Dating Rumors Ignite Again with Descendants of the Sun Costars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo After Bali Sighting

I’m sure this latest gossip will make diehard fans of Descendants of the Sun happy, or at least those drama fans who extended their love of the drama to shipping the leads in real life. Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki haven’t done another K-drama since their massive hit last year so their fans seen them in new roles from being Dr. Kang Mo Yeon and Colonel Yoo Shi Jin. As such it’s totally understandable some folks may still be swooning for their onscreen chemistry and hoping they extended it to real life, which isn’t impossible with recent reel to real couples like Kim So YeonLee Sang Woo and Cha Ye RyunJoo Sang Wook continuing the trend. Chinese media is reporting on a fan sighting that has gone viral thanks to picture evidence – Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki were spotted in Bali with overlapping days. I don’t have a preference for the Song-Song couple in real life but also would be happy to hear if they did fall for each other.

Song Hye Kyo was in Bali from the 4th to the 14th of June while Song Joong Ki was there from the 7th to the 13th. Fan sightings also place them together at Nusa Dua but there is no pictures other than them leaving at the airport. Take it with a grain of salt but also when there is smoke most o the time there is fire.


Dating Rumors Ignite Again with Descendants of the Sun Costars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo After Bali Sighting — 53 Comments

  1. Wonder why they are not admitting it? They will be power couple if they get married in future. This is probably damage control because they were almost caught this time.

      • I think they are dating for sure. Indonesian fans have spotted them together. According to them they along with their manager and 2 of their close friends were staying in same villa. this time they were lucky fans have no pic of them together. And also rumors about vacation were spread by fans later indonesian media. How did Chinese media came in between??

      • Because 1- They are just friends
        2- IF( only If) they are dating , they want to be sure of their feelings .
        3 It’s a private matter between 2 adults.

      • @cahill You’re right and @s45ve7 you sound like a delusional shipper.

        What if they are just friends? what if they are just co-workers? What if they are still at early stages of their relationship? I hope these stars never go vacationing together in Asian countries because these fans have no regard on their privacy. Europe and North-America are much safer places from prying eyes and over the top shippers

      • @Gulgit
        North America and Europe are safer because they are not famous at those two continents.

    • Given her history, I can see why they won’t admit they are dating if they are. Plus he always said he’d never admit anything

  2. Just leave them alone. If they are together and want to conceal their thing from the public then let them and leave them be. They have a right to privacy. If they are together and want to reveal, then let them do it in their own pace. No need to jump in conclusions just based on couple of grainy pictures, which aren’t even explicit. Reminds me of that Dispatch’s dick move when they stalked PSH and LJS and violated their privacy, trying so hard to make them ”admit’’. My point is, just leave them be. Song Hye Kyo has already suffered too much slutshaming even when she has had only 2 public relationships during her 20+ years of career.

    • Ditto! Great comment! I love both and I want both of them to be happy be it together or just as friends. And I hope SHK stop getting shit for just living her life at her own pace. She only dated 2 co-stars, nothing wrong with it. And who we want to fool? She’s drop dead gorgeous, popular, rich and talented who wouldn’t want to date her?

      • She is gorgeous indeed. Who wouldn’t want to date her? People are just jealous and have the need to put her down for her dating history, which isn’t even wild tbh

  3. it’s all a PR stunt for his upcoming movie. they always try to look like a couple and then deny it everytime. and this time i’m sure its a publicity stunt.

    • Sounds more realistic tbh.. but some shippers/fans remain so naive. Well, it’s not completely bad if they believe in *true love* and *happily ever after*, as long as they don’t spread their assumptions as facts

      • It’s a open secret they are dating but I guess you think everyone is shipper and delusional. Because no photo is no proof right. It’s quite obvious when you follow them or any couple.

      • @Yen, just curious… You sound so sure that they are dating. Do you know them?

      • @candycane
        that Yen person is also insisting that LJS and PSH are dating and claims they are not shipper. They think they’re right because according to this Yen person, some ’’korea fans’’ have spotted them lol. Yen, you’re truly delusional. If they are dating then good for them. But I don’t understand why there is any need to make such big noise about SPECULATIONS AND UNCONFIRMED KNOWLEDGE.

