New Wedding Announcement in C-ent as Dating Stars Hans Zhang and Gu Li Na Zha Obtain Marriage Registration

The summer wedding news finally shifts from Korean entertainment and unexpectedly took a detour to Mainland China. C-ent is buzzing heading into the weekend with popular acting stars Hans Zhang and Gu Li Na Zha confirmed to have gotten married! Legally married that is, as the two went and got their marriage registration and became Mr. and Mrs. this week. The couple has been dating for two years now and it’s been a relatively stable ride, especially in light of the mild scandal when the relationship started and fans of Hans with his former girlfriend Zheng Shuang got upset and accused Na Zha of being a third wheel. That wasn’t the case and ultimately romance is hoping that folks find their right partner and if it doesn’t work out then moving on positively. Hans and Na Zha met on the set of fantasy C-drama The Classic of the Mountain and the Seas and have now become yet another well known onscreen couple to turn reel to real matrimonial bliss. Congrats to the happy newlyweds!


New Wedding Announcement in C-ent as Dating Stars Hans Zhang and Gu Li Na Zha Obtain Marriage Registration — 12 Comments

  1. Hans zhang was very popular back then.. But nowadays he seems kinda off in c-dramaland. But however.. Congratulations!!! Im glad that he finally settle down and happy. Gu li na za is one of the most beautiful C actresses. How about their traditional wedding and party? Cant wait to see beautiful pics of them. Once again, gong xi!

    • He kind of faded off after all his dramas were taken off shelf, because most of his dramas include Korean actresses like Goo Hye-sun, Park Min-young and Go Jun-hee and Cha Eun-ju. That, and the scandal with Zheng Shuang really hurt his reputation.

  2. Their agencies have denied this…. it’s just a rumor. The weibo screenshot isn’t even from either artiste but some tabloid.

  3. Although I would wish them happiness, their marriage registration is just a rumor and their management agencies have denied the rumors. Entertainment tabloid weibos are always churning out false stories left and right.

  4. When you post articles that you later find out to consist of only rumors, can you go back and edit them to reflect this? Your last post about ZLY turned out to be false too and I never saw any clarification. It’s okay if you occasionally get things wrong, but it’s misleading for some readers if you never admit that you were wrong.

    • @ windy:

      I agree with you about the clarification part. This website posts very low percentage articles about Chinese entertainments, but when they do it – they are often incorrect news or old news. Please work harder to provide us with better articles. Thanks

  5. No offense to Nazha but I wonder if she got her roles from 2015 onwards due to her connection with Zhang Han? She literally had no dramas from 2012-2014 and then suddenly she got all drama offers after 2014..

    • Nah. Zhang Han isn’t influential in C-ent at all. She was in school during that period of time, I think. Besides, she’s from Tangren – they will cast her in their own dramas.

  6. Zhang Han and Gu Li Na Zha congratulations to you both on your wedding all the best as they are a lovely couple So in love it’s great that they got married now that’s real love there all the best to you both xxx

    • Anne That is rumors because Hans film Paris sad there’s scenes married so he went to officials for the drama n they been broke up since October 2017 u don’t kniw??? Nazha been interview for this n put bad image for Hans they look quiet break up but later turn out to be bad sorry u must be disappointed

  7. He should speak for him self to say that he married. As he is doing so well in his life.i do feel that he is a person thirst and last I thing he a great person. And I hope that he is happy. ?

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