K-actress Song Seon Mi’s Husband Stabbed to Death at Law Firm Over Inheritance Conflict

My condolences to veteran K-actress Song Seon Mi who is in the news for the worst reason possible, the death of a loved on. Song Seon Mi’s movie art director husband was stabbed to death on Monday morning at a law firm in Seoul by his own 28 year old nephew. The two were involved in a squabble over inheritance and the nephew stabbed Song Seon Mi’s husband in the neck with a knife during an argument. The husband was transported to the hospital but could not be saved, leaving behind his wife of 8 years and a young daughter. Apparently the inheritance dispute was over the grandfather leaving more money to another grandchild and Song Seon Mi’s husband and the nephew had engaged lawyers to contest the inheritance split but the nephew felt he was not getting paid his owed share for being part of this lawsuit. Let it be said that money changes everything and more importantly is never worth dying for. Song Seon Mi’s agency has asked for the media to please leave her alone as she grieves the death of her husband so unexpectedly.


K-actress Song Seon Mi’s Husband Stabbed to Death at Law Firm Over Inheritance Conflict — 7 Comments

  1. I honestly blame the government and the system for this and all this nonsense lawyers and judges etc etc. Plus corruption and bribery.

    Couldn’t just some sincere people officials get in the middle of them and just hand out the inheritence in half way to both men without further discussions.

    I swear this was avoidable if only one fair individual had been the one to judge between and handing it over to both famiy 50-50..

    THey are basically blood brothers. I blame the gov’t and all this nonsense regulations and judges. Do you job

    • Err… what?

      We know nothing about the disputed split in the first case, so why and how are we to know if whatever system/regulation is to blame for this?

      Greed is the true cause of this tragedy.

    • Don’t blame the government. Blame the person who brutally stabbed someone because of inheritance. I would NEVER kill or even think about harming someone over inheritance and I believe most people are like this too.

    • The government has nothing to do with this. The person who wrote the will before dying made this decision to split the inheritance this way it was all the nephew’s fault for not honoring their dead grandfather’s wishes. The government has no say in what you do with your will, that’s why it’s a will. Like mentioned above Greed of the nephew is to blame. Sad ending.

  2. I’m shocked… I still remember her in Miss Korea, Memory and War of Flowers. Now her husband has been brutally killed because of inheritance… My condolences to her and her family

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