Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin Break Up After Two Years Dating

Well this comes as no surprise due to recent happenings but is still a sad news to share. Dating acting couple Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin have confirmed that they are broken up, with their mutual agency explaining that the couple broke up after two years of dating due to their busy schedules. Lee Jun Ki is currently filming Criminal Minds and Jeon Hye Bin is starring in the drama Falsify, so both really are super busy but I think it’s impossible to ignore that Jeon Hye Bin has been the target of a small faction of Lee Jun Ki fans (the crazy ones) who don’t like her for their oppa and even go as far as to post harassing comments on her SNS account. Dating in the public eye is hard enough but not being treated with respect and consideration by genuinely deranged fans can take its toll. I don’t know if they really broke up or are just saying they broke up so Jun Ki’s sliver of insano fans can lay off, whatever the case may be I’m sad for them and wish each the best.


Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin Break Up After Two Years Dating — 57 Comments

      • Sigh… I would have a different tone talking about JHB if she was acting as a “bright, warm person, and understands” gf. After her appearance on HT, instead of laying low, she hopped on another reality show and talked about how she was scolded because of “untimely event”, how she went thru a depression cycle on april. What did she try to make LJK look like in public eyes? Cue to more lashing on her social media *rolleyes*
        Yes, some fans are sensitive, but please do know that more fans are perceptive and act sensibly. There are groups of LJK’s fans actively blocking & reporting those nasty craps on social medias, just because we didn’t want LJK to get another label as “cold hearted bf” when his gf was bullied. Sadly, didn’t help. Now she’s out as a pitiful woman and he as a jerk.

        AND THIS S%#& HAPPENS WHEN CM STILL AIRS!!!! OMG. I’m so frustrated.

      • “If she was acting a bright, warm person, understanding gf…”- wait, you don’t even really KNOW her, how can you say what kind of girlfriend she is? No one is saying that LJK is cold hearted bf but thanks to fans like you, he’ll be that kind of guy who can’t protect his girlfriend from rabid fans. Geez, just like him as an actor but stay off his private life and the girls who will be involve with him.

      • @Mikgoo 100% agree with you. Stupid, rabid and delusional fans like Chocola think they know everything about THEIR private lives, when they have know idea what went between them. We all know, however, how delusional LJK fans are, bashing and blaming JHB. As if JHB isn’t human with feelings, as if depression isn’t a clinical illness. As if LJK image matters here in their break up the most. Thanks to LJK STUPID DELULU fans, he will be a incapable jerk in my eyes, a man who couldn’t protect his gf from the hate she got from his fans.

      • I’m not justifying the harsh bully by LJK’s fans that turned into JHB’s antis. It’s inarguably wrong. But the whole LJK’s fandom too has been a target of provocations for a long time. Many didn’t know that the fandom has a long history with JHB, since the first relationship rumour broke out. Outsiders didn’t know that she once violated LJK’s privacy by “innocently” posted LJK’s GPS apartment location on her SNS, which was soon deleted after some fans demanded her to take it down. And how her close friends followed her modus operandi by posting their pictures with LJK’s sister, and then deleted those pictures a day or two later. Everybody knows how LJK guards his private life, and fans were irritated that JHB didn’t respect his privacy in public. She always said she didn’t want to go public if she were in a relationship, but did her actions say so? By dropping hints from time to time that she’s somewhat related to LJK?

        Then came the dispatch’s nosy revelation, followed by JHB’s appearances in HT & Life School. Yes, she was being asked in HT, but shouldn’t she take into consideration LJK’s position at that very moment? He was insanely grilled for “lying” about his relationship status and there JHB subtly saying it was him all along that was chasing her. Cue to more bashing by public & netizens to LJK, more fans lashing out on her SNS. Same thing after the LS, the show in which JHB shared her struggle of beng scolded, gone through depression. More public bashing for LJK, more fans lashing out on her SNS. And what exactly the depressed JHB did shortly after the official announcement? Surfed the IG world and liked posting about her relationship announcement. Am I making up stories? Screenshots are abundant in IG.

        And what did LJK say while his gf flaunting their private matters to public? He only addressed his relationship issue twice. First was in his apology letter to his fans. Second was his short “Thank you & I’m sorry” in his encore Seoul Fan Meeting, where he broke down and bawled his eyes out in front of thousands of his fans. Some said it was happy tears that fans were still willing to come & even prepared surprise birthday project for him. Some said it was just him breaking down from all the pressure he had been getting. I leave it to you to judge. Afterwards, he didn’t address his relationship issue anymore, not even in magazines interviews, he even publicly refused to talk about it at CM presscon, which made into news portals.

        Why did antis keep lashing out on JHB? Simply because the provocation didn’t stop coming. In June, a husband & wife couple who is JHB’s close friends posted and later deleted a picture of LJK dining in their home, hinting that the dinner took place in early May & it was a dinner for 4. Yes, everybody knew LJK & JHB were official, so why did they do the same post & deleted act? Fans were frustrated by these constant tug and pull antics, while the fandom was still not completely calm. Again, more lashing out, more and more of JHB’s not so glorifying past resurfaced.

