OCN Thriller Black Holds Successful Drama Wrap Party with Leads Song Seung Heon and Go Ara

I want to give a shout out to OCN thriller fantasy drama Black, a drama I waited a few weeks in before getting started and never looked back in the level of hooked intensity it had me every weekend. The drama averaged 3.308% ratings which is high for a cable drama and one of the highest ever for the smaller cable network OCN, and the final episode 18 brought in 4.181% to end on a series high. Even better was this drama brought out the best of my beloved oppa Song Seung Heon, who I love and acknowledge is a giant hand towel usually in acting ability but lordy he was on fire and brought every ounce of his passion to this project.

The final two episodes showcased his best acting EVER and wrapped this story up with a tidy bow albeit being wholly inconsistent with much of the world building mythology. This is definitely one of my favorite K-dramas of 2017 but be cautioned that is is extremely dark with underage prostitution, rape, so much murder I lost track of the body count, and in the end the story even one-upped the shock factor with child killing to steal a heart for a transplant. The biggest weakness in the drama was sadly Go Ara’s character and performance, and way more the former as the character was just a plot device from beginning the end and the worst kind ever where she ends up causing almost all the pitfalls that befall the other characters. Continue reading