Star Couple Lee Min Ho and Suzy Celebrate 2nd Anniversary Together with Friends

I still don’t know for sure what Lee Min Ho and Suzy‘s ardent fans think of their fave dating such a high profile match. I think they look adorable together and judging by their celebration of a 2 year anniversary this past weekend they clearly remain happily together. Word spread on Monday to hit the K-ent news wires that the high profile in popularity but low key in PDA couple had a small and intimate party with close friends recently to celebrate their second anniversary together. I still remember when their dating news broke on Dispatch, complete with the tabloid sending a reporter to snap pictures of them in London together, can’t believe two years has flown by since then. Congrats to them for weathering a relationship under so much pressure and public scrutiny, and if it’s meant to be they can follow in Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s footsteps.

Suzy is currently filming SBS drama While You Were Sleeping with Lee Jong Seok, while Lee Min Ho completed a series of fan meetings back in April at select stops in Asia and recently released a documentary highlighting the wildlife in the DMZ.


Star Couple Lee Min Ho and Suzy Celebrate 2nd Anniversary Together with Friends — 42 Comments

  1. That’s adorable.

    Wish them happiness and I find it great that they’re making the relationship work while having extra busy and public jobs and a social life with their friends and family.
    I’ve been in a relationship for 10 years with no break ups so I feel like a proud mother to them keke

  2. Congrats. It is always the low key couple that could actually make the relationship work instead of the ones that flaunt the romance around. And the two are lucky that their relationship is very much well-received and supported by fans from both corners. Wishing them luck and happiness for a lasting relationship.

  3. 2 years?!! How time flies, wow.
    I honestly forgot they were dating which is really impressive for such a high profile couple. I’m not really surprised they are a low key couple, it makes sense for both their personalities.

    Anyone know if Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are still dating?

    Also did you watch the last episode of Lee Jun Ki’s Ear Candy with Park Min Young Miss Koala?! Those two gave me serious flutters, I really think they might have fallen for each other a bit. You can tell they actually forged a meaningful bond by the end. I ship them so freaking much!!

    • Kyaaa! I love the interaction between Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young.
      Made me wonder why those two never being paired as OTP in dramaland until now. The last shot when the two finally met at the square was so breathtaking, they looked like those long lost lovelorn lovers finally reunited. BTW, he started following PMY on IG and got himself a lot of hate comments because of some delusional shippers who felt that he abandoned IU to woo PMY. As if, he even ever dated IU. LOL.

    • Lee Junki has been dating Jung Hye Bin for the past two years according to today’s new release from dispatch so I highly doubt he fell for park min young on the show.

      • LOL yeah I literally just read that! Then I’d say he definitely made a new friend. They seemed to get along really well and they were really cute to watch. It’s kind of weird to go on this type of show while in a long term relationship (or is this sort of normal for k-celebs?). The timing is weird but maybe it’s because he matched so well with PMY on the show? Anyway, I have no hard feelings towards him and it sort of made no sense that he would be single.

        Either way, they need to act in a romance drama together! I hope he still gets romance scripts sent his way. He’s proven that he can sell a romance well, ha!

      • His long-time fans are least surprised of this news. Lee Jun Ki is very candid and his first idea of appearing in My Ear’s Candy is because he wanted to use it as a medium to get intimate with his fans and viewers – to have them to know him more as a person. He received a lot of love and favourable response over his appearance in MEC until this relationship outing and now, he received seriously major backlash. I say, stupid move from his agency and probably himself since he and they should have known that he as a celeb is being spied all the time.

        Anyway, he has known Park Min Young since 10 years ago. They did advert for “Spriss” clothing line together. Putting aside the flirting which is just for the sake of the show’s format, he ended MEC by calling her his “old friend”.

      • Another couple admit after denying, last week it was Baek ji hee and Yoon hyun min. The rumors were true. Nothing new . Never believe the words of a celebrity. they want to protect their privacy. Some shippers are crying !

      • It is not uncommon for celebs to deny only to later on admitted the relationship. In the case of Lee Jun Ki, it is because they were caught and therefore, no use to deny anymore. Plus he expected his fans to be matured enough to accept that he is 35 years old and seriously ready to hook up. It’s not like he got caught in sex scandal. There is nothing wrong to hide the romance while he could to avoid public scrutiny. I am happy that he is in a healthy relationship.

    • LOL Flopsuk and Shin Hye never dated. They’re friends. Flopsuk’s too plastic for her and his nose looks like mushroom, and looks more feminine than her. She is probably more into manly type hahaha

      • Please don’t create more haters for PSH. LJS is a handsome man and a good actor.

