Cha Seung Won was fake dating Yoo Inna’s character. IU might have borken up with the BF a long time ago, plus when news broke put about their dating people were bashing the age gap. So regardless, it did not work out between the two. LJK should not even be involved, I am sure he is saying all those things to drum up viewer ratings and etc to promote the Scarlett Drama so that it can also be shown overseas. Regardless, we will never know what exactly happened. Jusy that they broke up…at least it wasn’t an ugly breakup….

      • I did not misunderstand anyones comment. I say it is a waste of anyone’s time to judge others and be disappointed when you know nothing. Do you know that child (IU) and to me, an ajumma, she is a child, accepts people calling her ugly and became bulimic. So what if a co star calls her beautiful and says he will be there for her if she calls. Especially if he knows she just experienced heartache.
        Who cares if they go to each other’s fanmeet and are nice to each other. If you think it is ridiculous to read too much their interactions like shippers. It is equally ridiculous to read all this malacious intent and disrepectfulness into their actions as well

      • I’m so fucking pissed off! IU and her ex broke up a long ago but why they reveal it just now? Smh, its all their fault. Poor LJG, he is known as a nice and kind senior to his junior afterall… always publicly support and complimenting his costars and then those delusional idiot shippers took it wrong and dragged his into the mess and now he has to take the blame. Great huh…??

    • What a shame!! If she got dumped by her ex-boyfriend bc of fan service during the concert and It’s IU who first invited/asked JG to join her concert. Nobody know the truth so DO NOT BLAME OUR OPPA for their break up news. I also feel sorry for IU&her ex-boyfriend.

    • So your saying that because they went to each other’s place of wrk to show support for someone they previously wrk with, is bad!? Scratching head here!
      Grow up!? Sometimes shit happens and it’s no ones fault. You don’t know if she found out he was cheating or he told her he didn’t like her anymore but why does it have to be her fault. And for you to even put that out there to start crazy assumptions is definitely crazy. Shows immaturity, just saying. You should of gone to your local women’s march to learn something.

    • If you don’t have the evidence, you should’t accuse anyone. IU & KH ‘ s break up could relate to JG or not, but you don’t know. If you blame him with falsity, you just a hater, and your opinion is absurdity.

    • You should apply as a writer for a tabloid. You’d make excellent clickbait articles.

      Seriously though, stop making it seem like LJG was the reason for breakup. Are you even a fan of the three artists? Do you know something about their personalities or what they’ve been doing for the past few months?

      IU and KH haven’t been seen together since July. Thereafter, there were no mentions of their relationship from both parties. He didn’t even attend her concert last December. She cut her hair a few months after filming, and when asked about it, she said: “freedom”. In the statement from KH’s agency, they said they’ve been breaking up and trying to get back together several times now. I don’t rumor monger, but you should be able to connect the dots from there.

      Don’t make it seem like they broke up because KH was “treated like trash” and “JG disrespected them”. Whatever the hell that fucking means. He’s 34 and in a very tough industry; pretty sure he has thick skin. He has been continuously receiving extreme comments the moment he dated IU. What’s more, almost all celebrity couples will receive stupidly absurd treatment from fans and antis.

      If Koreans, who are 10x harsher than interntional fans, didn’t have qualms with the fanservice; then I don’t get why others would make an issue?? IU and JG did the fanservice within their platforms (ie the stage, concert, fm). They didn’t do anything weird after their respective performances ended.

    • Great for whatever reasons my comment is now linked to this one, when I actually wanted to agree with @Lovesparklys’ one…

      I do not think they were disrespectful too but yeah people will think what they want to think.

  3. To be frank I am not very excited about the three couples. Individually they are cute and talented but I don’t see the same kind of chemistry that some couples have like KTH-Rain and Blood costars-couple.

    I like Lee Jun Ki and I hope he finds a lovely GF soon…. I don’t mind if it’s IU… we never know since the show had tons of guys …

  4. Do Korean celebrities make some kind of agreement to release their breaking up, dating and marriage news around the same time to divert public attention, like some Hollywood celebrities do?

  5. Anytime there is big celebrity news i.e. Rain and Kim Tae Hee wedding, there is a subsequent flurry of dating (Joo Won) and break up news as they all hope their wave will be just a little wave compared to the big news like the wedding. I wish both these guys the best. Dating and breaking up….haven’t we all been there. It’s just what people do.

