Descendants of the Sun Re-broadcast and Dispatch Publishes Dating Pics from January 2017 in Japan on Heels of Song-Song Wedding Announcement

Two Korean mega stars getting married could mean the wedding of the decade in terms of star attendance and extravagance but for some reason I sense Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will have an intensely private and relatively low key wedding. The Descendants of the Sun romantic leads have parlayed the filming of a hit drama that has buoyed both their careers into a double win as well, finding true love on the set and later this year on October 31 they will tie the knot.

Both sides have since released personal statements explaining how each have found the right person, trusting and cherishing their future together. In addition, for once Dispatch looks like the white knight to MBC‘s feverish exposing of the Song-Song relationship the last two weeks, the tabloid announced that it has known about the relationship for some time and even snapped dating pictures of the couple in Japan earlier this year in January but chose not to publish it until now when they have announced their relationship. Dang, Dispatch either has selective morals or someone on the editorial staff is personal friends with either or both Songs.

News media is reporting that the two families have not yet met but will be doing so soon, and Song Joong Ki is renovating his mansion and is expected that the newlyweds to be residing there. Further gossip has the couple dating since filming wrapped for DotS in late 2015, even before the drama premiered in early 2016, which is no surprise since dating rumors have been percolating about these two since the very beginning of their meeting on the filming set. Looks like all their chemistry went into real life and not quite as much onscreen, lol. Speaking of onscreen, the couple’s drama Descendants of the Sun is currently being re-broadcast by KBS at 8 episodes a day as a special tribute after news broke of their engagement.


Descendants of the Sun Re-broadcast and Dispatch Publishes Dating Pics from January 2017 in Japan on Heels of Song-Song Wedding Announcement — 53 Comments

  1. So that’s why he bought a new house 🙂 I admire Song Joong Ki so much for this. He seems like he wanted to protect SHK. And the note he wrote in his fancafe, it felt really sincere.

  2. friendship goal for all korean celebs who are still single, befriending the editor of dispatch.

    yes, i am sour that dispatch play favorites. i still feel sorry for LJG, the timing of dispatch outing his relationship was so bad that it backfired all of his effort to market himself into a non action zone.

    • @chocola so true. You gotta be in good terms with the guys at dispatch to receive this kind of treatment.I remember when SJK was implicated in PYC case last year.Dispatch was very fast in releasing photographic evidence to prove that he is innocent.The very dispatch that thrives on exposing scandals..Jumping in to defend someone who would have been wrongfully accused.

      But for me, they can parade as saints all they want but to me they will forever be in my blacklist for media outlets and are just glorified sasaengs and third rate paparazzi.MBC section TV also goes into my blacklist..what they put song song couple was way too much.No celebritype no matter how popular deserves that amount of harassment just to get them to admit that they are dating.

      • OMG so many typos I meant what song song couple were put through by mbc was way too much just to get them to admit they are dating.

      • on the other hand, let’s think of it this way… MBC probably disagrees with Dispatch hiding it because of friendship with SHK. MBC is probably friends with someone who Dispatch has outed in the past… hahaha… i can write a drama on it. this is called “Revenge” 🙂

      • Dispatch is despicable and double standard is everywhere in K-ent. LJK has been honest in his interview over his not so good relationship with reporters during his popular days of The King and the Clown. When I watched the interview, I could not blamed LJK for being annoyed with reporters who came to interview him unprepared. And because reporters can do anything, any action even justified could be twisted and turn and paint a bad picture of LJK instead of being accountable to their own unprofessionalism because that’s what the public wanted to hear.
        I feel bad for him for what happened over his dating news with JHB. He has said it clearly that even if he dated someone, he would deny it and god knows his reason for doing so- he was guarding his personal life. It’s the delusional shippers of IU and PMY that went OTT and I bet because he does not have a super good relationship with reporters that they went all out to bring him down.

    • @chocola OMG I almost missed what you said about my bae JG.I am still salty about that and I will never ever forgive dispatch for that.He worked so hard in my ear candy and I believe PMY and him would have had a very good public friendship.Both would have had a flood of rom com and variety show offers.They were so good.It wouldnt have taken so long for her and him to be cast in a drama. Now all that got ruined because of dispatch’s greed.Like the pictures they released were when JG was chubby which was about early 2016.They knew all along but chose to expose their relationship a day or two while everyone was still reeling from his chemistry with PMY.

      For the first time in my five or so years of following JG. I have never seen him break down and cry so hard in public(well first time was when he was called to army duty.He was only given two month notice and he had to drop out of both a drama and movie all at once).He has had a few rough patches throughout his career.But no matter what is bothering him,he always wore a happy face and remain positive.But this year at his birthday,he broke down for 3 mins straight(of course part of it was because of a career tribute, that was made for him at a fan meet by the production team and his fans.But I also think he broke down because of all the mayhem that happen as soon as the dating news broke out. Everything from the dating news to the apology letter he wrote was less than two weeks before his birthday, we all knew he was releasing the stress he must have felt at the time).

