Full Movie Preview for Live Action Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Elicits Interest and Fandom Commentary

One by one Japan’s most popular mangas are getting live action movie or drama adaptations, even ones formerly considered impossible to adapt due to technological limitations. Coming this summer is the first live action adaptation of one of the best selling shonen mangas of all time Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which is indeed weird and bizarre like it’s title suggests. There’s punks and fighting and mystery and quests, all wrapped into a odd shell of yankee styling leads, where yankee is the Japanese colloquial moniker for delinquent high school students. Cutie pie Yamazaki Kento gets turned into male lead Higashikata Josuke with rising actress Komatsu Nana as the sole female lead among the sea of testosterone. This recently released movie preview has fandom divided but at least people remained interested, and for me it’s just something cool and different to look forward to.

Preview for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure:


Full Movie Preview for Live Action Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Elicits Interest and Fandom Commentary — 4 Comments

  1. I can’t say that I’m not curious, especially with Kamiki, Takayuki, and Okada on the list.
    But I could only got pass few chapter of the manga, it’s so bizarre I can’t even . . .
    But may be it partly because I was into slice of life mood at that time.
    Well, may be I will check it after Gintama (I’ll do it for you, Kamiki. I just hope that he will choose weirder character for his next role). Especially because this past few months I dive to much into serious jindaiki, so I guess Gintama will be a good transition.

  2. Ei! they filmed it in my city!!! uoooo! and in a little village near Barcelona, Sitges, where, every year, there is the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. A lot of Asian actors and directors come every year to present their films.

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