Park Bo Gum’s Taiwan Fan Meeting Turns into Double the Treat with Surprise Appearance by Song Joong Ki

Talk about bringing in the big guns, but then again it’s nice having best friends of such incredibly popular caliber that playing second fiddle gives fans two for the price of one. Park Bo Gum held a sold out fan meeting in Taiwan over the weekend, arriving to greet boisterous fans excited to see a breakout star after his last two dramas Answer Me 1988 and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds were both highly popular there. Having him alone would have been worth the price of admittance but joining him as a surprise guest star was one of his closest friends and the K-actor with the biggest popularity surge last year in none other than Song Joong Ki. His Descendants of the Sun was even more widely watched in Taiwan and all that was missing would have been Goblin Gong Yoo showing up to turn this fan meeting into a 2016 drama fans wet dream.


Park Bo Gum’s Taiwan Fan Meeting Turns into Double the Treat with Surprise Appearance by Song Joong Ki — 27 Comments

  1. Why does this has anything to do with Gong Yoo?
    PBG is such a sweetheart. Looking forward to watch him in another drama soon. It’s a pivotal move on his side since he had 2 hits drama back to back. But he is genuinely talented and has a long bright future ahead.

  2. I love bromance I do but these 2 showed a bit over top affection to each other like SJK cried during PBG accepting speech etc.They might be gay and love each, sorry just my opinion. I like PBG since hello monster, and I thought he is very talented and I have no prejudice against gay people so don’t kill me lol.

    • Yeah, it’s too much for bromance! It’s not like SJK has a lot of free time to be dropping in Taiwan! Unless he’s shooting a CF there…But I love them both anyway! ???

      • Song Joong-ki actually attended an event for Line in Taipei the day after the fanmeet. He and Bogum are both endorsers.

    • To finally quench everyone’s curiosity, Song Joong Ki explained why he was crying in the audience when Park Bo Gum was accepting his Male Top Excellence Award at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards.

      “I was happy about [Park] Bo Gum winning, but I also recalled all the worries he had about acting before the production [‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds‘] began. I also remembered what it was like when I won the same award five years ago,” he confessed.

      Cr soompi

      Reportedly they know each other for years and they are labelmates SJK is a good sunbae and hyung to PBG, PBG thanked to SJK in his speech and SJK recalled past. Too bad for you if you still can’t appreciate true friendship and find it over the top 🙁

    • Honestly as someone who is not straight and has a lot of LGBT friends, PBG let’s say “pings” for me and it’s not because of stereotypically offensive mannerisms or anything..just non-verbal cues of attraction (seriously his chemistry with the bodyguard in Moonlight was ridiculously palpable, they couldn’t hide or fake it well and I loved every second of it). I know this might be controversial to some but oh well. If he’s not gay or bi, then that’s fine too, of course.

      I used to be unimpressed by his face but I have recently seen the light! The kid is gorgeous and seems to have a great, likeable personality so he would have zero problems attracting men or women interested in dating him seriously. I don’t think he SJK are together but who knows…

      Regarding gay, bi and lesbian Korean celebs, I wonder if they tend to date other celebs since it might be a bit safer than dating a non-celeb who might have less to lose if possibly outed? The non-celeb could be more closeted too and might want to hide the relationship too. It’s a bit of an issue in Hollywood too.I have some friends that work in the industry and supposedly there are quite a lot of closeted (to the public) celebs. It sucks that it’s still something that can hamper or even ruin a person’s career.

    • I had hell from another site when I mentioned I will support them if they were gay. Such lovely guys. But I got hell for even mentioning that. LOL, love has no boundaries. Gays or Friends, they both definitely care about each other greatly.

    • Yeah, I don’t see any problem if they are gay. They sure sell their romance in drama as leading actors. So nothing to complain here.

      Though knowing how K-Ent is. I believe they will never come out as gay themselves as Long as they stil want to act.

      As Long as they continue to work well. I hope all e best for their personal life.

    • He is a cry baby but I don’t think he is gay at all. Same with SJK and I am saying this despite not being a fan of both. The excessive crying is maybe part of sensitive new age guy type but who cares? Their talents rawk.

    • Lol or maybe they’re just good friends? Just because two men spend time together and have an emotional bond it doesn’t mean they’re gay. Women do the same thing and no one bats an eye. Also, let’s say they’re gay/bi whatever, why does that matter?

  3. PBG & SJK are reportedly close friends. Close friends go out of their way to support one another even if it may be inconvenient for then. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with SJK making these guest appearances if PBG is happy to have him there. As for the crying, that’s normal. Since they are good friends it would make sense that SJK cried for PBG during a happy occasion.

  4. I mean if you see the love that sjk and kwangsoo have you’d think one of them was cheating.But yea you guys are over thinking it and maybe missing the cultural translation. Maybe the bromance there is perfectly normal, or you know when you see someone like a brother you’re going to be proud of them to the point of tearing up and support them how ever you can.that this is a fan meet and being over the top is part of the game.

  5. Whether they are gay or not is their business but I also want to point out that culturally Korean males and females are more physically affectionate with each other, especially if they are close friends, than say their American counterparts. So, I would hesitate to read too much into their physicality with each other.

    • It is “common knowledge” among SongSong/KiKyo/blahblah shippers, I suppose. I can’t believe these shippers still live in a drama after almost a year. SHK and SJK are just friends. That is “common knowledge”.

      @MegaSHINE If they officially confirm they are a couple, then go and ship all you want. Until then, please keep your hopes in a shipper forum.
      It’s funny how some shippers think they are shipping “responsibly”, when shipping is originally an irresponsible thing. Some may not realize it, but they destroy the actress’ reputation.

      • @sganarel shippers are so insufferable! People need to cut it out with the gay comments. Unless they publicly come out, comments like that can hurt their careers and be quit annoying to have to defend their sexuality like in the case of sjk and YAH. There’s nothing wrong with being gay but it’s none of our business either to speculate.

  6. @sganarel go f…k yourself. That is why there’s a comment section. Do mind your own business as if you you know everything. You are so bitter.

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