Kim Woo Bin Completes First Round of Cancer Treatment Chemo and Is Currently Doing Well Despite Losing 10kg

There’s a positive update as any from ailing Korean actor Kim Woo Bin‘s camp, with the young man diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and halted all work activities to undergo intensive chemo treatment. His agency has updated that Kim Woo Bin has completed the first round of cancer treatment, with fans spotting the actor and his girlfriend Shin Mina at the airport in the past few months so it was clear this was a rigorous and grueling process. Kim Woo Bin is reportedly well enough to engage in physical exercise but has lost around 10kg in the treatment process. He was already quite model thin but regardless losing weight due to illness is never a good thing. His agency reports that Kim Woo Bin will have to wait for the results of his cancer treatment to come back to assess the next step. Keep getting better my boy!

With so many Korean male actors shipped or heading off to military service this year he would have been part of that contingent but now will likely earn an exemption which I hope crazy netizens won’t harp over. No one in their right mind would try to get cancer to get out of serving in the military for two years.


Kim Woo Bin Completes First Round of Cancer Treatment Chemo and Is Currently Doing Well Despite Losing 10kg — 21 Comments

  1. losing weight like 10 kg in acouple of month due to illness? he must be suffer alot. i got sick as of late and lost 4 kg in a month and I already feel like hell. imagining him feeling alot of worse.

  2. Chemo is very agressive. You lose your appetite and you throw up a lot. Cancer patients normally lose a lot of weight. It’s a real pity because they really need the nutrients of the food, but they can’t eat.

  3. Wow 10kg is huge even for this reason. Hope his appetite recovers and he gets better anti- emetics. The medical team must have chosen a very vigorous reason to elicit this. Hope they caught the buggers.

  4. My heart goes out to him. He must suffer so much. The placement of the cancer will hinder his eating as well as the chemo. Also in the beginning he will lose a lot of the muscles he built up with protein shakes and hours of exercise. I hope the weight-loss slows down now.

    Having to be stick thin for your career comes as a very negative point once you get sick. We humans should have some fat resources to deal with illness. And stars are not allowed to have them.
    *side eyes the current Lee Jun Ki body*

  5. I pray for his good health! he must be going through a lot now and I’m glad he has all the support from his significant other and fans

  6. Hope he makes a full recovery. Glad to see (read) that Shin Mina didn’t leave him and kept supporting him during his hardest days.

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