Taiwan Discussing Teacher-Student Sexual Abuse After Beautiful 26 Year Old Best Selling Debut Writer Commits Suicide

Taiwanese entertainment and cultural news was rocked heading into this weekend with news that a beautiful and best-selling first time young author had committed suicide. 26 year old Lin Yi Han hanged herself in her bedroom and was discovered by her husband of two years. Her debut novel Fang Si Chi’s First Love Paradise was just published in February of this year and immediately shot up the best selling charts, currently in its 5th printing. Lin Yi Han was well known even before publishing her novel, coming from a prominent doctor family with her father and brother both physicians, and she scoring perfect on the college entrance exam and getting into Taiwan University’s medical program.

But she dropped out in two weeks and re-enrolled in college as a literature major but leaving in her junior year. Lin Yi Han wrote her debut novel while prepping her for wedding, explaining that she was wracked with pain and depression and had a story she needed to tell. Her parents have gone on record after she passed to say that the debut novel’s 13 year old female student protagonist was in fact Lin Yi Han herself and the story of how she was groomed and sexually abused by a teacher which lead to her mental illness and finally suicide. Everyone, suicide is never the answer so please seek help if ever there are such thoughts. For Lin Yi Han, her intelligence and talent was indisputable and her debut novel garnered raves for her writing and raw emotion, but sadly it was at the expense of her suffering such an awful trauma.

Lin Yi Han’s novel bio reads:

“Out of all my identities, I am most accustomed to my role as a mental illness patient. My dream is to write novels, and like what Kenzaburō Ōe said, advance myself from a mere reader of books, to a person of culture, to an intellectual.”

Her story is why teacher-student romances is inherently problematic for me even when dramas or movies try to explain the inappropriateness away by using specific sets of facts that make that particular relationship less wrong. But for every happy ending student-teacher romance, and right now in the news French presidential candidate Emanuel Macron comes to mind, there are many more like Lin Yi Han where the student ends up emotionally manipulated and traumatized. Lin Yi Han’s story as told in her debut novel is about a young teen girl who is so systematically fed charming words and made to believe that she’s old enough to consent to sex with an adult male because it’s true love and special and unique to her. I feel so bad for the loss of this beautiful writing talent and I hope she is finally at peace.


Taiwan Discussing Teacher-Student Sexual Abuse After Beautiful 26 Year Old Best Selling Debut Writer Commits Suicide — 39 Comments

  1. ah awful,awful.some teachers can be so bad.what a waste of young life.praying for her to rest in perfect peace and the teacher get his deserve punishment.

  2. I’m loss for words… she was so beautiful. to us suicide may sounds extreme but to this girl, it’s probably the only answer to end the suffering.

  3. I too was groomed and sexually abused by my teacher at 14yrs. He is a cripple in a wheelchair but he is very strong. I am still suffering from PTS and affected my marriage very badly. I understand her pain…I wish I could help her. I am in my 40s now and found a way to move on and live as normally as others. Not easy but definitely possible.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I’m glad that you finally moved on. I hope others in similar situation will find helps too!

  4. May she rest in peace. Her life story is such a sad thing to read. Adults who groom and sexually abuse children, whether pre-pubescent or adolescent, in facilities that were supposed to be safe environments for learning and growing are the worst excuse of human beings. They knowingly abuse their authority and exert their emotional power on CHILDREN. Children that young are not able to sexually consent, their brains haven’t even fully developed to handle those feelings and these ’’reliable’’ adults in their lives use that to their advantage. Not everyone are able to overcome traumas. It’s extremely rare that teacher-student relationships end up like Macron’s. Thank you for posting this story Koala.  

  5. The family knew of the culprit since the incident and did not press charges or has the teacher been convicted years ago when this happened? The family is said to prominent and wealthy so did not do anything until this unfortunate death??

    • They did tried but was stopped, I think the bad guy threatened them and also they have to think about their daughter’s future, she can be accused of being a third party in his marriage, will be charged by law (ridiculous i know)….
      The disgusting teacher’s family background (his wife), apparently have money and power too. Really disgusted with his wife, if she knew about it and do nothing.

  6. Very sad story. May she finally rest in peace.

    I’m not sure you can compare this teacher student relationship to Macron’s. Each relationship is different. From your description, this little girl was groomed at a very young age and the teacher sounded like he had previous experience preying on the young and vulnerable.

    What I would like to know more is was she on treatment for depression when the suicide happened. Did she try to take her own life before?

    • People have been explaining away abuse of boys in this fashion for years by saying that they are less damaged by it. I don’t care about Macron and his wife either way but there’s no denying that there’s something seriously wrong with a woman (or man) who encourages sexual advances from adolescents.

      • There is no indication Macron was abused by his then teacher and now wife. This is your interpretation.

      • Your comment clearly talks about abuse of boys, any abuse is wrong, boy or girl. The abuser may not necessarily be a teacher. They can be any figure of trust or authority. We don’t know the full story of Macron. They haven’t released all details so can’t make full judgement. If you read the teacher’s side of the story, she was a lonely wife. Of course having an affair with an underage was wrong but that was in the past. They are now married. I’m surprised she wasn’t imprisoned for the offence.

