Eric Responds Like a True Leader of Shinwa to Fans Upset at His Marriage Announcement

I can’t believe in this day and age in 2017 there is still the need for a male idol star to issue an apologetic statement after announcing an impending marriage. Eric of Shinhwa, who has long since his idol debut days transitioned into a legit actor and still managed to maintain his idol roots, recently announced his July 1st wedding to model actress Na Hye Mi. Apparently in the week or so since his announcement, there have been some fans who claim his wedding is irresponsible towards his idol group and have also announced an their intention to shut down Eric fan sites. First off, those fans are ALL wrong, there isn’t even a gray area here and I’m usually all about nuances. But the nice part of all this is that Eric took time out to issue a second statement addressing these grievances and it’s full on leader takes charge mode that makes me love him even more.

Eric’s statement to disgruntled fans:

Because this sudden announcement, I know people have been taken aback. But rather than have reporters reveal it, I thought it was better for me to share it directly. Before releasing the statement I had long talks with Shinwa members and I believe that only by handling our marriage matters well can we build a long lasting Shinwa. As the leader I am actually relieved to be the one shouldering the brunt of the angry responses. I don’t want to wait until we are all old and not popular and all lonely, to be resenting what we have sacrificed for Shinhwa these past tens of years. My biggest wish is that members and fans are all happy. So everyone, please don’t be angry and say mean words to the members and the Shinhwa that we have all protected all these days. If everyone thinks that as the leader and representative of the agency I did not act responsibly, then I can step aside from these roles and have someone take over that people are happy with. No matter when I am ready to do so. My ideal is for Shinhwa to forever have a cool existence.


Eric Responds Like a True Leader of Shinwa to Fans Upset at His Marriage Announcement — 55 Comments

  1. you got to be kidding me!! he’s almost 40 years old!! please tell those who shut down their blog because Eric is getting married is not a women, age of 30 and above, because that is too immature and embarrasing. you guys are not teenager anymore.

  2. This is ridiculous, what is wrong w/these fans? It is immature for them to demand that he stay single and alone for them. I wonder if any of them have that special someone or are they going to stay single for him? They should be happy for him. SMH SMH

  3. Even if he was 20 years old, i would say that the fans are out of their mind. But to think that a 40 year old man is betraying fans and group by marrying… Pfft… What loonies

    • Haha unless the fans have been so “devoted” that they remained single themselves – their demands are too crazy!

  4. He is 40 year old adult who wants to marry the girl he loves. If there is anything wrong here then it is the unhealthy fan culture. I don’t know how he is so calm but how can they call him irresponsible towsrds his band simply because he wants to marry. He is entertainer, he didn’t sell his rights to living a happy life just because he is one. Whoever or whatever groups of so called fans raised such a careless, baseless, ridiculous accusations, kindly need to reassess their way of life and attitude towards celebrities. This is unhealthy approach.

  5. Shouldn’t the fans be happy that he finally decided to marry the one he loves?
    I mean, I was super happy and touched when Jang Hyuk married his longtime girlfriend…

  6. This is not even funny anymore. I can only understand this “Oppa can’t marry” sentiment for younger idols simply because their fan base is the younger/teenagers, not because it’s healthy or right. But for Shinhwa?? When would he marry if not now? Do these fans stay single as well? I don’t understand that it created enough noise for him to actually issue this statement…

    • I like your comment. Very well said. However, the young teenaged fans also need to understand that their idols will fall in love and marry other people and not them. If they are not made to understand this, they will turn into middle aged delusional idiots, still waiting for their idols to marry them.

  7. Seriously??? Selfish fans want their idol to be lonely & love them only??? Gobsmacked ? Then, I think all idols should imitate western ones and release their relationships to the world. S. Korea is in the dark ages.

  8. I’ve always thought Shinhwa fans are matured and know what they are doing.Apparently they don’t! Tell me is there any great leader other than ERIC? He literally held the group together. And…for him to step down these roles? More like asking for disbandment.

  9. these fans are crazy,unbelievable.please let him marry peacefully,the man is 40 years,he has waited for a long time already.

  10. I love his announcement, spoken like a true leader, I really don’t understand fans at all true my teens until now I have never had wish that my idol never date, or get married, opposite I have wished to every single one of them to find happiness not just working in the field that they choosed but as well in their personal life. I wish people recognize that their idols are also human beings that they feels the same feeling like everyone else, they feel love, pain, happiness, saddness, loneliness, they are not super human beings just human.

  11. That was a totally cool statement. Blunt even.

    And those fans better not be older married women. And I hope the supportive fans blast them down. Stepping aside indeed. They were lucky that the group stayed together that long. I am not even a Shinhwa fan.

  12. What a cool statement! As he poignantly said, he wouldn’t want to be lonely and resentful in old age when his and Shinhwa’s popularity wanes. Which member is next?

