First Preview for K-remake of Criminal Minds with Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Son Hyun Joo

It’s probably good that Lee Jun Ki picked the K-drama remake of Criminal Minds as his next drama after the high profile flop that was Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. It’s a modern day procedural and world’s away from sageuk where he’s done so many outings in period garb, not to mention all the shipping with his previous leading lady won’t happen here since Lee Jun Ki has confirmed that he’s dating Jeon Hye Bin and a procedural will dispense with the collateral romance filler. I’m also glad Moon Chae Won gets to make a drama without any leading man off screen drama or distraction in any way, let CM reach the audiences as a summer popcorn thriller on the small screen. The first preview is here and looks fantastic, hitting all the right intensity beats with the whole casting pulling off their detective characters with believable glower. The drama premieres on July 26th on tvN.

First teaser for Criminal Minds:


First Preview for K-remake of Criminal Minds with Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Son Hyun Joo — 36 Comments

  1. I 100% agree with this post. I am so glad the drama is over and never understood why she was a victim to hate and had to close her IG account when she did nothing wrong. I am so looking forward to Criminal Minds after watching the teaser and seeing MCW in another strong female character. The casting is perfect ? and I have a really good feeling about this project. Thanks for updating us!

    • I agree, I’m so glad her name doesn’t have to be attached to that guy anymore someone who probably doesn’t even cross her mind for a second lol stupid insecure shippers scared out of their damn mind that she may be dating him that time just had to harass the shit out of her now I just prefer all of mcw future costars be taken already so none of this stupid drama happens again!

      • Yes exactly my point they need to all be married because she just creates such amazing chemistry with all her co-stars and this starts shipping drama. Even I shipped her with Moon Geun Young and I am so glad to know they are best friends ?

      • well, you could tell her fans to give up on that guy instead of clinging to him for years despite the fact that he obviously wasn’t close to her at all. His fans weren’t clinging to her lol

      • @Me Uhm it’s not fair to categorize all the shippers as her fans because I am a LJK and SJK stan and I still shipped them. Some of my other fellow Ki Ailes as well. But we can still wish him the best and congratulate him now that he’s happy with another person. I’ve seen a lot of the fans being mature after the news was announced. Some of it gets messy like with LJK and MCW’s case but shipping can be relatively harmless as long as you don’t cross the boundaries. Anyways I felt as if I went off topic here and I apologize but I felt as if a response is needed. I am so glad to see LJK in a modern drama and in action and MCW can hold her own so I am wishing Criminal Minds all the best ? I am counting down the days until July 26.

      • @Karina Thank you for your mature response. It’s ridiculous how the drama is still being brought to a post about Criminal Minds. I thought it was over yesterday ?

      • @mimi

        Who? Her fans? LOL. I am her fan and in no way I am a Chaeki shipper. Stop thinking that shippers = us, moonlights.

      • Hey you don’t ever call that man he has a name it’s song Joong ki got it?well truth hurts!if you feel bitter of what happening ryt now better lock up your self into your room and sleep for the rest of your life!!

      • Unfortunately, there are still the crazy ones out there who are just rubbing salt in the wounds for other shippers and still harassing her.

      • You’re kidding. Lol I clearly remember seeing extremist chaekis harassing SHK on SHK’s ig, leaving very disturbing comments.

        Both SHK and MCW are good actors but extremist shippers should leave them alone. Just like your idol without flaming others, please.

        Also, “that guy” is a good actor and seems a good person, and I am so glad his name isn’t linked to another actress besides his wife-to-be as well.

      • The crazy shippers from both sides who left comments on SHK’s and MCW’s IGs happened to be long time ago. People should stop brought up the ancient stuffs.

        Although, I still see some crazies harrasing MCW on IG but can just ignore them as those seems like mental. That’s it.

    • Sorry that I’m well …not very sorry Angry bird lols I’m actually the opposite of you right now I’m very Happy,not bitter nor angry because I’m so thrilled that her name doesn’t have to be linked to “that man” anymore lols and I never shipped those two either to begin with ? ??

  2. Sometimes I get annoyed with the constant mentioning of Moon Lovers:SHR being a flop in every posting about Lee Jun Ki. Yeah, yeah, we get it that MLSHR is a flop but let’s get the fact straight that he survived the mess, coming out of the drama even more popular than ever post his military service.
    And I totally do not understand why people complaining about him doing so many sageuks when so many actors out there (I’m not dissing those actors, just to give example) like Kim Rae Won, Lee Jong Seok, So Ji Sub (unless you count the horrible “Thousand Years of Love” a sageuk) never done sageuk and continuously doing modern dramas, yet received no complaint.
    Anyway, I am glad that LJK doing Criminal Minds. This drama is totally his element though I would love to watch him doing rom-com because I know my bias can tackle any genre. I don’t give a damn over the ratings but I do hope this drama will be qualitatively good and do justice to his talent. At least, I have no worry of him having to shoulder the burden of carrying the entire show since he has a good team in SHJ and MCW.

