Yoon Eun Hye Returns to K-ent with Ravishing Marie Claire Pictorial

The three year long wait is over as Yoon Eun Hye has officially made her K-ent comeback with an April pictorial in Marie Claire Korea. Since finishing the thoroughly frustrating and disappointing Marry Him if You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) at the end of 2013, she’s done a movie and a Chinese fashion variety show, neither of which tap into her bread and butter assets as a charismatic K-drama leading lady. Her agency announced late last year that she would be making her K-ent return in 2017 but with the first quarter ending this week there is still no confirmation as to her next acting project, whether movie or drama. I’d personally love to see her as the leading lady in sci-fi drama City of Stars opposite Hyun Bin, but for now this beautifully melancholic pictorial satisfies as an appetizer.


Yoon Eun Hye Returns to K-ent with Ravishing Marie Claire Pictorial — 61 Comments

  1. I want a role for her I don’t care about who will be her next partner just a charming role with strong character πŸ™‚

  2. so so beautiful.eventhough hyun bin is not a personal fav,if he works with yoon eun hye it is fine with me and i will follow and watch it for YEH sake. it has been too long a comeback for yeh and i miss her.

  3. btn she is wearing the same designer dress as song hye kyo in w pictorial recently specifically the last picture.
    they are both gorgeous in it.

    • Not just SHK, the other dresses were also weared by Kim Tae Hee and Emma Watson (the first dress) on their photoshoot respectively.

  4. She’s beautiful but she needs to be careful about her drama choice. The writer is important. Though ratings is out of our hand, at least good writer can make a story memorable to viewers. There are many good actors whether A or B list and she always had good chemistry with every co-stars before so I’m not that worried about her partner.

  5. its very sad that korea netizen still havent forgiven her.the comments on this beautiful pictorial are brutal on naver.she already apologize,what do they really want her to do?

    • No need to be worried about them, they do not represent the entire of Korean society/people. As long as YEH picks a good project for her comeback & giving a solid performance the comments will change in her favor. And I think she knows this too…

      • Wow. What a massive backlash and hatred she is receiving.
        With that amount of negativity, I really have no idea how she is going to make a comeback especially with a good drama. Would any solid k-drama writers willing to offer her a role? Or a production team willing to cast her knowing that she has generated so much hates even before making appearance?
        Case in example is IU (and I’m not bashing either her on YEH). When I listened to the podcast at dramabeans over Moon Lovers, JB certainly had the point there that IU’s image was badly tainted that most domestic audiences could not even bother to bring themselves to watch the drama and just instantly went to bash IU and ML just to bring her down. It was totally unfair but Koreans are pretty strong with the negativity.
        In the case of YEH here, she may need to rely on international viewers to support her. Even then, do production house or broadcaster really take into account of international fans when come to dollar and cent?
        Whatever it is, it surely is going to be an uphill climb for her. I am certainly not her fan but I think she would be a good match to be casted with Ji Chang Wook in that new drama.

      • You know what, I don’t care about their so called “opinion”. I always aware about Korean netizen bullying mentality. There are many articles highlighted this issue already. I read many worse comments than this on some top stars’d articles (like LBH’s, SHK’s) but it doesn’t hinder them to succeed. So as long as YEH’s in a new project, I’m happy πŸ™‚

      • @Emilie, she still get many offers mind you. On an international event in Indonesia recently she said that she has had to turn down an (casting) offer because she chosed to be in this event more. It’s a religious event, just in case you want to know.

      • @Lal

        Not sure if we can compare LBH’s and SHK’s case with YEH’s? Since LBH is man and they are always more lenient to men than women. And he’s always been the box office hits.
        As for SHK, she denied that she did intentionally and all the blamed goes to her accountant. With YEH, the issues are much broader? They have had problems with YEH focusing her career in China and now with THAAD, the relationship between Korea and China are getting worse each say. I think they (Knetz) now nitpick over that issue more than the other issue with that designer.

      • The thing that I find noticeably wrong about her is that she should just sign up with a new agency instead of still holding on and managing her own career. No offense to YEH and to her fans but ever since she set up her own agency and taking full charge of her career, that was when almost everything started to get so wrong along the way. She is a fine actress and was on top of her game with Coffee Prince but she is also very quick to disappear due to consistently picking bad projects. SHK may not be consistent with her project selection but she has had both hits and misses and that contributed to the longevity of her career.