      I will also never forget how much they stalked PSH and LJS.You guys should have seen it.It was hella creepy.We do have these kind of trash tabloid where am at but ive never seen something of this level.I am not very much into K-pop but i cannot tell you how many idols ive seen going into psychological meltdown because of dispatch making actor-idol/ idol relationships out themselves.

      I would respect them more if they exposed government scandals or more celebrities who are engaged in criminal activities..or sponsors who are using back handed means or abusing young idols and rookie actors just to let them into the industry.things like that rather than them wasting their energy on dating news.People are more happier like in song song case just to hear marriage confirmation from the couple themselves…the rest like dating is irrelevant.What makes them worse is they only target high profile popular will never see them stalking rookies or unpopular celebrities because they know they will not benefit from them.

      • I naively at one time thought there was a silver lining to the ickiness of Dispatch and what they did and that is by outing celebrities dating, they were normalizing it which does desperately need to happen. But,no, LJG is one of the few actors whose interviews I will actually bother to read because he’s generally been more candid about the ups and downs of his career. I’ve pretty much assumed he was dating his gal since JG and thought how wonderful for him.

        I still can’t figure out why Dispatch did that to him. Is it because they thought he was wrong to be on the show even though it was not a dating show? Just to cause a ruckus in his life? I don’t know, but he sure as heck didn’t deserve it. Truly for his international fans, it doesn’t seem to have made much difference at all. But I take it that the situation in Korea was pretty intense for a while.

  3. Somebody said that the editor of dispatch is friends with SHG. Also they are indebted to her bc she help them out in the past.

    Some people just have it all. Beauty, money and bow hot guy. They both seems like sweet people so best wishes for them.

    Some said that the groom parents aren’t keen on the bride being older but it seems SJG really loves SHG. I don’t think i heard of rumors with his other costars before. I was hoping him and Moon Chae Won would be a couple. Oh well…

    • Yeah I heard the parents don’t like her age and the fact that she has dated other men publically. Living in the wrong decade much? He’s lucky to have A goddess for a Daughter in law. Bet you he would have no problem if he was marrying an 18 year old virgin.

      Good for Song Joon Ki for standing his ground and protecting her. I’m liking him more and more.

      • Agree though I don’t think it is true but, if it is, big kudos to him for standing with her and officially announcing to public that she is the one for him . It’s rare to see actor getting married at peak of their careers, this shows is sincerity and love towards hyekyo.

      • Umm What the hell?I hope thats not true.We still have people who think like this in this day and age?I am sure SJK has dated around before meeting SHK so what gives..they are both in their many people are still virgins,have never dated before at that age these my country of origin by their age..most will already be by their 3rd child already.Both have done well so far, they should be happy they have such a gorgeous and successful daughter in law.

    • People really need to stop spreading these rumors. Sports Seoul just “happen” to hear his dad talk about this to friends? Bullshit. And people just believe it because they want to. And you probably read Netizenbuzz for the other unsourced rumor as well.

    • Yes, I totally agree with you! Clearly, the writer harbours some personal vindictiveness regarding the two Songs and SHK especially! So what’s her main point? LOL….

  4. I read on other sites that families have already met. I am really happy for them this is truly a wedding of power couple. Eagerly waiting for 31st October. Dispatch is friend with hyekyo that is why they were protecting ss till date and were waiting for their confirmation to release pic. This is news is definitely a shocker for people who are not following ss but not at all surprising for fans who ship them since they saw this coming.

  5. Not even surprised with dispatch playing favoritism since a lot of what I read about Korea is all about connections being a gateway to privilege

  6. there is no way they will set a wedding date without both their parents aproval and also about sjk father not keen on him marrying her because of her age,i dont think its true because the source is unconfirmed.

    song joon ki really loves shk soo much for him to marry song hye kyo at the peak of his fame.they both deserve each other and may the lord bless them.

    • @alexghana Maybe its antis in their real life or even their profession who are spreading those kinds of information.In almost every wedding news, there is always a group of people or person opposed to the wedding for reasons only known to themselves.So they will use any underhanded tricks to disrupt every one’s happiness.Like really is SHK lacking in anyway for someone to say things like that?

    • He’s liked her since before he enlisted.It was some kind of fate that he got cast in DoTS after she did and after KES wanted other actors for the role originally. He’s not going to let the chance go.

      And SJK addressed the “peak of his career” issue it’s not something he strives for because he wants a long career, not one with peaks one day and nothing the next.