  7. bout the Macron issue, I am completely fine with their student-teacher romance, but one thing that I am not quite okay with is they started the relationship while the wife was still married to somebody else.

    I am still quite conservative, so I am still a bit of uncomfortable to accept the fact that it’s okay to pursue someone who has been married.

  8. I agree with you, Koala. And I also think it is wrong the other way around. Female teacher and a male student. Actually – any adult with a student. That is why I did not like “I Hear Your Voice” drama that everyone loved. I was pretty horrified by this romance between an adult woman and a high school boy.

    • Same for Doctors. Despite being a PSH fan and it being her comeback after more than one year, I couldn’t stand the the teacher-student relationship. Sure, it’s legal given their age but something just feels icky and wrong.

      • you set too many rules for yourself… if both are at Legal Age, what is the restriction? Why is it icky and wrong?? Attending physician and Fellow/resident, Boss and employee, Lawyer and intern?? Don’t people meet their future spouse in workplace? What kind of a world do you live in?? Arranged marriage? Blind Date? Lolol…

      • I’m really glad Doctors highlighted the teacher-student controversy. Although, in that story it was stressed they never acted on their feelings whilst being ‘teacher-student’ and they began as a couple much older and mature.

    • I really hate when people rationalize a teen boy and a female teacher together but if the genders are reversed, well that’s a different icky thing. They are both wrong not only because of age but because one is in a position of authority.

    • @Candy: Well that’s your personal preference and I have mine. If you like teacher-student romance or like to watch them, then by go means go live your life like that. Why would you care what kind of life I live? And fyi the relationship you mentioned are totally different in context.

    • I agree 100 %, especially the discussions surrounding by IHYV, by both international and Korean fans. Nobody talked about how problematic it was for an adult professional to hang out like that with a 17-year-old student. Doctors had this discussion and even an exaggerated one. In doctors they even started their physical and emotional affair over a decade later. Hypocrisy at its finest when no one bats an eye when the underage counterpart is a boy. Although I gotta admit that Lee Bo Young looks very young and Lee Jong Suk didn’t look disturbingly young whereas Kim Rae Won looked so old and mature (and he’s got a mature image too) whereas Park Shin Hye looks very young and we easily associate her with her child actress image. But I have to say that she nailed the transition to Adult Dr. Yoo Hye Jung, so Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye actually looked very compatible

      • Lots of people batted an eye at the relationship in IHYV and in fact lots of people didn’t watch it for that reason (so they weren’t in the comment pool at all).

  9. If someone in this world takes joy in raping little girls; and I happen to be there

    If I live as her from 13 years of age……

    That’s a very rough translation of the three lines in the blue image…

  10. She is really talented & nice girl. I should blame their parents & family background of maybe they are too ego & always kept their awful face at the back and just shown the most beautiful things to the world. Dare not to expose about their daughter what she is facing on the depression. They need to put more times & caring on her during the abuse period.

    Anyway, May her soul rest in peace! Lin Yi Han.. your name shall be engraved in our heart. We will always remember you eventhough we came from different country.

  11. Thankyou for this article n bringin to light of sexual abuse, depression and suicide. May she rest in peace and also may the family heal. I too dislike teacher student relationships in dramas or films.

  12. When u hear that someone has committed suicide, the first thought that comes to mind is where are the family, friends love ones that it has to be too late befor solution is found,no we don’t want that,please let help those who are going through situations like that, my condolences to the family members.For life is a beautiful gift from God,we should Cherish no matter the situation.

  13. I really object to the emphasis on her being physically beautiful. As though, if she hadn’t been attractive this story wouldn’t even deserve attention. I actually came to read it because after reading koala’s title, I hoped the young woman was the author of a story entitled “Beautiful”. Rest In Peace, away from a world that probably thinks first of how you looked. Come on, guys – we can do better than this.

  14. I am following this story on the taiwanese talk shows, I hope Taiwan will make a strict law for this. Those teachers who acts like this should be punished heavily so they don’t dare to look at their students in a sexual way ever again. So disgusting, I hope karma will get these guys. Apparently this main guy (the disgusting teacher), behind him, there are money and power, I hope this will not be push over.

  15. Opennes is the beginning of recovery.. so sad that we are late to help her in her pain and past always being haunt into suicide case .. i hope the family will strongly have a hope and faith into this problem. God with you..

  16. Teacher-student relationship needs to stop being glorified in animes and mangas. It’s definitely wrong for an educator to see his pupil as a romantic or sexual interest.Macron’s love story may have ended up well but it still kind of shocked me to know that his wife, who was his theater teacher, was willing to see him as a man and was attracted to him despite him being a minor at that time…

  17. Sad truth is people like to publish tragic tales of ladies who are beautiful who died…wasted that they died too young and so beautiful.

    People are very practical. When they see beautiful people die, they will say what a waste. But if ordinary looking or ugly looking people die, its okay. No story to write.

    We are all humans…our blood is red. All lives matter.

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