  13. OMG come on give the man a break!! He´s an adult now. Sometimes I think that the korean fans are crazy, to obssesive with the idols… And shinwa fans are already grown and adult womans so pleaseeeeee grow up ladies

    I´m just so proud and made me like him more with that responds

  14. I read in twitter that international fans supporting him but korean fans got mad. They make up the reason such as shinhwa company where Eric as the CEO is messy ang angry because fans spotted him in Japan with his girl when another member seems need him. God, come on…how can they know he didn’t support his member, and what they want? He just stay in Korea and no vacation. When fans took picture with him and put in her instagram, they bashed him saying he can take picture so why he can’t give us explanations. Wow, shinhwa fans must be so pathetic and full of jealous stupid girls. They should date and build a family so they’re not too busy to disturb someone’s life. They asked about Shinhwa future but they hate him that much. So unbelievable. And this is Eric we’re talking about. All idols look at him as their role model. He’s popular actor that surely can survive without his group. I even think he could be more success if focus on acting career. And he’s 40 yo. An ahjussi. They even bashing his fiancee saying her ugly. Jealous much? I can’t believe they throw shits on him and act like the reason not because of marriage. Of course it’s because of marriage. Because before wedding announcement, this fandom is calm. Stupid fans are everywhere no matter how old that fandom is. Sometimes I’m glad not involve in this called fandom. Eric, you got my support. Go get the girl and happy wedding for you.

  15. Actually it’s not Eric’s fansite does this and they’re not close. It’s some of the extreme Shinhwa fans that do this.

  16. Only some so-called fans reacted in an immature manner to his wedding announcement. It is not representative of the entire fandom. Also, Eric’s message to the fans was posted in the Official Fan Cafe. He had mentioned specifically that he did not want his message to be reposted anywhere outside of the Fan Cafe. Can you please respect his wishes and remove the excerpt of the message?

  17. Only a faction of the fans reacted badly, compounded by fears of the group’s future and management concerns, which has nothing to do with his wedding announcement. This was posted in a private fancafe with Eric specifically requesting fans not to publish it outside the fan site. I hope people would respect this request.

    • Huh? Those are the so artificial/ make up reasons for the real reasons ‘marriage announcement’. They just too shameful to confess it’s all about marriage. Why those complaints come out after wedding announcement? Why they put blame on Eric only. I heard he’s the CEO but management doesn’t mean Eric only. I hope Eric just forget this idol thing and focus on his acting career. Those fans never felt thankful to him.

      • There will always be unreasonable fans in any fandom. Don’t generalize all SHCJs. Majority of us are happy for him and can’t wait for the encore concert this Summer to properly congratulate him. If Shinhwa disbands, you definitely will see very less of Eric. The only reason he does his solo stuff is so he can promote Shinhwa.

    • If Shinhwa disbanded, we never known what will happen to him though. Especially when a guy get married usually they will worker harder for the family. But I hope it won’t happen.

    • Why? Because too embarassing to see a dark side of old fandom like shinhwa? People should know and see how immature some of shinhwa fans are. Eric is too good for them.

      • Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo have nothing to hide. We do admit there are some of us who are immature and disrespectful,like the ones who had enabled the sharing of Eric’s message (such as in this article), which he had specifically requested not to be shared outside of the fan cafe. Having said that, I am grateful to see positive and supportive comments for Eric from the readers of this article. As old as the orange fandom is, this is our first time experiencing a Shinhwa member’s marriage. Eric, who knows his fans very well, had realized this, and being the leader and protector of Shinhwa, has expected and been ready to take the strongest, harshest, most painful first blow. I, and perhaps Eric too, expect that the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth blows that would come along with the other 5 members’ marriages would not be as strong if not completely diminish. We all learn from this. No matter how old a fandom is, there’s always something new to learn. After this, the Shinchangs who stay are the ones already mature, or would definitely grow more mature. So I still have an unwavering faith in Shinhwa, and one can not do so without having the same unwavering faith in the orange fandom. For 19 years Shinhwa and Shinchang have weathered many storms together, and this is just one of the many more to come. Shinhwa and Shinchang are family. We fight all the time, which gets us talking, be honest with each other, and see the truth, no matter how ugly and painful it is. But in the end we always resolve our differences, as we could see each other’s points. So after all the drama, we’d be able to move on again as one, for Shinchang exists only because of Shinhwa, and Shinhwa won’t last without Shinchang.

      • no. because we should respect the idol’s request to keep this within the fandom. it is also in the fancafe rules not to share things outside.

      • We should respect his request and this is totally a fandom bussiness than others. Writing and article about this is fine. But sharing his exact words is forbidden since he asked beforehand. Please edit the article. Thank you.

  18. Eric is too good for Shinhwa fans. I’m sure they’ll find so many reasons for hating him but actually it just because of marriage.

  19. Hahahaha… I am laughing. Like does anyone believe that the letter won’t be shared outside of the fan cafe? Honestly. How do you think international fans gets news. Goodness me.

      • You know the real reason why he doesn’t want this spread out outside the fandom? Because he doesn’t want the stupidity of his fans known by others. That’s all. Do you think he doesn’t feel shame with their behaviour? Or do you think he doesn’t feel sad for what they did to him? Idol fans feel betrayed when their idols have girls though they even not those idols’ families. But Dothey think some of idols who are really loyal to their group getting hurt because what they did to them? Just like Eric’s case, how can they doubt the one who sacrifice a lot for almost 20 years? It’s all because of one real reason MARRIAGE. pathetic.

