Lee Min Ho’s Agency Refutes News Report that He’s Enlisting in March of 2017

The time is coming to send off yet another super popular Hallyu star to mandatory military service, but it’s not here just yet for Lee Min Ho contrary to latest news reports. K-ent started the week off with news that Lee Min Ho was enlisting in the military this March, a mere two months away and likely not enough time to squeeze in another acting project. His agency has responded to the news report by refuting the March enlistment date, explaining that Lee Min Ho hasn’t received his summons yet so the timing of the enlistment is still up in the air. This is the last year he has to enlist before turning 31 so even if it’s not March it’s still sometime this year. I doubt he’ll do another drama, and leaving on Legend of the Blue Sea isn’t so bad, he acquitted himself well and was one of the better aspects of the drama.

Up next for Lee Min Ho is a special 10th anniversary fan meeting to take place in Seoul in mid-February. If the enlistment isn’t until later in the year and a good movie or drama script comes his way he still has time to leave one final project before doing his national duty.


Lee Min Ho’s Agency Refutes News Report that He’s Enlisting in March of 2017 — 26 Comments

  1. Hasn’t he been avoiding MS for the longest time? There was also the reason of his previous injury, but isn’t there positions that don’t require rigorous physical training that he can do? At this point, I think he should sign up and get it over with.

    • read the news properly before commenting. His agency said that there has been no notification from the Military for him to join yet. As soon as they receive it he will be preparing to leave.

      • There’s no need to read the news. We all know he doesn’t want to enlist, so he keeps making excuses every chance he gets. You’re the only in denial about it.

      • T.O.P, YOo ah In, jang keun suk, seo in guk, ji chang wook, joo won they all are born in the same year and yet nobody talks about delaying their military service. On the other hand when it comes to LMH they keep talking bad about him. Except Yoo ah in everyone on those list is totally fine and yet nobody says anything about him. LMH has a steel rod inserted in his leg, he has been admitted to hospital for about a year. He has his reasons.

    • My understanding is he will do police/public service much like Jung Il Woo (and others as well)due to the car accident they were both involved in years ago. He apparently has a steel rod in his leg.

    • Lol who told you he’s been avoiding it? He hasn’t even received summons from army as stated by his agency above. Yoo Ah-in who’s a 86-er haven’t enlisted yet. They still have time left. Do you think they are fools? Avoiding army in S. Korea can proved to be a major setback for a celebrity.

  2. I’m feeling so sad that he is leaving. have to wait for like 2 years for him to come in any projects. if he chooses to do movie which i hope he don’t then we might have to wait 3-4 years for his return to drama. 🙁

  3. He was quiet popular in China !!! What happen that he was totaLly erased from their site, side , eye sight, even in polls and survey of Korean artists he is just a plebe, when he use to be the king? The lenovo cf just smoke in the air. Even though with the political tension between China and Korea , alot Korea artists still working in china renewing cfs and etc. Scratching head and don’t understand. His movie also was not promoted in Korea, since was a Chinese and Korea cooperation.! Is he in the SKorea’s president political party or blacklist!? Or because of the possible investigation his ex-agency and the agency that represent him in China is/was going through regarding their relationship with a certain artists’ broker and his obscure business?

    • are you kidding me. get your fact straight before writing. his latest drama was ranked #1 in weibo. he still is the most followed korean actor in weibo. his drama was ranked #1 in all foreign drama. He got his New cfs for oppo mobile phone.he is leaving for military within2 months thats why he’s not getting many CF’s deal now, and who had their contract renewed in china?? SJK was removed from their Cf’s video. lol

  4. what i find unfair, and i’m not korean : is that all thèses celebrities are enlisting in the easiest units when they play Alpha males roles ! What about the Anonymous who are serving really hard ! So i respect Yoo seung Ho, Hyun Bin,…

    • he had a accident in which two people died. he had been in hospital for a year. both he and his friend were seriously injured. you can see his interview that he doesn’t use his injured leg that much, even doing action movies

    • It’s astonishing how you guys don’t even know about his accident but still give judgement. Playing a alpha lead is nothing compared to serving in army with a metal inserted leg. He doesn’t use his injured leg during action scenes.

  5. gosh what is it ,it seems there are people who just badmouth him for no reason .it doesnt make sense if u say he is delaying military duties.as it said in the article they havent give him the go ahead yet so he cant just stand up and say am going to do my military service unless they give him the go ahead like other actors too who r waiting to go to the military this year.

  6. give the guy a break would u there is nothing to really hate or dislike in him.he has hold it his own n i kind of respect him for it.i get that he is not a great actor n overrated sometimes but he has done something right in his career has an artist,that is clearly seen.he is not going anywhere he is going to serve his military for 2 years and come back n pick a project wheather it hit or not he is still going to be popular LMH unless something scandelous happen untill then LMH will be LMH n the like n dislike or hate n love will still go on about him n that is something good in my book.

  7. I wasn’t badmouthing, i was just saying that a lot of stars end up in less difficult units. Not targeting LEE MIN Ho in particular. And I ‘ve known about his accident a long ago ! But go ask the families of others soldiers if it’s cool and if they are not human beings too !!!

  8. Never really a big fan of this guy’s acting, but I heard he’s really good and improving his game in Legend of Blue Sea (haven’t watch that one tho), I hope he stays healthy when he’s serving in the army since I heard about his car accident with Jung Il Woo, and good luck to his fans who will be waiting for him!

    • I won’t say he’s really that good but it’s definitely an improvement from his performance in Heirs. He is still weak in emotional scenes and either comes off stiff or you can tell he is fake crying. I think he’s best when he is a dork or playing a fool in love.

      Talk about Jung Il Woo, has he enlisted? I remember there was some fiasco over his enlistment too.

      • Yeah, the guy has always been stiff since his BOF days, haven’t watch Blue Sea so I can’t judge, but I get what you mean…

        JIW will serve soon too, I hear it’s this year but idk when tho

      • it might be due to his char in LOTBS is so uninspiring. He is trying really really hard to connect to the char. unfortunately it’s never happen. if you want to watch his, try gangnam blues.

    • OMO .That is not nice. Why change your name to make such inappropriate statement?!? By now maybe everybody realized his relationship with Suzy is questionable?, maybe he is with someone else, like Park Min Young, as he hints . Or can be all staged and publicity stunt, to misleading fans as always. But he has to continue his career after military, so anything is valid, entertainment world. But he is a hard charismatic worker with improving talent, and he did good as a conman. Give credit when is deserved, please.!

  9. He is said to be doing City Hunter 2. I thought he got hurt a while back and they didn’t know whether he could take a pass on the military? Then I thought, if he can do City Hunter he can do the military gig. He probably will be in the military police. Those boys have way to much time on their hands and it seems to be easier than the other military choices? Am I wrong?

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