      • @Gilgit
        hahahah these shippers and people who are shouting here that they are so sure that they are dating because ’’they’ve seen them and have been following them, or have some insider knowledge from Korean fans’’ are really funny lol. If they ever get together with other people and their shipper bubble bursts, it’s gonna be really amusing. That said, I wish the public dating culture in Korea would change because it seems kinda unhealthy to have to hide dating life in the fear of losing privacy and receiving sexual harassment…

      • Yen is right, it’s like open secret that they are dating…it’s too obvious…unless you’re a haters who want your bias dating her or him instead..if it’s not the case just leave persons who loves them alone, I don’t see any need to make personal attack at yen..honestly I am not even a shipper but I think everyone have right to be a fan, whoever they want,whether delusional or whatever…just let them alone..haisshhh….

      • Cili is a secret songx2 shipper that’s defending Yen lols I heard this songx2 fan club is as big or even bigger than SJK and SHK individual fandoms hahahaha ?

  4. I can buy this being just innocent once right before the drama was released back in NY, which started the rumors, but a year later again seems a bit much for them to both randomly be there. They hang with the same circle of friends too. Not to mention fans who outed them say they stayed in the same villa. Though there is no reason to admit anything.

    • I always thought they were probably FWB at some point in time too haha. Friends sometimes eventually turn into lovers so who knows.

      I’m also not invested in this ship but of course would be happy for them if they were dating.

  5. @gilgit well my reply is based on fact not on delusional. Its not 1or 2 fans who spotted them but bunch of them. Hope they are truly dating. They look lovely together.

  6. This is like the third time, they are definitely dating. I can understand why they are hiding it tho. Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum are the a lot of young girls first loves so imagine all the fan girls that will go all psycho. Also Song Hye alto had been in like 3 public relationships that failed, as she gets older she probably has grown to appreciate privacy.

  7. SHK was there for a photoshoot with her manager and staff, while SJK for a vacation. The rest are speculations. And, besides the airport pictures, they also got a picture of SJK at the resort, but none of SHK. And it all happened just around the time Battleship Island is released… Well, who knows, they might actually be dating…

    But those shippers are really so creepy. I mean, they waited at the airport for five days straight. Beside SJK and SHK’s sightings, they also caught Gong Hyo Jin at the airport. LOL

  8. I’m pretty sure their dating. I’m not their fan or shipper but this coincidence are just too much with some people say they staying in the same resort.

  9. i guess being a celebrity does have its price, I wish People just leave them alone ;can they just as least have their privacy, SHK deserves happiness, and private moments in her life

  10. If the so called SongSong fans wants them to date then allow them privacy and stop making a big deal of Bali.

  11. Haha out of so many places they could visit, they went to Bali. Imo, it’s a wrong choice. It’s the country where the most hardcore (and majority of them) Song Song shippers came.

  12. Interesting….?My personal take on them not admitting is because they are not at the marriage stage and they want to put their acting career first. If they weren’t dating why bother being at the same location and creating so much gossip. Maybe it is to help promote a film but with such a famous cast does SJK need such a gossip? Not likely.

    • Sounds like you think they’re secretly dating and will only admit if they’re getting married lol. I think people are reading too much into it and making a mountain out of molehill. I admit I ship SHK with Jo In Sung since winter that wind blows, but.. that’s just my shipping

      • It’s just too coincidental. America, Indonesia, where next??? But this may be the 1 in a million coincidence? Anyway, knetz believes it’s the Chinese tabloids spread malicious lies because they ship them so much. This is the problem, for observers like me who don’t ship them, too much gossiping suddenly becomes ‘truth’ and in reality it could be far from the truth. I don’t really care since SHK is marriage age. Yes or no to their dating, none of my business, but just being nosey.

  13. @yen agree this is the third Time they are same place. It can’t be coincidence every time. And fans are always called delusional when they know details information of something.

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