Lee Dong Wook is a Modern Flower Gentleman for Marie Claire Korea

I do love a talented Korean flower boy, slurped up plenty of flower boy type K-dramas over the year as long as the acting is on point and the story charming. With that said there are fewer and fewer new flower boy types that correctly straddle the line between absurdly good looking but still maintaining the veneer of manliness, think Boys Before Flowers era Lee Min Ho. Actor Lee Dong Wook was never the full on flower boy type when he debuted in the School series nearly two decades ago, and with his Hallyu hit drama My Girl over ten years ago he wasn’t the flower boy of the male leads which was then Lee Jun Ki. So this is quite a cute pictorial in the August issue of Marie Claire Korea that sees Lee Dong Wook as an actual man but looking so boyishly charming decked out in various flower arrangements. My favorite is the smiling picture above where he just brings a giant smile to my face too!


Lee Dong Wook is a Modern Flower Gentleman for Marie Claire Korea — 13 Comments

    • Me too!! I liked during SOW once but he bothered me that his acting never got better and his choises were bad so I’m over him right now but I still wish him all the best in his next works. As for LJG, this guy is love. I fell hard in love with him that makes it feel life is sucks for me without him.

      • Ah.. and during Goblin, I rooted more for him than GY. I stayed through out goblin only for the bromance( since it was more boring than interesting). I’m happy he got more popular after that and I hope he maintain that popularity for a long time.

  1. It was hard for him to compete with LJK during My Girl’s days since LJK was on top of his popularity with The King and The Clown.
    I have always been a fan of LJK and therefore rooted for him in My Girl and his career trajectory is much better compare to LDW. As for LDW, I only started to notice him thru Goblin though I dropped the show very early since it was boring as hell. Tbh, I found his performance having more gravitas than Gong Yoo.
    I am glad that these bunch of early Hallyu stars are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. They are not only good looking back then but still gorgeous as they get older and to top it all off, they are super talented. The new generation of flower boys could not compare, at least not yet.

  2. The pretty Lees, both him and Lee Jun Ki are aging like fine wine.Still pretty and handsome.The fine lines around their eyes only enhances their manly appeal.

    Ah and you guys should check out Lee Jun Ki in Criminal Minds or at least the behind the scene’s stills.He is just oozing sexiness.

    • Hi RubyRed.

      Noticed that you are a big fan of LJK. Well so am I though the love predated before ML. I enjoy CM though not as much as ML and tbh, watching it only for LJK.

      As for the two Lee(S)…well, they sure are ageing well and I am darn happy that they both did very well last year. Here’s a toast to My Girl’s boys.

      • @OMG actually my love for JG predates ML too.I fell in love with him in 2012, after watching arang.I knew it that this guy is special high quality.After Arang,I backtracked to watch all his pre military works and have followed him ever since.So you can imagine how happy I was to see him experience another career high last year.overcoming all odds when every other reviewer were busy trash talking his co star and drama?.I am so proud of him.

        As for criminal minds, I can understand how you feel since its a crime genre not romance.So obviously, it wont ha e the same heart fluttering feels compared to last year’s ML.Its a good thing he didnt choose romance drama, otherwise..people would have been comparing his performance to last year’s very iconic wanng so.But give criminal minds,a chance to shine..remember how ML started.It was a slow but upward level of performance.Besides, this year’s drama is an ensemble cast where the aim is to give the whole team of 6 people equal opportunity to shine.so far we have seen SHJ shine, and bits of JG and MCW and what they have to offer.lets see who will shine in the coming episodes.

        Back to Lee Dong Wook..he is also daddy material..he was so cute in return of superman..he should do variety a bit more.especially one with kids.He is a natural at it.

  3. His look reminds me a lot of the late Leslie Cheung.
    I am glad that he experienced a career boost with Goblin though I don’t like the drama at all.
    It happened the other two Lee(s), my beloved LJK and LDH are both off the market already. Now, only left LDW still single or at least for now, we consider he is available.

    • No one in current showbiz can compare to the late Leslie. Leslie had a much softer look. I don’t like LDW’s eyes, too deep.

  4. Thank you for this, Koala! I love how you pointed out that Lee Dong Wook is one of the very few actors who’re not just handsome but also exude manly charisma. I think the choices he’s made in his career may not be the most popular, but he did it out of the love for acting, always challenging himself and taking up unconventional roles. Personally, I enjoyed every role of his and am eagerly awaiting his next project. Please continue to post more news about him! ^^

  5. Thanks, Koala for nice article. I have always noticed same, that Lee Dong Wook somehow has never took flower boy roles or acted/looked like flower boy in real life. He has always took diverse roles, I wish him all the luck in future and challenge himself further since that’s what his acting goal is. In this pictorial he doesn’t look flower boy as well, but he looks like man who can pull off flower boy themed looks in his own unique manly manner.
    As to “My girl” topic, I have never liked this drama and glad that Dong Wook has never chosen such characters and storylines after that. But can’t agree more that LJK has looked flower boy there while LDW was still manly even though he was so young that time. Gladly he is taking less flower boy style roles lately.

    Can’t wait for new Lee Dong Wook’s drama to see what he will choose this time.

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