Suzy and Lee Jong Seok Spotted in Seoul Filming SBS Drama While You Were Sleeping

Filming has started on upcoming SBS summer drama While You Were Sleeping, pairing up popular K-drama leads Suzy and Lee Jong Seok in a drama written by screenwriter Park Hye Ryun of Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, and Dream High fame. The final product can either be an expected hit thanks to the star power and track record of the screenwriter, or unable to coalesce into a consistent quality product like Suzy’s last drama Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin and the melo drama writer queen Lee Kyung Hee. My final verdict is fondness for UF thanks to the last two episodes that pulled it all together, but that’s still leaves me wishing that the entire drama could be that good. All I want is for While You Were Sleeping to captivate from the get go like Pinocchio did for me. Suzy’s got an unflattering short choppy do for her role as the girl who dreams future events, whereas Lee Jong Seok looks more chaebol heir than police detective in the first fan snapped pictures of the leads filming on the streets of Seoul.


Suzy and Lee Jong Seok Spotted in Seoul Filming SBS Drama While You Were Sleeping — 25 Comments

  1. No offense Lee Jong Seok but Gong Yoo has the taken the long coat look to a whole new level. He’s like the ambassador of long coats Lol. I haven’t seen any celebrities who wore long coats as well as he did.

    Suzy’s hair is cute though. I don’t understand what’s the fuss

    • I think the aura is not the same. Gong Yoo is more matured whereas Lee Jong Suk still have that young man’s vibe. And probably in Goblin, they made him look all so forlorn, melancholy and dreamy to suit the theme of the drama. LJS’ look here is more like he is very active, always running here and there and not the brooding dreamy type. Just my opinion, though.

    • How about Jo In Sung in long coat in “That winter the wind blows” drama…simply the best, in my opinion. 🙂

    • For me Jo In Sung is still the best when comes to long coat. I was drooling over him in Memories of Bali and That Winter The Wind Blows. He has the arrogant aristocrat looks.

      • Even if i Love Gong Yoo he can’t beat B Cumberbatch when comes to long coat and elegance. And it comes from someone who loves GYoo before Goblin !!!

    • lmao, don’t watch this drama then.I never watch anything with actors/actress I don’t like. I don’t even click on their
      I think this drama is gonna do great, thanks to star-powers including the writer. beside, LJS’s dramas has always been a rating winner for the timeslot. I think haters will eat their own spits.

      • I don’t think you can’t either comment on whether anyone should watch a drama or leave it. Internet is a free world..after all. Also anyone who’s a le jong suk fan would watch the drama , so it’s not for you to comment on our comments either lol . If you don’t like the opinion, why don’t you overlook it? Stop picking on us, why don’t you? 🙂

  2. I think LJS’s hair and overall look remind me of Lego Lee in The King Of Romance. Probably has something to do with Lego flying over to South Korea for his “image-setting”.

  3. LJS is LJS, he has his own individual style and aura. It’s pointless trying to compare him with other actors! To me he is very stylish wearing the overcoat particularly with his height and lanky physique! Loved him to bits and is esgerly waiting on this new drama.

    As for Suzy I didn’t find her acting that terrible in UF to condemn her in this new drama. Give her a chance to redeem herself. The producers of this drama must see something positive in her ,they are not going to jeopardise their drama with bad casting!

  4. Suzy looks manlier than LJS, maybe Suzy is the male lead and Flopsuk is the female lead that’s why they cut Suzy’s hair short hahaha

    • Oh, at least Sussie’s voice is pretty. Flopsuk’s voice is so unattractive. Sussy is presumably natural whereas Flopsuk’s nose is too plastic, it looks like bunch of enoki mushrooms. Everyone keep saying that his kissing scenes are hot and beautiful, excuse me, they look slimy and yucky. These people should watch Jo Jung Suk’s (Successuk) and Gong Yoo’s (Godyoo) kiss scenes.
      In fact, Lee Bo Young, Park Shin Hye and Park Bo Young out of all his partners (and Kim Woo Bin) have all looked manlier than Flopsuk :). Flopsuk should thank all his previous co-stars for making his dramas and movies popular. Also, Han Hyo Joo haters, your Flop oppa’s acting in W was worse than HHJ’s 🙂

  5. Also Flopsuk’s nose is so fake, looks like a mushroom. Suzie looks less plastic than Flopsuk. If this drama fails, then it’s definitely Flopsuk’s fault, not Sussie’s because Sussy will be sleeping the whole drama so the weight is on Flopsuk hahahahah

      • Dear child has many names.. get prepared to see Go Hye Mi ver2. In real life Go Hye Mi and Go Jun Pyo celebrated their 2 yrs anniversaire. Let’s hope Gu Joon Pyu taught Suzie some acting. But then, she’ll be sleeping most of the time (?)

  6. I want and hope for the best of them. Beyond being artists are people who strive to give their best in their profession. And in addition to them there is a great team fighting to make everything work!

  7. Really anticipating this. I am just sad that now LJS won’t be able to act in the new drama by the writer of Pinocchio and I can Hear Your Voice.

  8. what the use of fliming suzy just going ruin the drama with her bad acting. maybe if she acy cute in the drama her uncle fan might watch to boost rating. people sure not going turn in to watch for her acting.

  9. Suzy in short hair?? I dont know, I think she’s copying another actress, the talented Kim Go Eun. Lets just hope she gets half of KGE acting on this, though they dont mean it literally she’ll be sleeping the whole time on this drama heh?? Does Korea in scarcity of young actresses, why they always get Suzy, even her drama are not shown in my country, the last one was GFB but it was because of the male lead actor from Shining Inheritance or Brilliant Legacy! She’s so overrated!

    • They always get suzy because she is bankable. She is a CF queen. In order to get a lot of endorsement they need someone like her to put a lot of product placement on. Even-though UF was a flop in korea. the drama was sold at high price in china and probably now has the highest number of online views for korean drama. Of course there’re many actresses with better talent but I’am sure the investors do not want to take the risk of losing their money to another less famous actress…just look at sassy girl casting madness and read some article about how some actors were not paid because their drama were a rating failure.

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