    • Yes, to everything you just said. His fandom exploded and internationally I don’t see that his dating news caused a problem. Also happy this is an ensemble piece just like the US version. I also don’t care about ratings; just have a solid show.

    • LJK was the best thing about that drama. I think the directing was a big problem along with some of the other actors but LJK killed it. I have been praying to the drama gods for 5 years to give me LJK & MCW drama so I am excited about this especially since the entire cast has excellent chemistry and the production quality is impressing me so far. The ratings may not be that high due to the time slot being really late, but i prefer it to be critically acclaimed.

    • @Cathz Ditto.You have said it all.I also agree with what most of what koala unnie has said.About MLSHR, I think rather than getting annoyed anymore, its actually laughable.Even Koala unnie herself is inconsistent with that.One post she writes in the highly international successful drama BBXX and the other post she writes in the flop drama SHR.Its as if these people are desperately trying to remind everyone, it had poor domestic ratings.Point out all its flaws.So stop raving about it.Dont rave about it at all.Or wonder why people are still raving over the drama at all.While their ‘all so perfect and highly rated dramas’, have already faded into oblivion, and have already been replaced by other highly rated and “perfect” dramas.Or they still dont understand how anyone getting would come out smelling like roses and daffodils out of “supposedly” flop drama.

      Ok now since we are doing rants or kinda in this article.I also still dont get this shit.While we have other actors and actresses being dubbed rom com kings and queen.Action Kings.Melo Queens and whatever..Why is bae being criticised for having a monopoly as King of fusion saeguk?There is variety of genres in saeguk just as they are in modern drama.Anyway he has said he is happy to be bowing out of saeguk drama for a while, because he finally got to act as a King and royalty?.He said he has done all that he could do in saeguk while he is in his thirties.Although i know its more than possible, if he gets an appealing script.he could easily go back sooner than we think.

      About him not tapping into rom com and pure romance drama or projects. Well we all know what happened when he started to market himself that way this year and after Ryeo..People getting their minds all twisted and wanna ship him with everybody and harrasing him on his instagram and his people.Aint nobody got time for that crap.That said I know he also simply doesnt like doing them.But I hope he gets to do one because he would actually nail it.

      • Finally, since this post is about Criminal Minds.I am so happy and am looking forward to what it will deliver.I also have a very good feeling about this.Although they are being really stingy with the promos.But so far, everything is shaping up well.As always, criminal minds cast,crew and staff.?Fighting!!!!

      • Ya. It was totally that disgusting Dispatch which played double standard that ruined his marketing for rom-com. But I must stay that he has great chemistry with his co-stars in romance-genre kind of show that many tempted to ship him, in such case with IU and PMY. He was never shipped with his other previous co-stars because he seldom do romance genre dramas.
        As for me, I love sageuk. It’s my fave genre and LJK and MCW are my ultimate pairing in sageuk. I still hope to see them as OTP in a sageuk.
        And regarding MLSHR….many still linger around that drama. It was a domestic flop but on international front, the drama was a huge hit and very popular oversea. And tell us, how many actor could walked out of a flop drama and getting more popular??? Well, LJK did that and that speaks volume of how amazing he is.

  3. I’m excited for everyone involved and I’ll check this one out, but the real question is: when is Chaewon doing a sageuk again??? It’s been ages since War of the Arrows/The Princess’ Man days….. (don’t mind me, just a whiny fan passing by)

  4. Woot…woot….That first photo of LJK and MCW is so pretty. Two beautiful people and garhhh… sageuk dream couple. Just imagine.

    Anyway, I have a strong good feeling about CM. I hope it will be something like “Voice”, “Tunnel” and “Signal”. Too much of LJK is never ever a bad thing.

    • These two beautiful and super talented people need to be paired up again in sageuk after this.LJK has worked twice with Nang Sang Mi.One in TBDW and then Joseon Gunman.So if these two MCW and LJK work well together and their chemistry albeit not romance oriented is on fleek in this drama.I dont see why they cant work again together in saeguk where they are both experts in.Come on Namoo make it happen .They are all in the same agency.

      They can also bring in Moon Geun Young and if its ok they can throw in his gf too, while we are at it, since she is also a good saeguk actor, and we can have a power saeguk sister mance. I am already thrilled at the thought; MGY, MCW and JHB in one quality saeguk produ tion.Now that would be a treat and all always play strong female characters.Their chemistry and onscreen presence would be sizzling hot.