    • I think she just taste the water. If the knetz reaction still bad, she will delay her comeback. She should just land directly tho. If she gave good performance, people will forget about her scandal easily. But it safe to back on cable TV like TVN or JTBC rather than in big three. There are many B list actors (if A list is impossible) that good enough for her in terms of popularity and acting.She just need a comeback.

      • JTBC dramas have been really good lately. TVN has hit and miss dramas. Or maybe she can start by doing a cameo?

    • @Kanya, I’m not comparing LBH or SHK status (in K showbiz) with YEH but just comparing the negative comments on their articles. So yout comments is unrelated. As for YEH future, whether she will succeed or not with her comeback project despite Knetz backlash, let just wait and see…

      @Cathz, I’ve already discussed about this issue on YEH’s previous article in this blog. So I won’t bring it up again

  6. It’s been too long since she’s done this kind of (photoshoot) project. I really missed her on magazine spread. It’s such a breath of fresh air for me. Welcome back to the ent. world Georgeous πŸ˜‰

    • Same here, i was so happy to see her again in a photoshoot ! But i can’t deny that i was angry at the netizen’s comments. But a lot of stars are still getting hate and doing well at the same time. (iu, Lee jin wook got a lead role offer ,Kim Go Eun, …list is too long!!!) And having bad comments it’s better than having none ( citation in “my father is strange” and it’s a noise marketing system ( Stong woman Do BS ) !!!!

      • And if they are so angry at her because of her activities in China, what are they doing with song seung hun et joo ji mo dating chinese actresses ? And the money that Lee min ho, Song joong Ki, and others made in China ! If one goes this way , we can find always a reason to hate someone ! so that’s what netizens are: HATERS . Basta! They will be feed soon with another pseudo scandal… Welcome my lady.

      • Exactly cahill, and don’t forget about Han Hyo Joo case. When I read her article, the comments are so vicious like she’s killing someone or a no. 1 enemy of the state lol. But look after her hit drama…

        So I’m still positive about YEH comeback project.

      • Han Hyo Joo is different. Firstly the scandal involved her brother and not she, herself and secondly, she has a great track record at picking up good projects. Despite W not garnering high ratings as her previous dramas, the show still received a lot of buzz and emerging a winner in its timeslot. Thirdly, HHJ is not a polarizing actress like YEH. She is not the kind that people tend to love or hate to the extreme. That’s just my opinion and I am not saying this to sound offensive of YEH. I am pretty neutral with her but as for now, it is really tough for her to get herself out of the mud and back in the game.

  7. Some knetz needs to get a life ASAP! so that they won’t waste their precious time on hating somebody like YEH who did nothing but to endure all the hatred being thrown against her, I don’t think that anybody deserve this kind of treatment, they are treating her as if she is a criminal, gosh, I really hope that YEH would make an actions against these haters, because their comments are not to be taken lightly!!!!, I don’t know these haters are still being salty and bitter all at the same tome, as if they are all certified self-righteous people who did nothing wrong since the day they were born, the hypocrisy among them are at too the highest level.

  8. I’m confused at some people here who still belittle YEH chance to return to K ent. world. They said they’re pretty neutral about her or don’t hate her but their comment say otherwise. To me, it’s just another form of bashing.

    I just want to say, whatever the outcome (of her “would be” project) just give her a chance for once. It will be fair for her, don’t you think ?

    • Well, you can’t expect people to have the same opinion like yours. It’s not the first time people doubt her career choices and progression, and we are all here just to voice our opinions. Other commenters were just concerned about the hate she’s still getting from the scandal which is like over a year old and how it still affects her. I understand it must be hurt as a fan to see your fave being doubted and bashed in the other articles, but seeing YEH’s track record as an actress, I am sure she can deliver good performance despite the plot (MHIYD, anyone?). I guess we can all hope for a good choice this time.

      • @ferly, actually I’m trying to be objective here. And no, I’m not blindly believe that everyone have the same opinion with me. I’m not that naive you know. I just want to reasoning here. But I guess it’s a wrong move from me…

      • Sorry , but i know that everyone doesn’t have the same opinion with me too. I’m just trying to say objectively that if others celebrities can overcome “scandals” Why not her ? If i mentioned other names it’s not because i dislike them.

