Yoo Seung Ho and L Look Like Inverted Twins in Matching Outfits at Wrap Party for Ruler: Master of the Mask

And itโ€™s a wrap for the young and successful drama cast of the MBC sageuk Ruler: Master of the Mask, with the run scheduled to end next week and the production already ahead of the usual live filming schedule were scenes are being filmed mere hours before airing. The adorable and talented leads Yoo Seung Ho, Kim So Hyun, L, and Yoon So Hee attended the drama wrap party and it’s a testament to their energy and vigor that all four look bright and beautiful when normally drama leads at a drama wrap party look like death warmed over due to working a grueling three months of filming. Whether drama character dopplegangers Yoo Seung Ho and L intentionally coordinated their couples outfit of t-shirt, blue patterned button down, and jeans or just happened to show up looking so similar with a dash of inversion (Yoo Seung Ho with the black t-shirt and black tennis shoes while L went for white in the same combo), I appreciate the sympatico. Congrats to the drama for leading the Wed-Thurs ratings during its entire run!


Yoo Seung Ho and L Look Like Inverted Twins in Matching Outfits at Wrap Party for Ruler: Master of the Mask — 15 Comments

  1. Honestly, this drama is lucky to have Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun, because the story is really bad. There is no logic in this drama.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun literally made this drama. Hopefully MBC will realise that and at least give them a good bonus or something.

  2. Finally… It was a Wrapped up Party I was waiting for this….. This drama was a Big Mistake for KSH and YSH (specially for KSH) ….. Hope They will get new Good Offers ASAP… God bless all the Actors who Associated in this Creepy Drama…

  3. Truthfully I got tired of this drama after episode 15 because of of Yoo seung hoo and Kim so hyun, wanted more of Yoon so hee and Yoo seung hoo.. …. actually liked her best in the drama.

  4. I am quite impressed with L’s acting… maybe my expectation of him was low with him being a k-pop idol… He really surprises me with his first sageuk acting. I hope to see him more in K-dramas. Despite the very weak storyline and terrible writing, I like all the young cast and I continue to watch to support them. YSH is a very good actress & mature for her age. And of coz, needless to say, YSH and KSH are my A-list 23 & under champs!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree with L, he has really surprised me as I have watched his previous dramas and he isn’t a very good actor (though I did like him in Cunning Single Lady). However I have been very pleasantly surprised with his performance in this drama! He has shown growth and improvement.

  5. Honestly, i don’t think that they got the ratings they were waiting for with such stellar cast. They didn’t get the hype A la “Moonlight lovers” with Park Bo gum. Even “Suspicious Partner” came 1st on streaming sites. Still support YSH and KSH…in a better project

    • Yeah. Thought the same. Felt like after the success of “Moonlight in the Clouds” with PBG and KYJ the production wanted it to have the same success by putting another two hot young actors/actresses to compete. Though, the ratings were decent, not stellar as they hoped for.

      The ratings came from the popularity of the YSH and KSH, and maybe L, not the drama. Sorry.

      • The funny thing is that the show really had the potential to achieve Moonlight level success or at least close to it with acting powerhouses like YSH & KSH who excel at the melo genre and beautiful cinematography and melodious soundtracks but the writing and directing is just all over the place. And to top it off they actually decided to waste both the abilities and chemistry of their lead pair. Really a missed opportunity.

        Hats off to YSH & KSH for seeing this through to the end.

  6. the show actually feel like disappearing,
    I hardly heard people have good impression of the story or the success of thr cast.
    They are all still popular but feels like they saved the rating

    • oh well, I think this drama will help L and YSH open more doors to more acting in future dramas or movies. Both have proven that they can be lead materials one day… I am glad that YSH and KSH’s popularity stay, this freaking drama is a total waste of their talents. Especially for KSH, what the heck is the writer doing to her character!!! So disappointing ๐Ÿ™

  7. I like the historicals, but I wait until they finish their run as I’ve been burnt too often. I know it did fine in the ratings, but I generally never hear anything positive about it unlike Seven Day Queen. I always hear how Ruler wasted the talented leads. Oh well.

  8. I cant believe the writers. This was a drama that i was really interested when the cast confimed. Both are young actors with great acting chops. If not for them i thk ratings would have tank. The drama could have achieved more if it was written better.

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