Production Team of Three Lives Three Worlds Readies New Period Drama with Vic Zhou and Dilraba Dilmurat

With so much well-deserved love for the C-drama adaptation of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, the production team behind that beautifully filmed fantasy drama is already filming it’s next colorful period piece. With the Chinese title Fiery Flames Like Song (Lie Huo Ru Ge 烈火如歌), the drama is also an adaptation of a Chinese novel by romance writer Ming Xiao Xi best known for writing Summer’s Desire. The English title is tentatively Agni Cantabile and the story is one of epic romance, tons of wuxia fighting, and judging from the character stills bold colorful costumes. The leads include three supporting characters from Three Lives Three Worlds, namely Dilraba Dilmurat as the female lead opposite Vic Zhou, and familiar faces Zhang Bin Bin and Liu Rui Lin. This will be Zai Zai’s second period drama in succession so maybe he’s finally liking the moody slower aura, which really fits his acting style.


Production Team of Three Lives Three Worlds Readies New Period Drama with Vic Zhou and Dilraba Dilmurat — 17 Comments

  1. Im really excited for this! But I do hope, that this will be the last drama for a whicle which will have Dilaraba Dilmurat & Zhang Bin Bin together because any more than this and it will be too much and become too uninteresting …

  2. As much as I like these two a lot individually they’re really overdoing it with Dilraba and Zhang Bin Bin. Still, I’d watch “The King’s Woman” for my (possibly tragic) OTP and this one just cause Zhang Bin Bin and Vic Zhou in one drama is enough to make me reach for my popcorn.

  3. I want this ….. zai zai looking good but i hope no photoshop much., zhang bin bin always look good in these genre.. i like donghua and feng juie version when will they announce pillow book …..

  4. Oooh, this loook good… I missed Zai zai. Hope to see it soon.

    Speaking about upcoming Cdrama, anybody like me also waiting for the airing of Seige in Fog / Color of Night?
    I saw the trailer recently and I’m dying to see it! So much chemistry between the main leads!
    Subbed trailer:

    • IMO Han Dongjun is the hottest thing alive, and Sun Yi is good with acting, making annoying characters likeable, so yes. So anticipatin!

  5. Dilraba is her last name? It’s a common last name fro where I come from. I checked, she’s Uyghur. She is so pretty

  6. Vic Zhou always looks so amazingly handsome in either modern or historical costume. He’s also such a fine actor. Is this his first drama since the controversy of the acting award for Black and White a long time ago? I never watched B&W but heard Taiwanese friends gossiping about the award controversy with another actor in B&W. Since then, he hasn’t done any dramas? Just curious.

    • He actually has another one with a bunch of younger actresses that he’s currently filming I think. He plays a king with many consorts. But I’m more excited for this because I adore Dilraba and Zhang Bin Bin. The cast is perfect!

      Are you talking about the controversy of Mark Chao beating him for the Best Actor award? Well if I have to be honest, Mark Chao was amazing in B&W so him winning is very deserving and a logic approach. And besides, Mark is a much better actor than Vic, IMO. However, I think a lot of people were expecting him to win the award since technically he’s the MAIN lead in B&W. He was quite embarrassed by the result of the winner, I think he thought he’d win lol, but that was years ago, time to more on. He can’t hide from it forever, and his projects after B&W were all buzzed-less. I’m glad he’s coming back to dramaland. I miss his pretty face lol.

      • Oh really? LOL..what the heck! Then I better not make any comment about Mark Chao since I already irked many MC’s fangirls of 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms. Besides, I did not watch B&W so it’s legit for me not to make any comment about him for this drama. But I watched 2-3 dramas of Vic Zhou by chance and I think he’s a fine actor who’s able to give very different feels about his characters in different dramas. I like him and think he’s one rare T actor who has both looks and acting skills to express emotions of different layers. Not really familiar with T actors though. Among those T dramas I watched (just a handful tbh and most of them are the recent ones), I’m only impressed by Marcus Chang, Chris Wu, and Aaron Yan. For C actor, I’m a fan of Hu Ge only.

      • Agreed! I actually remember the controversy. I thought Mark Chao’s acting was amazing in Black and White. The production team mentioned that only the beginning of the drama was up for the Best Actor award nomination because of the timing of the award ceremony. Zai Zai’s role in the second half of the show allowed him to explore more facets and to show a more nuanced side to the character. I guess it was a pity, but I don’t mind either winning – I thought they were both great.

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