Fall 2017 OCN Drama Black Focuses on the Grim Reaper

I gotta give screenwriter Kim Eun Sook and actor Lee Dong Wook equal credit for creating the first and now vividly memorable impression of what a modern day Grim Reaper looks like in Korean culture. Goblin the drama may be centered around the immortal general turned goblin but the secondary character of the Grim Reaper was just as creatively rendered. I’m not sure if a recently confirmed upcoming OCN drama is riding the reaper bandwagon but it certainly doesn’t hurt to use it when it’s still fresh in viewers memories. OCN has schedule K-drama Black for October 2017 following Save Me, with the drama about the grim reaper himself. ย Penning the screenplay is writer Choi Ran who wrote the Lee Jun Ki sageuk Iljimae a decade ago, and recently wrote God’s Gift: 14 days and directing is the PD of Voice.

I doubt it’ll be that coincidental for Lee Dong Wook to sign on as Black’s leading man but no matter who plays the grim reaper there will definitely be flashbacks to Lee Dong Wook’s all black hat wearing reaper with the deadpan delivery.


Fall 2017 OCN Drama Black Focuses on the Grim Reaper — 9 Comments

  1. Have you seen e.g. ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ movie?
    As much as I love Goblin to pieces, using men in black suits and hats are not very original.

    • It’s a bit weird to refer to a movie from 2011 when black suits and hats have been around since the 19th century if not before. I guess you point in the lack of originality refers to the fact that the hat is not just a fashion statement but a device (both in The Adjustment Bureau and in the Goblin).

  2. i actually like 49 days grimreaper- he put a mark on cool queer and memerize when he’s on screen- one of the best performance from Jung Il Woo

      • yes he was awesome there and i hope he comes back to K dramaland soon with a meatier role. I felt like he’s one of those actors who is good but hasnt reach a high yet- wish to see him in something other than rom com.

  3. Yes, some actors played grim reaper but the most popular one would be LDW in Goblin. First, it’s still in 2017. 2nd, this grim’s story was so heartbreaking. Well, the bromance too.

    I wonder who’s gonna play this character, but ocn thus days is really good. Goodluck!

  4. I still prefer Jung Il Woo’s ‘Scheduler’s’ version of the Grim Reaper in 49 Days. It was funny how he kept emphasizing he is called the ‘Scheduler’, not Grim Reaper – that’s so passe ๐Ÿ˜› I’m sure he could have an even funnier bromance with another immortal, hah.

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