Movie Posters for Battleship Island Show the Korean Faces Seeking Escape from a Concrete Isle

The movie posters are out for upcoming period war era movie Battleship Island, depicting the slavery and escape of Korean citizens from the Japanese industrial island of Hashima (also known as Battleship Island or Gunkanjima). Starring So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki, and Hwang Jung Min, the movie chronicles the real life story of thousands of Korean laborers brought to Hashima in the colonial era either by deception or trickery. The three leads band together to craft an escape from the island to lead their fellow Koreans to freedom, so expect the movie to tug at the patriotic heartstrings along with the intensity of war time tales of courage and gumption. The movie posters are suitably gritty and does a nice job of arraying the vast humanity of the story, showing the rows and rows of Koreans held captive on Battleship Island and making us root for their escape.

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