      Maybe his hyung Ji Sung can join the party. Although he excels in many genres, but he is not a powerful saeguk actor.But I would be interested to see, Ji Sung and Joon Gi act in one drama and I know they would both kill it,their intensity is no joke.Let the Namoo house rock the saeguk world.As for supporting cast, Namoo has an incredible number of sunbaes.Just round them all up and gather them in the saeguk.

      • That edited pictures got reposted many times. Many thinks that it’s a real picture. I have to give thumbs up the person who edited it. She has good PS skill lol.
        There is a cute photo of them posted by Go Yoon (but he soon deleted it). I’m really hoping that CM will deliver. I want it to be critically acclaimed rather than being mainstream popular. Same goes fot all the cast.

      • hahaha I saw this on instagram yesterday.You just cant compete with fans.its a losing battle.Its because taewon pd is too slow with the script photos,poster photos and stuff..also there is no way you can cast MCW and LJK in one drama no matter the genre and people will just be like meh whatever.This for many is a dream pairing come true.

        Also they are doing an awful lot of cockblocking??.How come we have pictures of SHJ and LJG posing together..SHJ and MCW together..LJG and MCW with other cast together.But ZERO pictures of just LJG and MCW together when they are 2/3 of the leading cast.Ah actually there is one on Taewon PD insta account.But its so blurry and dark.Or we have to depend on blurry fan cams to see them in one frame.I understand why but they are making it too obvious that they are afraid of forming rabid shippers even though this is not a romance drama and one of them is taken.But come on take a damn picture of them..most fans of both artists are very mature not 12 years old.

        but im looking forward to the BTS videos and photos.namoo doesnt disappoint with this.I dont know about MCW dramas if namoo took a lot of bts.But I can tell you with dramas featuring JG dramas..prepare for LOADS of bts photos.

      • Damn. I hate posting from mobile.

        I replied to you above. Under the wrong content LOL *facepalm*.

  5. I am so glad that the drama is not hyped. And I pray for the sake of my beloved LJK that the drama will be a success. I know he never dissapoint in any project that he has been involved with but I want that talent to be recognized. I could not feel any happier knowing that he has a good co-stars in SHJ and ofc, MCW whom I would love to see him with in a sageuk. Photoshop or not, the two look so good together.

  6. I’m curently watching season 12 Criminal minds , i ‘ll try this one .Hope that the characters of GARCIA and Spencer Reed will be respected. They are my favs .a remake of Cold Case would have been more intersting .

    • Have you seen japanese version kf cold case? Very very very good. I hope korean version of cm will be good too. Now i enjoy watching secret forest so much… Gimme another great crime thriller mystery drama tvn!!!

  7. I know it’s going to be a great show, especially with such a top notch cast, great writers and producers!

  8. Omg have you guys seen the script reading video.For those who are out of the loop.TVN has made a fa ebook page for criminal minds.You can also go to soompi thread for cdiminal mids for all updates and discussions…This summer is going to be LIT!!!!???

  9. I really love lee joong ki above my own countrys actors nit that i dont like them or feel mercenary..but lee joong ki is screen hes a cutie but on the role he played? Besides that im an action fan..hes transformed into a fighting hero that kind of raw talent and moves were spectacular, i love him..

  10. Who cares with SJK? He can end up with whoever he wants lol. For me, it is always about MCW as MCW is a very rare talent in Korean entertainment industry. I think LJK was really good at “King and the Clown”. I think MCW is a real deal.

  11. Lee Joon Gi is good not just the King and the Clown. He is good in all of his dramas. MLSHR introduced me LJG world and I must say Wang So is my favourite because it’s a masterpiece. In my more than a decade of watching kdramas, I have not been mesmerised by a performance until Wang So. I thought kdrama was just for cutesy and just purely entertainment but LJG change that. After watching all his movies and dramas, well I can say he is just a rare talent in kdrama. I still admire a handful of great Korean actors for being brilliant actors but LJG definitely is at the top.

    I don’t understand why people are complaining about his saguek dramas. I am sure most of these people have not actually watched those drama. FYI, those sagueks are in different period or eras and his characters in those dramas are different from one another.. different age ranging from teens to early 30s, have different temperaments, different status and occupations, some of those characters are not ordinary humans.

    I love investigation dramas or movie… I am glad he is doing one. I really love his spy drama Time Between Dog and Wolf… LJG now being a seasoned actor.. I am sure he is going to be even better in CM. He broke my heart playing a pathetic thug and a bum in Two Weeks, I think my heart is secured in CM, hopefully. 🙂

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