  7. It doesn’t surprise me if SJK’s dad is slightly apprehensive about this noona-dongsaeng relationship but he did respect his son’s final decision. His son is going to marry one of Hallyu waves biggest goddesses and her whole baggage. Every little step will be scrutinised. Let’s hope the media are kind to them and leave them to prepare for their wedding quietly (I genuinely doubt this will happen because both are public people and the witch hunt isn’t going to end anytime soon).

    • SJK is a well-brought up gentleman. I believe his dad would NEVER speak ill of SHK, especially if she’s going to be his daughter-in-law. Least of all, his dad is most unlikely to mind her past because obviously his son also has a past and past is over. The future is all that matters! SJK’s parents are nice folks and his mum already has good things to say of SHK so those unfounded remarks about JK’s dad regarding SHK remains…..UNFOUNDED AND UNVERIFIED.
      Expect lots of such unverified and unpleasant comments at this time. Just stick to verified news.

  8. @Rubyred.yes its definitely antis doing.these haters plans will fail miserably.

    let no one separates what the lord brings together so haters should beware.why cant some people just be happy for someone else hapiness?

    @miss koala.why cant you write an article on song hye kyo without being SARCASTIC for once.everybody knows you are not shk fan but still…..

  9. I know you don’t like SHK no matter how many times you PRETENDED to be neutral about her. But for once, can’t you write an article without trying to be sarcastic? Yes this is your site and I don’t have to come here If I have any problems with you but seriously, why so bitter? Because SJK isn’t yours? Or because SJK didn’t choose your fav actress? Learn to accept the truth and move on!

    • Agree, and if you read what she wrote during the press conf of, there is no off-screen chemistry…perhaps it’s true because I believe they are just in the beginning of their relationship so tried to hide it so much.

      Also, during SJK trip to LA where many said he was accompanied by his non celebrity girl friend (which wasn’t true) look what she wrote about it.

      So on your face for those who hates SHK.

      Actually, I am not a shipper of them but I am a big fan of SHK and was hoping she ended with other one but whoever makes her happy, than I will support.

    • I agree. That snide remark about their chemistry is uncalled for. I didn’t even watch DOTS because I despise Kim Eun Sook as a writer but I do check some DOTS vids after the marriage announcement just to see if I can pick up any real moments between them back then and I was surprised by their burning chemistry and naturalness around each other. No wonder there was such a big fuss about this couple after the drama ended.

  10. The media hoopla has begun, ugh I don’t envy them.

    Just imagine if he had decided to turn down this role though. It changed his life in so many ways.

  11. I can see why SHK attract to Song Jong Ki (well we can exlude his real life personality) . based on his persona alone, SJK despite his baby face and cheerful persona, is basically has charming and mature aura. I get that sense when he act as Kang Ma Ru. I’m so drawn to him right away. That gaze!

  12. Lol what is going on in these comments. Did we read the same post? Chill everyone. Koala’s not dissing anybody she only wrote one sentence about their chemistry. And this wasn’t even the point of her article. Shoot, the fact that Dispatch didn’t blow Song couple’s cover should be blowing everyone’s minds right now. She has a right to her opinion seeing as this is her blog just as you have a right to disagree with her opinion. It’s all subjective. I’m pretty sure she’s not unhappy or jealous of anything. As for me, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with the Song couple’s chemistry in the drama, it just didn’t make my heart beat like the couple for 1% of Something or Weightlifting Fairy which also aired last year. Different strokes for different folks. Doesn’t mean I’m not excited about this news like many drama fans.

  13. Lol bitter feeling? Not having onscreen chemistry? Funny how on episode 1 only I felt hot watching song song on screen together. Wonder where that hot coming if I don’t felt their burning chemistry. So hot that I ship them so much.
    Glad song song getting married. One of my dream couple, no my ultimate fave couple is getting married is like dream come true.

    • Is that what happened to you? lol….
      Because you sound like you’re very experienced and you know nuts about SHK.
      There won’t be any pregnancy news because ….. she’s not you.

    • We understand clearly. The only time we don’t understand is when the writer got confused herself – One moment agreeing and next, disagreeing. So what’s koala’s final answer? lol…

  14. Dude,
    It was because they had superb on-screen chemistry that created the battalion of YSJ-KMY (later SongSong) shippers. Obviously you watched the show with very biases tinted glasses. Lol

  15. Im pretty sure im not the only one thinking that shk-sjk’s chemistry onscreen was great. If not, that drama wont be a hit. At least, they got daesang.

    Chukaeeee.. The ship sails itself. Let haters sit and stare!!!

  16. I think SHK is the type of gal most guys like – the pretty and cute and elegant woman. It’s no surprise SJK fell for her and risked it all to hold on to her.

    I wonder why she didn’t go for Jo In Sung though hehehe

    • Probably because she can’t find SJK in JIS? As in the marriage qualities like standing up and speaking up for her and protecting her and putting her first in his life? Like praising her and making her feel good as any woman would love to be praised? Instead of avoiding to be seen with her or justifying why he doesn’t need to date a beautiful co-star? JIS is a good man. But SJK is the right man for SHK.

