Park Shin Hye Does Rich Heiress Look for August Issue of Elle Hong Kong

It’s the summer of Park Shin Hye pictorials and I’m not complaining because each have been distinctive and beautiful in highlighting her charisma even in print. The latest comes from Elle Hong Kong, portraying a couture society princess look that imagines if Park Shin Hye played one of the rich high school girl characters in Heirs rather than her poor Cinderella. Park Shin Hye did place a super wealthy heiress character for Taiwan drama Hayate the Combat Butler but she was a kindhearted rich girl and the drama was more cutesy as a manga adaptation so I’ve yet to see her really pull off an adult version of the rich girl since she did the teen version in Prince Hours as the second female lead. I love all the outfits she’s modeling for this pictorial, lush and ringed with beautiful details that looks great on someone with the natural assets as she does to wear with confidence.


Park Shin Hye Does Rich Heiress Look for August Issue of Elle Hong Kong — 12 Comments

  1. Ms Koala, apart from the first and last picture are from ELLE HK August edition, the rest are not. ELLE HK have taken beautiful photos of PSH. I actually like them the best out of all her magazine shots this year.

    Also, PSH just had a very successful Philippine fan meeting. Thank you to all the Philippine fans for making it so memorable and fun!!!

    • So many Song Joong Ki posts! Well, more SJK means more traffic 😀
      This could be said about any popular star with hallyu status but you’re still right lol

  2. The latest magazine photos are gorgeous! Her film is showing for almost the year end but getting a deluge of magazine coverage is great for us who are fans. Yes, successful FMs just concluded in the Philippines and I really have to post my admiration for this lady. She gives out great fan service while giving back at the same time. I read that besides giving ALL proceeds to her charity, she gets her sponsor, BENCH, a clothing company gave about 4K to her center. This is what separates her from others ,in my opinion. Beautiful outside made more so by what’s inside.

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