Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Women of Dignity Screenwriter Signs on for Two K-dramas in 2018

There’s a new screenwriter powerhouse in town and she’s moving upstream after two mega K-drama hits in a row. Writer Baek Mi Kyung has singlehandedly put jTBC in legit ratings contention after delivering two back-to-back hits for the cable network. She quietly arrived with My Love Eun Dong and then took off with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon earlier in the year followed by Women of Dignity this summer. Most screenwriters muster only one drama a year but Baek Mi Kyung has been writing at a frenetic pace and striking while the iron is hot. Strong Woman was jTBC’s top rated K-drama until that record was broken by her own Women of Dignity. Now Baek Mi Kyung has signed on to write two romance dramas for 2018, one airing on cable network tVN and the other on a big three network. Looking forward to what she has in store next and whether she’ll continue her hit streak.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Women of Dignity Screenwriter Signs on for Two K-dramas in 2018 — 12 Comments

  1. My Love Eun Dong was good and Woman of Dignity was good too. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was so bad. It could have had it all, but the writer stuffed in so many unnecessary sub plots, it was almost painful to watch. The writer is okay though. I’m actually looking forward to what she decides to write next and who is going to star in her dramas.

  2. i enjoyed all her dramas very much in this order
    1.woman of dignity love eun dong
    3.strong woman

    i am looking forward to her next dramas as she is among my fav writers besides kes needs a strong competitor to write better.

  3. My Love Eun Dong was really good, I liked this story, it was very romantic and touching. SWDBS it was nice, funny, great young actors. I`m thinking of watching Woman of dignity, bu maybe later this year. It is good to hear we can expect some good dramas from this screenwriter.

    • Yes. And I was homicidal towards one of them. He was terrible and the women were slapped all the time. And he was chauvinistic.

      • Ya, talking about abusive. Korean did a research on 100 Korean men and 8 out of 10 saying they would physical or sexually abuse their partner. They are really good in making their leading men all seem so good and perfect in eyes of the audience *smirk*

    • There is, Park Kyung Soo, the writer of Punch and Whisper. He writes convoluted and intricate plots with morally ambiguous characters, which isn’t usual in k-dramas. Punch still remain one of my favorite dramas. I usually dislike some male writers’ tendency to write chauvinistic stories with female characters relegated to certain stereotypes and have violence galore in their works, but of course there are some really, really great male writers.

  4. I feel this writer has good story concepts, but the execution of ideas into a long drama is weak. For example, SWDBS got a little draggy because they spent so much focus on that one criminal. I think what makes these dramas hit is the cast. Most of the casts are made up of experienced actors that had owned their roles.

  5. Good! I’m looking forward to her work. I watched My Love Eundong and I enjoyed it because it reminded me of those classic melodrama romances. But for Strong Woman, I couldn’t finish pass episode 2. Luckily she returned with Woman of Dignity and even receive recognition. That one was better.

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