Gong Hyo Jin Fun in Edgy Casual Look at Vincis Fan Meeting in Busan

I’m not sure any K-ent actress can pull off this look and it’s definitely not an outfit for an average consumer on an ordinary day out. With that said, I really love Gong Hyo Jin rocking a black bra, white lace top in a doily design, paired with wide legged boyfriend jeans in a light wash. She was in Busan this week for a fan meeting event with accessories brand Vincis which she has been the face of for many years. That’s the silver bag with blue leather tassel she’s carrying but her outfit is definitely not the brand and I’m not sure it got vetted first so there might be an opinion that she’s too outre for a department store  meet and greet. I think Gong Hyo Jin has earned the right to parade around in edgier looks and this one is pretty awesome looking on her and I love it!


Gong Hyo Jin Fun in Edgy Casual Look at Vincis Fan Meeting in Busan — 3 Comments

  1. Her outfit is so young and fresh. It’s probably her awesome proportions and body that’s carrying her outfit so beautifully.

  2. I never really cared about her fashion sense ever since, I think its over rated…although her acting is a different story she’s awesome in any movie or drama that I’ve had the pleasure of watching.

  3. She has an amazing figure, her proportions are like an hourglass even though she’s so tall and slim. And she really does embrace edgier fashion, so this looks natural and not tryhard at all.

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