First Stills of Park Hae Jin and Oh Yeon Seo in Character for Cheese in the Trap

It’s a good week for Park Hae Jin, first with the positive critical feedback and high ratings of his jTBC drama Man to Man and now with the first stills released of the upcoming K-movie adaptation of Cheese in the Trap. The movie solely brings back Park Hae Jin from the cast of the 2016 drama version while Oh Yeon Seo plays the female lead with Park Ki Woong and Yoo In Young as the sibling second leads. Park Hae Jin will of course seamlessly go back to being his spot on Yoo Jung, this time older as the movie takes place after the characters have graduated college. In the first stills it’s like a flashback to watching the drama last year, with the visual slight oddness of seeing Oh Yeon Seo as Hong Sol beside him rather than Kim Go Eun. I like both ladies and it’s pretty cool how each brings their own uniqueness to the role.


First Stills of Park Hae Jin and Oh Yeon Seo in Character for Cheese in the Trap — 11 Comments

  1. i have mixed feelings about this. i’m ambivalent to oh yeon seo since i haven’t really seen her any of her works, so i feel that i should give her a shot. at the same time, i’m sad that kim go eun will not be reprising the role since i really, really loved her as hong seol.

  2. I really wanna see this but I skipped the drama because of the whole production mess. I’d like to catch up on the drama but only up to when PHJ was still the main lead and the OTP switcheroo didn’t happen. Could anyone please help me? Thanks

  3. I’m looking forward to what they do with it. This actress was solid in Shine and was great in Come Back Mister. I think it was a very good idea to move the story away from the college years and do a re-tread of that.

  4. Now that’s Seol. That’s how she should look like. I think they took more effort in the make-up for Park Hae Jin because he looks a lot younger than the drama version.

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