Suzy and Lee Jong Seok Attend While You Were Sleeping Drama Wrap Party and New Stills From Filming Released

I thought filming wrapped over a month ago for September SBS drama While You Were Sleeping but the wrap party was held this past weekend so maybe there was residual filming left for this fully pre-produced drama. I’m just glad filming really is done now that news is out of male lead Lee Jong Seok getting his military enlistment notice for August 12th, it’s not unheard of for an actor to drop out of concerts, movies, and dramas if they get an enlistment notice and can’t get a deferral but it would be a disaster if filming is almost done and Lee Jong Seok had to enlist, then the drama is stuck because it’s too late to replace him with another actor. Female lead Suzy sports short hair in the drama but in real life has been traipsing around with her usual long lustrous locks as seen in recent airport picture and at the wrap party. The production also shared the first sets of BTS pics of the leads filming and taking cute wrap pictures with the rest of the hardworking cast and crew.


Suzy and Lee Jong Seok Attend While You Were Sleeping Drama Wrap Party and New Stills From Filming Released — 21 Comments

  1. Filming ended just a couple of days ago. (The 26th of July, I think.)

    I thought his enlistment date was given as August 10. (But a final decision has not yet been reached between YG and the military board?)

    The little kid is sure cute!

  2. Ew.. Suzy’s make up on the first pic looks really off. Well, LJS looks prettier than Suzy anyways. Good luck to WYWS team..

    • Also, Suzy starting to resemble her boyfriend Lee Min Hoo, is it a good thing? Maybe her acting has gotten better after dating a him.. well, I’d rather watch her than her co-actor the overhyped unnatural LJS

      • Oh my goodness, LJS is just incredibly overhyped in terms of his looks and acting skills.

      • @Deb, his acting is average (IHYV is his best), but his appearance is unattractive and I dislike his voice a lot. And when he does aegyo, I cringe. Just look at those pictures, Suzy looks more manly and mature than LJS lol.

  3. Gosh darn they are both pretty. If I didn’t know they both have-might have a significant other I might actually ship them together

  4. I’ve given up on Suzy not being cast in lead roles that are beyond her current acting abilities. Koreans will tune in to see her face no matter what lol.

    I’m not a fan of her acting but I really like how she comes across. She just seems very down to earth, low key and easy to get along with even though she’s practically worshipped in Korea for generally shallow reasons.

    I won’t be watching since nothing about it interests me but I hope it’s at least not a ratings or critical flop like the majority of pre-produced dramas (unless it deserves to be)!

  5. It would be good if it were possible to postpone his enlistment. It would be strange to promote his film and drama without his presence.
    He has worked very hard on his projects. I wish you every success.

  6. Lee Jong Suk is a good actor and he isnt over hyped or anything. Much better than Park Bo Gum who is really overhyped. At least Jong Suk has many likable dramas.

    • PBG is kinda overhyped too, but not nearly as unattractive as LJS. PBG is easy on eyes and his acting is good, comparatively.

    • Lee Jong Suk really is an excellent actor. I saw it for the first time in Pinocchio. I mainly love their emotional scenes

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