  6. Poor LJG, being accused as a third wheel on JKH-LJE relationship. Although, i think LJG-LJE will make a cute couple.

    BTw, i think actors/actress are just like other people. They can date or broke up with whoever they’re with.

  7. Those delulu Intl shippers flock to Joon Gi ig makes me disgusted, they dont know how to differentiate between reality and dreams. There shouldn’t have even been a “rumor” it was delulu ass shippers jumping to conclusions! I fell bad for him,really.

  8. When I first read that UEE was dating and who she was dating, I couldn’t picture that couple, he strikes me as the quiet, lay back type and she as the I still want to go out and have fun and do crazy things. Lol
    I haven’t a clue why I think that way but wouldn’t be hilarious if it were the opposite.!? Lmao

  9. LJK would be crazy to date a kid like IU. he need to stay far away from kid. what he need is a real woman not kid doing cute stuff for her uncle fan.just so they will buy her album.

    • LOL. You are right. I read that she failed all subjects in school except korean literature. No wonder the K-netz mentioned that Ki Ha, a Seoul University grad is too good for her. I will never understand why men would want to date a gal with a brick in her head. After her dragging Eun Hyuk in a scandal which pretty much damaged him while she left unscratched and now dragging LJG, i totally don’t buy her demure facade. She is pretentious and fake. LJG would be a fool if he ever thought of dating her.

      • ehm… ehm… excuse me here. i found this comment is very insulting. this brickhead girl you talked about has managed to score a place as one of the highest earning idols in Kpop industry. and her so much brainier ex bf’s wealth couldn’t even come close. let’s just get real, what is the major indicator of a success? mr. kiha can flaunt his prestigious degree certificate all he wants but will it make money come pouring down by itself?

      • IU used to be class president.
        Her peers used to get jealous of her good grades!
        Her grades only suffered due to busy schedules during good day and you and I era.
        She’s concidered a genius by many!

        And everyone knows she’s smart.

      • Wealth does not equate to how brainy one is. JKH is a folk musician and his music genre is not mainstream like IU nor he did he marketed himself to appeal to mainstream listeners like IU. And stars like Natalie Portman and Emma Watson were busy with their movie careers and still excelled in their studies. She is a brickhead indeed. She even said she chose to play Haesoo cause she isn’t smart like Ruoxi. I guess she was playing herself.LOL.

      • Aishttt…
        Araseooo… Araseooo… Kiha & the faces only do their gigs for public service, because their intention is not making money. In that case, i congratulate you as his & band’s fans, at least from now on your muse & his gang don’t have to bring up IU’s name in whatever interviews or performances they will do in the future.

      • Seriously people need to stop the madness of hating, shipping, or excessive fangirling over celebs. Use your heads, people. Why do you even bother about who breaks up with who, who hooks up with who. These celebs have their own private lives, and let them live theirs according to their will. If you are really fans of a certain celeb, the best you can do is wishing them to be happy.
        I am not a fans of anyone mentioned in this article, but i really don’t understand people bashing celebs just because they “hate” these celebs. If their mere existence irritates you, for God sake, don’t jump into the web and read their news. Live off grid!

  10. YA!!! ???Don’t drag my Lee joon Gi oppa into this, he got nothing to do with the break up… just because they were closer than they look does not mean anything, iu and Kiha break up is due to their personal reason whatever… people needs to get their facts straight even the knetz… ✊?Lgj oppa

  11. Oh wow.
    Too many strong opinions without knowing the truth. In the end, we can just respect other people’s decisions in life instead of preaching how these celebrities should live it. I’m still a fan of Lee Jun ki and IU no matter what. Let’s just be happy for them in whatever they do or choose to not do.

  12. Lee Junki was extremely disrespectiful towards IU and her boyfriend during their promotions.
    You can tell she was uncomfortable for the most part of it and just laughed it off.

    My guess is that he got super excited he got trendy again and over did on the fan service. And the usually reserved IU just went along with it because this was the first time she’s able to make so many of good friends. originally, she wasn’t going to go to the awards but he convinced her to.

    Fan service to thank the fans is fine but saying things like ‘ I dreamed of her’ and ‘she’s beautiful when she’s drunk ‘ is out of line.

    It also concern me because IU has a record with bulimia as she said in Healing Camp in 2014. She was looking after her health then by taking the year off to get her health in order.

    Last time we saw her, she’s really really under weight. So a combination of not eating well, over working, and drinking a lot of alcohol is not healthy and worries me.

