Huang Xiaoming Shares Glowing Angelababy Pregnancy Pics to Quash Rumors that She Didn’t Personally Deliver Their Baby

Looks like the whole “fake news” bit is moving over to China and over some totally silly pregnancy questioning. Married Chinese stars Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy welcomed their first child earlier this year in January 2017, the baby boy nicknamed Little Sponge and has yet to make his public debut. The new parents have been enjoying life with a newborn but recently got swept up into fake news with a prominent Chinese entertainment blogger claimed that Angelababy didn’t actually give birth to the baby herself. This was in part due to Angelababy not looking pregnant during her pregnancy, which is likely due to her being so skinny to begin with. This week hubby Huang Xiaoming put the fake pregnancy allegations to rest by posting pictures of a glowing Angelababy with a very pregnant belly. So there you have it Chinese troll, go make up more fake news somewhere else and let the new parents enjoy their happy life together.


Huang Xiaoming Shares Glowing Angelababy Pregnancy Pics to Quash Rumors that She Didn’t Personally Deliver Their Baby — 19 Comments

  1. She’s honestly too pretty for words, has such a lovely smile. Watched First Love with her and Mark Chao (whom I also adore!) the other day and it was such an easy and enjoyable watch. Hope you’re enjoying your precious firsts with your Little Sponge and good luck ❤️

  2. Saw the news, but some anti are claiming the pictures are photoshopped so the fake news keeps spinning. Maybe for someone so high profile it was strange she never took glamorous magazine shots whilst preggers.

    • Well if she was like me she spent month after month feeling like she was going to throw up all the live long day. I will say if they wanted to quash the rumors, it would have been better to show a candid photo of her. Regardless people need to get a life.

      • Really? I thought it just looked like she was in her last trimester and the baby was on it’s last turn, hence the lower jutting stomach.

        From what I learned so far, according to Chinese netizen, everything Angelababy does is for show and everything is fake.

        the level of saltiness surrounding her is unbelievable.

      • I have nothing against her but these pictures doesn’t look… “real”.
        If they want to prove their point they shouldn’t touch PS that much that it doesn’t look “real”.
        I’m in no way saying she wasn’t pregnant like cnetz, just those pictures are way PSed to prove anything

  3. that abdomen is without a single striae. It they wanted to prove it was a real her, the photo should not be photoshopped at all.

  4. One of the reasons she’s getting a lot of these fake pregnancy accusations is because people didn’t like her appearing on China’s Running Man so fast after the show has already replaced her with Dilraba Dilmurat, and photos of her guesting episode was shown with Dilraba looking kind of left out while Angelababy gets chummy with the old cast. I personally also think that she seems like she cannot live without the public’s spotlight, but it’s ridiculous for people to accuse her of not giving birth personally.

    • So many inaccuracy with your comment.
      1. Fake pregnancy news was already in effect before she returned to Running Man, it was present even before she gave birth, it came about because Mr “I’m the best paparazzi in China” claimed it was a fake as well.
      2. News of Dilraba Dilmurat being left out was from the very start, not when Angelababy returned. Why shouldn’t she returned when from the very start they had said Dilraba was a temp replacement? Even their main weibo, while releasing news of the new season had also included Angelababy. She’s been with the cast for 4 years so ofcourse she’s going to be closer to them then Dilraba would be.

      She is also one of the backers of the show and was there from the very start. for fans of the show like myself, seeing her being replaced was never OK. We didn’t like it the first time round, we hated it the 2nd time round and finally when we had a proper team for two seasons that gelled well we now have to face it a fourth time.

      I see this comment a lot about her “cannot live without the public’s spotlight”, I really wonder what this means? Didn’t she stay out of the spotlight ever since she stopped her work for her pregnancy? Didn’t she stop working for the entire last 3 months after her son’s birth? What did she really do that makes people say that about her? I’m genuine curious since this is such a common thing quoted when people talk about her.

      • Well I don’t know about other people, but for me I find the appearance of her baby on Running Man very unnecessary. Even before her pregnancy, she is one of those celebrities who claim to be actors/actresses but are basically bad at it, and yet keep pushing out an excessive amount of mediaplay in order to stay in relevancy, and it continued through out her pregnancy.

        I think that it would have been better if Angelababy make a surprise and grand return on the final episode which would have been more heartwarming, instead of making Dilraba Dilmurat turn out to be her temp replacement when Running Man emphasised on being a family. And most people have the impression that mothers would rather spend more time with their newborn babies so it feels weird that she wants to return back to Running Man so quickly when it’s not like she needs the money to feed her baby.

  5. Ok – I don’t follow C-entertainment much at all except what I read here and where it involves tw stars. But seriously, people need to get a life. Why in the world would anyone – celebrity or not – lie about something like that? It just doesn’t make sense. So logic would say, of course she was preggo and had a baby. Seriously, photos like that are photoshopped like crazy for anyone – no one wants to see the stretch marks. So it’s not uncommon for them to be photoshopped. These anti-fans need to move on to something else. I think its big insult having gone through 9 months and giving birth and then some stranger claims it was fake so they can get famous or get traffic. Shameless these bloggers and anti-fans. I feel neutral towards her as a celebrity but as a mom to another mom, I feel bad for her.

  6. I mean what’s wrong if she used surrogate mother? Whether she wanted to carry her baby or not, it was up to her. People.. ??

    Now about stretch marks, it’s possible to have no stretch marks at all during pregnancy. My mom is the living proof. She took care of her body when she was pregnant and now? No stretch marks whatsoever on her body and she’s very proud of it. So it’s possible for Angela not having stretch marks (if she carried the baby)

    • That’s what I was thinking. Who cares if she didn’t deliver the baby herself, it wouldn’t change the fact that she is still the baby’s mother.

    • One of commenters mentioned striae nigra which appears in the middle of abdomen and usually disappears after giving birth

  7. They just hate her don’t they?Who will be so stupid and crazy to fake pregnancy?That people watched too much dramas I guess.

    Sometimes,I wonder how Chinese actors survive.Almost all famous ones are swimming in deep sea of rumors and fake news.

  8. Is it because she’s beautiful and successful that she has to deal with such hateful rumors? The last few years I’ve known of her, I’ve only heard negative opinions of Angelababy and it was only this year I got to see her work and actually judge for myself. Personally, I find her talented, sweet and gorgeous in reel (even if I don’t know her in real).
    Even if it were true, they have a right to their own privacy – having a newborn is already hard enough without having to deal with added and unnecessary pressure. I hope she and her husband will get through this and live happily with their little one!

  9. i would take it as a compliment! Being pregnant and able to return to a youthful figure to the point people doubt if her tummy was even stretched is a hugh compliment to her beauty, isn’t it? It is better than saying you are pregnant, but it is actually full of fat, right 🙂 lolol…

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