Kim Soo Hyun’s Thriller Movie Real Fails at the Box Office and Ravaged by Critics and Audiences Alike

I personally appreciate failures because everyone fails at some time and if learned properly then I get way more out of taking a wrong step than succeeding which at times may be due to good luck. There is no human being on earth who is successful in personal and professional all of the time and this week K-ent fans are watching Hallyu wunderkind Kim Soo Hyun get his first face full of dust since his debut days. Thriller movie Real is getting savaged by critics and audiences alike, with reportedly even the nicest movie critic giving it a one star review, and audiences taking to trolling the movie epically with 10 star reviews claiming that it cures insomnia etc. The movie’s box office is underwhelming as well so this officially marks Kim Soo Hyun’s first failed acting project since his string of successive huge successes. No worries my boy, you went for something edgy and learned a valuable lesson the hard way, if the script is hard to understand maybe it really makes no sense and you should pass on it.


Kim Soo Hyun’s Thriller Movie Real Fails at the Box Office and Ravaged by Critics and Audiences Alike — 24 Comments

  1. what saddens me more is he invested approx. 10 million dollars of his own money in it and practically lost almost all of it.he should refrain from doing business with untalented family members.

    • It is the Chinese company Alibaba, the Chinese E-bay, that invested 8 billionn won out of the total 11 billion won budget. Of course they did that solely on the strength of KSH’s popularity. They would get to lose most of their inv.stment, as they got the sole distribution right of the movie in China and a share of global profit. None of these two would get to happen anytime soon now.

  2. He can afford the loss. itsvgrowth to experience defeats in life. His finally came…. a very expensive lesson though.

  3. Yes, it’s normal to experience failure. What’s most important is the ability to gather yourself up and face new challenges. Nevertheless, I feel sorry for him because he invested himself into this acting project so much – cutting down public appearances and practically went below the radar for the entire year and half but the comeback result is less than stellar.

  4. But i read in some other sites that one of the reasons is sulli. Im not following her war vs knets but i think, it’s no doubt one of the reasons. Kim soo hyun also needs to see who’s gonna be his partner in a project. If she has a lot of scandals, better not. His previous co-starts, most of them are having zero scandal. Especially if she is hated by many people. Hmm..

    He trusted his cousin too much. Probably like in a makjang drama. Lols.. Sorry i’ve watched too naby dramas.

    • Lol, Sulli’s not that powerful. I don’t think that even the most professional critic would be swayed by something so… minor and subjective?

      There have been actors and actresses with worse images and true movie critics just judge the movie, not what happens behind the scenes.

  5. I don’t even get why he’d do this. It was so obvious to me that this movie wouldn’t be so great right from the start. Everyone can claim hindsight is 20/20 but I did honestly feel he made a mistake by saying yes to it.

    In any case failure is a part of life. And for someone who literally never failed in picking a project before, it’s a valuable lesson learnt and something that will hardly affect his career truth be told. So he’ll be okay. I do hope he does a great drama before leaving so folks can forget this movie even existed.

  6. Lesson learned. Would love to see him working with Park Shin Hye in a drama before MS. (My personal wish). Have strong feeling it will he a success internationally, many fans are anxiously waiting, and plus will “rehabilitate”his “image”. Those two have a beautiful and strong chemistry by just standing besides each other. Make it happen, please God.

    • I read a lot of his drama fans are dissapointed over the explicit nude sex scene he did in the movie. It totally smashed his boy next door image because let’s face it, drama fans are so used to of tamer elements compared to graphic Korean movies. Same like how I viewed Im Ji Yeon, it’s going to be hard to view Kim Soo Hyun the way it used to be. And pls, I am not bashing him.

