Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and DBSK’s Changmin Jointly Discharged from Military Service

It’s insane that I remember vividly sending off Choi Siwon right after She Was Pretty wrapped and the same feeling of it happened yesterday when Changmin enlisted shortly after Scholar Who Walks the Night. That’s nearly two year ago (!!!) and today the boys in blue are back just in time for the tail end of summer. The fans were out in force to welcome Siwon and Changmin due to the popularity of their idol groups Super Junior and DBSK, and I find myself letting out a major sigh of relief that these two served their time with zero scandals or controversies. They definitely absorbed their military service training looking so dapper in uniform and saluting with the requisite ramrod straight posture and intensity. Welcome back boys and looking forward to their return to K-ent!


Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and DBSK’s Changmin Jointly Discharged from Military Service — 6 Comments

  1. Yay!! Both handsome men will be discharge from the uniform. Don’t give me wrong here…I love men with the uniform, but more likely if they wear them in dramaland 🙂 Welcome back to the K-Ent to both of them! They got the same height…tall and handsome…ahhhh 😀

  2. And Choi Siwon is already snapped up by tvN for a new drama in October!

    He was good as second lead in She Was Pretty. Hope he does well as main lead in this tvn drama.

    • Choi Si Won was so cute when he played the younger counterpart of Ryu Soo Young in “18 vs 29” in 2005 ! and he wasn’t bad as co lead in a drama with Chae Rim in 2010. Chae Rim , i miss her.

  3. That fast. I didn’t notice that they went for the service. Siwon always keep up the good physic even before military. Nothing changed.

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