  17. Don’t forget this …

    From July 5, 2017

    “Further gossip has the couple dating since filming wrapped for DotS in late 2015, even before the drama premiered in early 2016, which is no surprise since dating rumors have been percolating about these two since the very beginning of their meeting on the filming set. Looks like all their chemistry went into real life and not quite as much onscreen, lol.”

    LOL. The last line totally contradicts her initial thoughts …

    From March 8, 2016

    “I’m most relieved that leads Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki have good chemistry, it’s not great (yet) but has exceeded my expectation.”

    March 20, 2016

    “Aside from my opinoins on each of the lead’s acting so far in the drama, the consistent success has remained their great chemistry with each other that works wonders in selling even the most far-fetched story line.”

    From March 22, 2016

    “I don’t care if they do or don’t date in real life (adults, their business, yunno), but I don’t see any off-screen chemistry despite onscreen simmer so I think this is one rumor that is a far-far-far stretch even without the two promptly denying it.”

    She can’t even keep her opinions straight.

  18. Well said April… i agree with your observations on the twists and turns on this blog abt the SS couple.. I’m getting whiplash myself lol

    Ah well.. one’s gotta keep getting those clicks right ?

  19. I completely agree with what you said, April. I respect that everyone has their own opinion, but at least make an effort to be consistent with what you write. There are just too many contradicting statements. But hey, one has to write whatever sells, right? Clickbait anyone?

  20. [REPOST because seems like MS KOALA DELETED MY COMMENT. God knows why!]

    This message is not meant to shade anybody, I just want to set things straight because I’m confused.

    From somebody who used to said:

    1. December 31, 2015: I feel the latter but am girded for the former to occur, since hype is inevitably hard to match and because so far I feel nothing from leading lady SHK in all her scenes when she just looks blank and distant while SJK emotes all around her. Even 2nd leads JG and KJW got my interest up more even in their one second glimpse in the preview.

    2. March 22, 2016: I don’t care if they do or don’t date in real life (adults, their business, yunno) but I don’t see nay off-screen chemistry despite onscreen simmer so I think this is one rumor that is a far-far-far stretch even without the two promptly denying it.

    3. June 11, 2016: I don’t think this Dispatch exclusive means anything other than good friends get together for drinks, and I certainly hope the SS shipping folks don’t get too worked up because of this.

    4. June 19, 2016: SHK made a surprise appearance at SJK’s June 17th FM in China….They also piled on the shipping fan service big time, still not selling me on a real life romance.

    5. June 19, 2017: I don’t have a preference for the SSC in real life but also would be happy to hear if they did fall for each other.

    6. June 26, 2017: I continue to take dating rumors with SJK and SHK with a grain of salt, even if they are dating, its not certain they will get married and honestly they should just be able to date without all the pointless fan shipping.


    7. July 4, 2017: Congrats to the happy couple and OMG I need to take a billion deep breaths still.

    Okay, after all of your continuing criticisms regarding our “pointless shipping” and lack of chemistry between the Songs, did you just turn yourself into a shipper right in front of our eyes, right after their nuptial announcement? I wholeheartedly want to believe that you really needed those billion deep breaths to cope with their wonderful new, I really want to believe that you’re one of their true supporters but all of the shades that you have been throwing at SSC, especially SHK in your previous posts tell me otherwise.

    There is absolutely no argument that this is your blog, you can write whatever you want, but at least SHOW YOUR READERS SOME RESPECTS by staying true to your own opinion and personal perspective, don’t get swayed that easily just because they are engaged to be married now.

    Also, what is the point of this comment section if you would just remove comments that criticize your moral? Come on, everyone has the right to voice their opinion, right? I simply want an explanation, is that too much to ask?

    • I’m with you, April.
      What’s with the sudden turnaround with the writer? 50 shades at SSC, 50 shades at SHK, 50 shades at SS shippers, oh well….minus the writer’s sudden elation at SS wedding news..I’ll give that minus 50 shades to be magnanimous.
      So that leaves 100 shades to be explained by Ms Koala….
      We’re very happy with SS news and very happy with their on and off-screen chemistry. That has been manifested throughout the drama itself and all the BTS. Check that out and come back with your final and sincere analysis, will ya? lol….
      We can accept it if you tell us that you had fallen deeply in love with SS mid-way or eventually and that you found out that SHK isn’t the type of woman you thought she was. The sincerity is lacking at the moment.

      Meanwhile, we shippers are popping champagne and party bloopers at a beautiful dream come true with the most beautiful couple on earth!

      • OMG! This is so factual. Love it!! I hope you got a reply. Ms or Mr Koala writer, i think you need to defend yourself here. Your integrity is being question. It reminds me of the saying “The writer must always tells the truth, unless he is a journalist.

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