Park Hae Jin Unveils Madame Tussaud Wax Figure in Hong Kong

It’s hard for me to muster any enthusiasm to hit up a wax museum, in the same way I don’t like going to zoos or aquariums. It’s not the natural habitat of the denizens, though wax replicas of famous stars are safer grouped together than scaring people out in the wild. Park Hae Jin got his own wax figure unveiled at Madame Tussaud’s in Hong Kong this week, his is sitting down and holding a bouquet of roses and the real Park Hae Jin donned the same blue suit in the same pose to highlight the facsimile of the two. I do wonder how Hallyu stars like Park Hae Jin with a much larger Chinese fan base will fare in this current tension between China and South Korea. I suppose all beefs simmer down and his next project is the K-movie version of Cheese in the Trap so hopefully when he’s ready to promote in China again the whole THAAD conflict is in the past.

Park Hae Jin’s Hong Kong and China fans were in Hong Kong for the event and also presented him with a cake celebrating his 4000th day since debut.


Park Hae Jin Unveils Madame Tussaud Wax Figure in Hong Kong — 4 Comments

      • hahahah I died when I saw it. But to be fair, LJK’S wax figure wasn’t made by Madame Tussaud’s so can’t really compare.

  1. I wonder if Hong Kong fans and Hallyu activity in Hong Kong will be affected? Hong Kong may be Chinese territory, but the people and administrative systems between Hong Kong and China are different so I wonder if THAAD applies to them as well. I wonder if the MAMA awards that are held in Hong Kong for the last few years will continue, if they are supposed to be in HK for the next few years that is?

    Any Hong Kongers care to share if they are invested into this THAAD issue as well, since HK is also big on Hallyu and K-stars.

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