Code Blue 3 Starts Filming and Cast Celebrates Aragaki Yui’s 29th Birthday

A good indicator of how crazy the time flies is when someone celebrates a birthday and a reboot of a dorama series and both make me go woah. The star-studded original cast of doctors on a helicopter J-dorama Code Blue is back in scrubs again 9 years after the original series, and 7 years since the second season with Code Blue 2. The premiere of Code Blue 3 on the summer schedule is highly anticipated also with it being Aragaki Yui‘s followup dorama since the super buzzy hit Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (We Married as a Job), which will hopefully add more luster to Code Blue 3 when she’s added to the pretty mix alongside Yamashita Tomohisa and Toda Erika. The cast celebrated Gakki’s 29th birthday this weekend on June 11, making her my fellow Gemini and there seems to be tons of June birthdays going around. I can’t wait to check out CB3 and am loving how gorgeous and close-knit the cast are gathered together again.


Code Blue 3 Starts Filming and Cast Celebrates Aragaki Yui’s 29th Birthday — 9 Comments

  1. i love Gakky and code blue one of my favorite medical dramas. Everyone still looks great after 7 years since Code Blue 2. Happy Birthday Gakky, can’t wait to see her in CB3 as Doctor Shiraishi.

  2. Japan and its fixation with making several sequels of their medical dramas.

    I thought Yui would pick a better role after the success of NigeHaji. Something like the heroine in a romantic getsu 9 drama with an A-list co-star.

    • Code Blue has more prestige than a romantic drama in Getsu9 slot with an A-list actor. Gakky chose her role wisely. Plus, CB has higher average rating so far than NigeHaji.

  3. It’s great to see the gang back together again! The code blue gang still hangs out and seeing them working together in another season is awesome!

  4. Im curious…why is asari yousuke kinda the “least liked”?(ps not saying not dislike or what) He’s acting is good so far in all of the 3 seasons of code blue

  5. I don’t know but I actually like him the best! But sometimes Fujikawa’s foot in mouth syndrome is annoying.. though that’s part of his character:)

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