    • @lal and @cahill I’m sorry if my comment rubs you the wrong way. My point is there are always going to be doubters who don’t necessarily have to be her haters. She’s proven herself capable despite the hate/doubt she gets.


  10. I think she is great and one of the few kdrama actresses I follow to new projects. So I really hope to see her back on the small screen soon. Hopefully in an interesting drama with a good male lead. I could make a few suggestions πŸ™‚

  11. I want YEH to come back in a Romcom drama hopefully with Gong Yoo.
    I hope that YEH will choose the good story. Hopefully she will try
    the TVN Network. πŸ™‚

  12. I have no qualm over her return to K-ent. So long as she does not get casted or paired with my bias LJK and PHS, I am all fine. She is very much a damaged product in Korea, I still wish her luck but just don’t wish to see her dragging down my oppa because I still don’t believe the Koreans have forgiven her.

    • @Melina, the world is round you know, you can never tell what will happen to your beloved oppas in the future, but I do hope that they will never experience what YEH had gone through, coz as their fan, I don’t think that you will be able to endure the pain, just by reading nasty comments from all the self-righteous and judgmental people who knows nothing but to initiate hate. Who would tell that a person like YEH, who used to be at the top of her game and one the beloved KActress will experience this unfortunate ordeal, oh by the way, even the level of God Kang Don Won was not spared by these bully witch hunters. I am also praying that YEH will be paired with an actor who have peace loving fans and not judgmental ones, who will not create a fuss just because their precious oppa is being paired with YEH. Good riddance!

      • YEH doesn’t need oppas with hysteric fans for her return . I just want her to act with a good actor and thΓ¨ses days , a lot of new actors have come to light, even better than some great names who are overated .

    • You’re negativity is such anninsul to Korean.You know why, you’re dragging down your country’s talent.Eun Hye gave so much in the K entertainment not only in Korean but across Asia.Why is it people like you in Korea are growing with cancerous negativity of thoughts? Yes its cancerous I hope you won’t get a similar sickness.Your words are too harsh to bash someone. Instead of lifting the spirit of your own people as they bring honor in other countries aside from your own country…why don’t you just spread love and forgiveness.Perhaps you don’t experience love in your life because you are full of hatred and negativity in mind and in spirit. I am not a Korean, I am from the Philippines so whatsoever negativity you have , I guessed the people in Korea who keeps on bashing Eun Hye is supposed to be the one who will fight for their people, instead of the people outside Korea.Love and forgiveness, you mustvhave it to see ulthe beauty of the person.

  13. Ilove and missed YEH. I want a watch her in the drama. Who is one of the few actresses whose face is most likely the same in her old picture

  14. Return of YEH at a Salvatore Ferragamo fashion event. Just seen her photos. Wish her the best. Why do i still feel that she looks sad ?

  15. @cahill. yeah she look sad to me too.yeh dont worry,there is time for everything,time for sadness and time for happiness.hopefully she choses a killer drama next and her scandal will be a thing of the past and we could see her bright smile again

  16. @cahill@alexghana have u guys see a picture of her and lee dong wook taken at that ferragamo event? Both of them looks great together…my shipping starts now???

      • Helloooo…ldw got tons of flop dramas too after my girl…he got big again with goblin…carefull my dear…don’t be sooo proud coz life is like a circle…sometimes we at the top, sometimes we at the bottom

      • Well said @eclipse. She’s not the queen of flops and Lee dong wook may be at top now but who knows about tomorrow ? If some actors think too highly of themselves to work wit YEH it’s their loss. YEH has always worked with average actors in terms of popularity .What matters is talent ! and i don’t think that the actresses he worked with were Superior of YEH.

  17. She is a woman who is multi-talented and has always done S. Korea proud. So, she wanted to take her own life, into her hands and mold her future herself, instead of being micro-managed by one of these companies. Of course she is going to make mistakes, like we all do and have. But by God that young girl is as gutsy as they come and should be given credit for being an adult who is swimming upstream against the tide instead of being pulled down stream by people who only see dollar signs. She is an artist, writer, director, model, singer, dancer and an excellent actress…give her a fricken brake. The same break you would want someone to give you. I haven’t always understood her decisions, but then I have never walked in her shoes, I for one wish this smart, classy, talented miss…all the best life can offer.

  18. YEH is my first K-actress that I loved. I miss her and I do hope one day soon I ll see her back in dramas.

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