  20. Oh my god! If you reallly love shinhwa, then surely and truly you should pray for their happiness! Being a Korean celebrity has big responsibilities towards the public. I find it abnormally lonely and sad that a Korean celebrity “pledge” his entire life to his fans.
    Other than reasonable moral issues, I wish a Korean celebrity has a right to hus/her own privacy.
    Please, love Eric and be happy that he’s found a love and that the love will last forever!

  21. Could you delete this please? This wasn’t meant to be out of the fancafe he asked not to spread it! Please delete it

  22. This is the first time I heard that fans too much involved in company management (if they said it’s the reason…puuuhhhh). Input is okay but interfere is no way. And why they put this issue just before his wedding? It’s obvious those stupid girls only wants his attention. If I were Eric, I would ignore them. Yes we need fans. But if fans dictate us, I prefer no more fans. Do they know how to manage the company better than Eric? It just an excuse to hate him. I bet after this they will ask more and more. Just let those stupid girls leave the fandom. I thought Eric is popular as an actor and got CFs. So his income doesn’t only come from those stupid girls. They just jealous over his future wife who is more beautiful, young and fresh.

  23. Eric asked NOT to share his post outside of the fancafe. Plus it’s the RULES of SHCJ official fancafe. Please RESPECT his wish!. How can we talk about extreme fans’ response while we don’t respect him in such trivial matter. Remove Eric’s post part, plz!

  24. Eric still wants to protect the korean fan girls, even after how they reacted?
    It’s disgusting some of the things kshcj said, I can’t forgive them.

  25. You go Eric! Get married and be happy. And I hope what he’s doing will open doors for other idols to do whatever makes them happy. Look at that Sech Kies guy with his adorable son! Life is more than pleasing everyboody. There should be a win-win situation. Takuya Kimura is still happily married and he did that at the height of his career. God bless~~

  26. What an ugly view from the old fandom like Shinhwa. They do know how long he has been with them. They do know the sacrifice he’s done for the group. Even non Shinhwa fans admire his loyalty. How can they doubt just because of a marriage? If he get married and move to another place, then I can understand they worry. But this guy is still in Korea with other members. So, the worry about group longevity is a big bulshit. They don’t want him to get married. That’s all. And why fans too interfere with the company business? Are they the share holders? And why Eric should response these stupid girls all the time where he’s definitely being busy for preparing his wedding? Such as selfish brats. He should not respond them from the beginning. It won’t over I bet. They just want him for themselves. It’s nothing knew in idol world. They want him as their imaginative boy forever. Silly….

  27. He is one loyal group member. He has helped keep that group together. In an interview one time, I believe a fellow group member said, he even shared some of his acting fees with the group…the members are like his family they love and support each other. T hey are all together because they love to sing and entertain people. Also this is their chosen first profession, this is their livelihood. For their dedication and support of their fans by their constant professionalism, they deserve our respect and adult adoration…not this childish bickering and acrimonious behavior.

  28. You can’t even get their name right yet you are “reporting” about this group.
    Fans have reasons to be angry, not just because of his marriage announcement but because of overdue issues with SHINHWA Company as well. It’s rather a cherry on top of the problematic sundae. Those who do not know the background of the whole issue have no right to blame anyone here.

    • So, angry with management but blame only to him? Don’t be silly. Management is not the same as Eric. Company is like organization. Many people involved there. If it’s really due to management, why he should explain about his relationship? And since when fans handling the company like their own? If it’s really because of management, it’s PR of company will in-charge of the mattets and the CEO. You guys just want his attention. That’s all. Shinhwa fans are the most pathetic fans ever. This is proof that they don’t have anything to do beside thinking about Shinhwa and their company and act like they know everything. They should just start family like their leader.

    • @Alex, you are way off base here. I know that the management companies of these celebs ask them to present themselves as single to the fans. That is the way the celebs and the companies make the big bucks. The fans are going to support concerts, dramas, movies, dvds, clothing lines and other merchandise connected to their idols, if they appear to be single. The fans become loyal and will spend big bucks on their idols if these idols are single, because the fans somehow has this crazy illusion that they will date and/or marry their idol someday. This is wrong to do this, all for the sake of the almighty dollar and to gain fame as well. HOWEVER, however, yes, however, the fans are stupid and delusional to think that these men and women will one day date or marry them. What the idols and their management companies do is wrong and deceitful, but the fans are crazy and stupid to have these delusional thoughts of winning their idols’ hearts. Then the fans get mad when these men and women announce their relationships or marriages. Only brain sick people behave like that.

    • @Alex NO, fans do not have any right to be angry at his marriage. These fans need to stop this delusional shit and get a life, a real life not a fairly tale illusion of waiting for their idol knight in shining amour to date and marry them. This has become a real serious problem that the governments in these Asian countries need to introduce classes or courses which explain the difference between real and reel life. Which will explain to fans that these idols are not the characters they play in movies and dramas. The singers are different to the image that the management PR companies put out there for the public. This pathetic thinking and behaviour from the fans has gone too far.It is time these fans get real. This has become more than sickening.

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