      • Okay but they are just the immature fans. A lot of drama actors have done sexually explicit scenes in movies because the Korean movies are a bit different from K-dramas with innocent deer-in-headlights kiss scenes and back hugs. Jo In Sung and Kim Rae Won are good examples. Kim Go Eun, Kim Hye Soo and Jeon Do Yeon are also good examples. If you want to be taken as a serious acto or actress, you have to take diverse roles and do them convincingly. If you always take girl/boy next door roles, your acting range will be limited. it’s a real shame that you or other fans let some of their ’’adult’’ roles hinder your appreciation for their acting. Although Im Ji Yeon is a bad actess, no doubt of that. But then, many hallyu fans don’t really care about acting, all they care about is stanning oppas or unnies.

    • Hahahaha Ok thats taking it too far. KSH’s name as a brand is very strong and he is young, handsome and talented to boot, his acting in the movie was not criticised even though some women were pissed with him showing his booty.His image hasn’t been cheapened, to the level of needing someone else, to redeem or rehabilitate it. Sulli is the one who needs a miracle from the dramagods to even set foot in public television, primetime broadcast for either variety show, acting or music.Her personality is meh, so i dont know if she would suit variety shows.Her acting is meh and her image is in tatters, so she wouldnt suit idol dramas anymore, let alone serious dramas as female lead.She is an ok singer but idol level not to the level of immortal songs, masked singer or shows like that.she could go solo singer as idol but again you need public recognition for that, and she is hated by the public.Also a solo musician needs to have a strong work ethic,and hers is questionable so sigh.Also she said she doesnt want to be an idol anymore.If she had just acted in the movie without the nude scene, then maybe she would have had the chance, to make a smoother comeback in the movie world, and slowly climb back up if she worked on her acting.She cant do main stream commercials, where she would earn loads of money because of her beauty, because again her image.Her only hope for her to remain as celebrity since she seem to want to stay in showbiz, in the mean time is modelling until this cools down. Not that acting in the nude scene is bad, but she allowed and enjoyed the media play surrounding the scene to promote the movie and then the movie flopped.

      As for KSH, even though, his movie has flopped.All people are saying is that he should learn from this mistake, and evaluate his script choices better, and just continue evolving in his acting and not get too comfortable.All he needs is to come out with news, that he will be cast in drama soon.People will consume it like candy, no matter which actress, as long as she is on par with KSH acting, and the script and directing is good.Or if he doesnt do a drama, and he enlists in the army and does active duty.This will just be a blip on his acting record ad this will be soon forgotten.But if he doesnt do drama and then enlists in public service or police promotional unit.Then his image will be crashed to no redemption.He would be hated by the men for doing an action noir and then not going to the active duty.He would be hated by the women for depicting women as sex objects, and the younger ones for crashing their delusion that oppa has never had sex or kissed a girl in real life.

    • Please no… KSH should act with an older actress and PSH should act with an older actor (preferably a sunbae actor). They just don’t match on screen, not to mention their fandoms.. they both have terrible fandoms and they would just clash and collide.

  7. Maybe it’s a blessing to us fans since he needs to recover what he lost by increasing the drama projects he will be undertaking in future

    • Dramaland is not what it use to be once imo. Dramas are going in flation and somewhat watered down. Perhaps after few years down the line they will regain again.

  8. I agree that Sulli is not the sole reason. She has a very minor role in this movie. The critics don’t look at the actress/actor personal life but the movie itsel. LBH and KMJ has scandals too but the critics still gave high marks to their latest movies. Movie lovers too watch because they like the storyline, cinematography, characters, the editing. Real just seem to be low par. But I’m sure this is just a temprorary setback for KSH. He has a large solid fandom, good acting chops and the looks. He’ll bounce back. Sulli too with her many scandals is still loved by many people and her relevance is shown with articles still talking about her. Even if she is bashed, the fact is many people still care to be updated with her now colorful and unique lifestyle

  9. I hope he is learning a hurt lesson try to act for real again. His real acting is like 4-5 years ago and he is never trying acting with his heart since then

  10. I love KSH no matter what… my support will always be on him… i wish him luck for the next project before or after his enlistment to military service… saranghae kim soo hyun

  11. Well then you cannot please everybody… But you guyz gotta admit KSH acting here was superb! (no doubt!!) I always thought there is power in the name KSH! He’s still the world’s best actor. KSH fighting!!!

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