C-drama Princess Agent Leads Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin Effortlessly Gorgeous for Cosmo Bride

This pictorial does double duty of being super charming and reminding that wedding season is around the corner. Spring does host plenty of weddings but early summer is wedding manna and it’s also the same time that Lin Geng Xin and Zhao Li Ying‘s highly anticipated period C-drama Princess Agent airs this year. The drama title sounds silly enough but the story actually has a modern sensitivity as it deals with the Western Wei dynasty and the eradication of the cruel enslavement system. The leads are on the cover and pages of Cosmo Bride China trying on the latest wedding attire and it doesn’t hurt that Zhao Li Ying is the definition of adorable and Lin Geng Xin wears a suit with aplomb. Even nicer is the casual shots of the onscreen couple as if they got married and are just enjoying life together.


C-drama Princess Agent Leads Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin Effortlessly Gorgeous for Cosmo Bride — 19 Comments

  1. They look so adorable.I can’t wait to see this drama. Always have a soft spot for Zanilia. So cute and pretty.

  2. Classic example of how an ugly personality can ruin an actor’s reputation for me. Totally agree with the comment above about Lin Geng Xin’s comments on Tzuyu.

  3. Lin Gengxin is BFF with Mark zhao. Good enough for me! Love this pairing! I need a photoshoot with all three leads, Shawn Dou too.

    • ohh I didn’t know about LGX being best friends with Mark Zhao. I would like for them to do another movie together.
      And I second your wish for a photoshoot with all leads.

  4. I love Zhao Liying, but I’m really excited to see Li Qin in this drama. She’s such an underrated actress! I can’t wait for this drama to come out!

  5. Cant wait for Princess Agents. Both LGX and ZLY look great in this photoshoot. I am anticipating a lot of chemistry between them. The whole cast for this drama is full of people I like so I hope the story delivers.

  6. I love Zhao Li Ying and I very much anticipated this coming drama of hers. I guess I have to re watch journey of flower while waiting.

  7. Ugh I just read what he said about Tzuyu. Normally I don’t let an actors life outside of his career affect me watching his work but this asshole doesn’t get my support. I love Zanilla tho. She needs to do more work with other appealing actors.

    • Don’t get how stating the obvious can make u an arsehole. you probably don’t have exposure to the nasty things Taiwanese/Skoreans say about mainlanders but still want to leech money off them through entertainment to really relate to his comment. Your disapproval means nothing anyway since his main fan base doesn’t come from kpoppers.

      • I agree. People who don’t understand the wider context will only see Lin Gengxin’s comment as mockery but I can understand his frustration.

  8. Is it just me or the way Lin Gengxin stare at Zhao Liying is like he is really inlove with her. HAHAHAHA. I’m going crazy with these two. I am really hoping that they will be a real-life couple. <3

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