Cha Seung Won Coming Back with Romantic K-drama in Early Winter 2017

OMG this is the bestest drama news ever, now I just want to know what story this is going to be. K-actor Cha Seung Won revealed this weekend during his Japan fan meeting that he’s coming back to the small screen with a K-drama soon, and on top of that it’s going to be a romantic comedy. Win and win! I looooooove Cha Seung Won in romantic comedies, he did Best Love (The Greatest Love) and City Hall and both have special places in the heart, the latter being my favorite K-drama of all time. It’s not necessarily the best, only that I love it so due to timing of watch and connection with the lead romance in the story. Cha Seung Won’s drama return will be two years from his last television appearance in Hwajung (Splendid Politics), and six years since his last rom-com Best Love. He says filming starts in October with a slated airing date of December 2017 or January 2018.

I hope Cha Seung Won gets a worth leading lady for this upcoming rom-com. His last two dramas with romantic female leads have succeeded in part due to having fantabulous counterparts in Kim Sun Ah and Gong Hyo Jin.


Cha Seung Won Coming Back with Romantic K-drama in Early Winter 2017 — 10 Comments

  1. I ‘d like to see him with my fav actress Yoon Eun Hye . With that said i only hope that he’ll be pairing with an actress in her 30’s and not a very younger one. I have the feeling that his co star may be Son Ye Jin or a reunion with Gong hyo jin since she does a drama every year.

  2. BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!

    City Hall is my all time favorite too. His chemistry with Kim Sun Ah just burns up the screen. I wouldn’t mind a reunion of the two.

  3. I absolutely loved City Hall and Best Love. I didn’t watch them really when they first came out. But a few years later and it really rang with me. Both were well acted and each femal lead had great chemistry with CSW.

    Hope that this one works out too!!!

  4. I hated best love..that potato gave. me shivers every time I saw those scenes on my screen. Can’t believe this man is the same as in city hall where he gave such a sophisticated performance. Even my love for GHJ couldn’t make me finish this drama lol. Glad that she came back with Master’s sun later.
    Also KES new drama is a sageuk I heard so it can’t be a romcom I think.

  5. Ms. Koala, subsequent news articles have been released about this being a Hong Sisters drama with the PD of Best Love.

  6. omg yeeeees!! Now all I need is to have Kim Sun Ah on board with him as the female lead and my drama wish will have been granted XD

  7. I love his chemistry with Kim Sun Ah and Gong Hyo Jin. I fell in love with him coz of the greatest love and the city hall. <3

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