      • They are definitely dating! Fans are in denial but they have either dated before or are still dating now.

      • You could have said you think they weren’t dating without all the insults and cruel words. What’s wrong with some of you, seriously? You think because they can’t read your comments, because they are celebs or you are anonymous, it’s ok to talk cruelly about others? Yes they are in a profession where they can be judged but they are human beings too and majority have done nothing to warrant the vitriol people spew at them.

        It’s a reflection of who you truly are also. You might think because you are nice in real life, it’s ok if you talk like this online but this is who you are too. Grow the hell up seriously and I say this as someone who is a fairly neutral fan of LJS and PSH.

    • @Abc, I’m not even fan of her, but I have nothing against her either. Flopsuk’s fans are just so annoying, that’s why it’s fun to tease him 🙂

  4. I like LMH as a person (his dramas are a hit and miss) and Suzy also seem like a down to earth girl, if a bit too direct in her younger days. She has turned out well under intense public scrutiny and I respect her for that. Do hope they can last.

  5. These two are my favourite star couple apart from Jisung-Lee Boyoung. JS-LBY dated quitely for a long time too and then got married. Maybe wedding bells for LMH and Suzy too in future. 😀 He is off to army so hopefully their relationship weathers through the next two years.

  6. I’m curious how they can date with their own schedule. The both are quite occupied and I think Suzy said they see each other once by month.

    It’s nice to see this kind of news after all the break-up of IU and Sulli.

  7. who are the actor and actress couple that flaunt their relationship in public in korea?someone should name them.i think every couple in korea is lowkey.

    • Sulli and Choiza was quite exposive based on korean standard. And back then there was Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun. Too bad they did not last. I feel bad esp for KJE.

  8. Haters were here spewing break up rumors during uncontrollably fond airing and some saying they are a fake couple. Where are they now?
    I’m happy they are still together, hope they can survive military enlistment and marry after 3 years.

      • Of course he is a whore in the eyes of silly haters. They act like he commited a crime for dating suzy after breaking up with pmy. And he isn’t the only celebrity dating a younger girl. Even if he prefers younger girls it’s his personal preference. And that has nothing to do with your taste of course lol.

      • Lol soft porn idol Kim Soo Hyun Stan comments.
        At least he doesn’t do soft porn like your bias Porn Soo Hyun.

    • Haha lmh didn’t ditch her actually. Don’t talk like you know everything when you don’t. It’s not like he left pmy for suzy. He started dating suzy 3 years after breaking up with pmy. And he isn’t the only celebrity having Infact lmh didn’t dated pmy by force. So you don’t have to forgive him. Just because he dated before her , after breakup doesn’t mean he is a whore.

  9. @suk bin.sulli and chioza did not parade their relationship was only sulli”s inmature antics and weird behaviour on mainly sns that brought that attention on her and critics began to wrongly hate and blame chioza for her behaviour eventhough sulli is an adult.with lsj and kje case it hapened long ago and we are talking about right now.
    the truth is people may be praising couples like lmh and suzy or rain and kth etc etc. for their low keyness but it is actually the norm and almost all couples adher to it in korea due to its conservative society.

    • That is why I said, Sulli and Choiza is quite exposed by “korean celebrities standard”, not by normal standard.
      And when I mentioned Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun, well, I said it because you did not indicate a timeline. So, they are very much the couple that I remember to be the one to not openly date, but quite flaunting of their romance as well.

  10. I dont believe their are dating for 2 years, i haven’t seen them together, like never…only on the news their dating, and also only Suzy side gave a respond about their relationship….they are both very popular…how they really dating actually without caught by camera? Only texting? Are they really a couple? Make me wonder….

    • Yeah right? If they really dated, there should a picture at least celebrating. I really think they arent dating now. It is just Lee Min Ho cant have 2 breakups under his belt with celebrities. just my opinion.

      • Why would he care, fan girls would be happy that he is single, most people would likely blame the break up on his upcoming enlistment. His popularity doesn’t depend on his dating life, the break ups are years apart. So that doesn’t make any sense. Also, many Korean celebrity couples don’t reveal picture of them celebrating their relationships. If they want to keep their relationship off the tabloids they are will stay under the raider.

    • @Anna, yaaah me too, paparazzis would have been all over the place to get photos of them, why this couple are like ghost dating, only giving write ups that leaves more room to the imagination of fantards. even in Awards night you never see them together, wtf is wrong with this two! if you cant handle the pressure what’s the point of sticking together, that’s just really weird and bizarre to this two.

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