    I hope she ok.

    I’m not blaming ljk for the break up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a factor.

    • Hmm, we don’t know when her breakup occurred and if she told people close to her before the press. But IU did hug LJK in front of her fans recently, and by her own account, she looks up to him as not just an actor but a person. There’s no reason for her to go to that extent just to drum up good PR for MLSHR or pay lip service to a senior.

      So while I get that IU fans don’t want her to be labeled as a cheater by antis, it seems pretty ridiculous to try and spin that she’s uncomfortable with LJK, he’s disrespectful of her, etc.

    • Sorry, but she looked uncomfortable and only along with it because she could not have said no? IU fan speaking here and really she’s such a strong and stubborn character if she really did not want to she would have said so. That’s one thing I’m sure of.

      Also I think lately she looks the happiest I’ve seen her in a while… but whatever.

      People gonna think what they wanna think.

      • Sorry .. IU is comfortable with LJG skinship tho. Just look at her taiwan concert when she’s the one who initiate the hug first to LJG. She looks so happy when LJG come to her concert. Just see their interaction at IU’s Taiwan concert. In my honest opinion, LJG and IU had something but LJG is not the reason why JKH and IU broke up. They already broke up long time ago. It’s just the break up news got revealed now.

  13. Uoh wow! What a harsh comments you have there, friends! First, are you a fortune teller that knows everything happened with JE, KH, or JG? Do not give any ridiculous speculation if you do not know the truth. Just let them alone. After all, it is their private life, their personal choice! Just do your own business.
    And, heol, daebak! Who are you, btw, to judge someone’s intelligence?? A professor??!

  14. I cannot reply directly for some reason on my cell but just so the record is straight, I am not misunderstanding anyone. I am saying that if people think shippers are delusional for thinking every on screen pair should be lovers because they get along then people who attribute disrespectful and malicious intent to people without knowing what is going on in their lives is just as delusional. So what they went to each other’s fanmeet and smiled at each other. So what if a costar, who may know his costar broke up with her boyfriend, accepts being called ugly and had a bout with bulimia calls her beautful and says when you call I will answer.so what if a beautiful young woman smiles at being called beautiful and smiles back at a guy. Live your lives people and let them live theirs.

  15. How absurd. If she really was uncomfortable with it, with their level of closeness, then she should have told him so instead of simply brushing him off.

    Nice guessing. But once again, just a really baseless guess. He’s always had fanmeetings and he has one of the most solid fanbases in Asia. He’s a veteran actor with nothing to prove, I don’t know where you pulled out your assumption from. They did it for the fans who were very vocal about not being satisfied with the ending. IU, who normally doesn’t attend awards, attended this one. Their awards speech was also very fanservice-y, with him mentioning “coming from Goryeo”, “meeting with Hae Soo”, and “When we drink, I notice that Hae Soo… Ji Eun-ssi is very beautiful”. Next time, you should try to paint the whole picture instead of choosing what to quote. Okay?

    If you’re not blaming him, then don’t declare assumptions that paint him as some sort of villain. It’s extremely damaging. Besides, his agency has already released a statement.

  16. LJK need to stop being even near IU. it only going drag his name through the mug. the last thing he need is a actrss look like a kid next to him.

    • Junki can make decisions on who he wants to associate himself with and he obviously doesn’t mind being around ths actress who looks like a kid you just mentioned. And that “kid” is a well acclaimed musician who is just as respected and highly regarded in her own field. Let’s not be harsh on how we judge others

    • LOL. Someone acts like JG’s parent here. He is an ADULT, dude. No need to dictate his life. So what if he want to date a grandma or a kid? His life, his choice.

  17. Even when the drama is over, it continues. If they break up, fine. If they date, fine. Not like our opinions are going to matter much to them anyway. It’s pretty stupid bad-talking any of them on something we all know nothing about and going purely off what we THINK.

    All the best to everyone in their futures.

  18. I feel so sorry for these stars, this is the repercussion of being famous/well known. Bystanders talk/gossip and judge them as though we know them. When they aren’t dating, shippers want them to date. When they are dating, haters want them to split up. When they go on a honeymoon, they have fans/people following them. This is not a ‘normal’ relationship.

  19. We should respect IU, LJK and JiHa for their work. No need to judge people based on our assumptions. Because these 3 people and their work are 2 separate categories. Leave them alone. Support their art or ignore their art, that should be our position.

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