        Did it end there? I wished! July 26th, JHB started following IU on IG, which was strange because by that time everybody should be aware that there’s hardcore JoonU shippers on the sidelines. So she just out of the blue followed an idol who has been heavily shipped with her bf?
        Aug 16th, she posted a video of her playing slime on IG. When people came flocking her post about her stalking IU, she changed the caption of the post, saying she’s just trying to put up a good performance & that she’s also a big fan of IU. This revision too was soon deleted and changed into “I’m sorry”. The next day she unfollowed LJK’s IG. That was when hell broke loose, some of JHB’s fans came to her rescue on IG, creating the embarrassing posting war. Both of LJK’s and JHB’s # were truly turned into cringey circus, not caring that both of them have tv dramas airing. Then one news portals posted that JHB has been the target of JoonU shippers bully on her sns. How convenient was that to drag someone unrelated into her personal affairs?

        What was the consistent thing about those dates? Those dates fell on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the days of LJK’s dram airs. Did she try to intentionally draw people’s attention away from his drama? Once might be pure coincidence, but not twice or thrice. And being a savvy SNS user, she must know that all of her SNS activities were put under microscope. Would any who wants to stay private put such provoking posts on SNS?

        Is it tiring to read my post? Imagine being in the middle of pointing fingers, being accused as a crazy fandom, while defending LJK on SNS.

        Again, I’m not defending those antis, but I can’t bear myself to stay quiet, not when LJK’s fandom is being labelled as a crazy bunch of people. There’s always triggers to any reactions. And in this case, JHB has been an inviting party all along.

        And to those who bashed LJK for keeping his silence throughout this charade, what do you expect him to do? defending JHB? When obviously she wasn’t on the same page with him in handling their private matters? One went mute, the other let loose. He did how blocked some fans who put negative comments on his IG, this should have sent some messages to his fandom, unfortunately those antis didn’t care and continued to attack JHB. Still not enough effort? Cut him some slack, won’t you? The guy has been in constant immense pressure since April and he’s in the middle if filming his drama. He’s one of those actors who always feels the burden on carrying a project to is success. Shouldn’t we give him a room to breathe?

        So, are we fans that crazy not to let him date or even marry? Hello??? Most of us have been with him for a long time. Of course we want to see him excels in both of his career and personal life. What we care most is his happiness, we don’t care if his significant other is of a royalty or peasant, A Lister celebrity or just a mere calefare, as long as she shares the same value of life with him and that he is happy with her.

        This would be my last time addressing this whole break up debacle in this blog entry. Let’s just end this with a conclusion that both LJK & JHB ant different things in life. Let’s all move on.

        Sorry to Ms. Koala for trashing things out here.

        PS. All of my claims can be digitally tracked on SNS, just like how JHB’s past was tracked down by those antis. In the end, people only believe what they want to believe.

      • Still pretending to know everything and still thinking that you as a fan know everything how your bias feel. Even IF she was’t as private as LJK was, do you actually think fans have any right to harass her like that? They most likely realised that they aren’t on the same page, so you really feel it’s okay to go around and insinuate that JHB is an attention whore? That’s a whole new level of low from LJK rabid fans. I’m a casual fan too, not a hardcore stanner, but I quite like his acting. Never would I have ever get the idea to say things like LJK ex-girlfriend was asking for hate comments. but I guess, every fandom has those delulu fans lol

  1. it’s expected. =/
    he wanted to keep their relationship as private as possible (his keeping silent & finally his refusal to address it at CM press con). on the other hand, she went ahead to publicize it (her appearance on Happy Tgt). then came along the harsh bully on her sns.

    i just wish all the circus on the sns stops imediately. i hate to see LJK’s # on IG have been flooded with all the craps, while his drama is still airing.

    • oh really? I thought Dispatch caught them dining together… Didn’t know she deliberately publicize their dating… why? Why did she do that? She was not that stupid, was she??

      • She talked about it after being asked. This was after Dispatch exposed the dating and LJG and her already confirmed they were dating.

      • her appearance on HT was after that noisy Dispatch’s revelation.
        most celebs will go the cliche way with something like: we got close after the drama ended and naturally the relationship grew.
        but she went ahead with the details that at first she didnt think they matched, then said LJK was the on who was actively pursuing her (by leaving comments on her sns, and always looked for opportunity to have a date with her).
        mind you, woman… the HT taping was only days after that dispatch’s exposed. LJK was bashed like crazy for his appearance on MEC. and she blabbered like that on national tv. no wonder his fans went rampage.

      • Ahhhh seeeee…. she talked a bit too much… guess Koreans like girls who are mute & walk a few steps behind the man… ?

    • So she talked about her relationship with a guy she is dating, big deal when Dispatch did the outing. That doesn’t remotely justify any of what followed. It is not okay for Lee Jun Ki’s deranged fans to post disturbing, menacing threats and slut Shame her an Instagram repeatedly. Also, did Lee Jun Ki personally cite her being honest and open about their relationship as a reason of this break-up? Unless he has done that maybe it is unwise to say so with such confidence. Only two of them no what went on their relationship. I am sad that it didn’t work out for them but won’t speculate on the reason. I am just appalled at a certain section of Lee Jun Ki’s fanbase for inflicting such verbal abuse at a woman for simply dating a man on mutual grounds.

    • Ehem. They BOTH wanted it private. Have been since 2 years ago when they started. Neither volunteered info on their relationship. It was DISPATCH who invaded their privacy and threw it out to the wolves, aka the crazy public.

      I saw her Happy Together episode. She wasn’t publicizing her relationship with Lee JunKi. She was so embarrassed to be outed. But when prodded, she just looked like a lady in love with a very good man to me and she just wanted to let the world know how good he was since they’re already outed.

      I don’t care what Lee JunKi did or didn’t do, but we have to take into consideration the backlash he got from My Ear Candy.

      This is just a stupidly sad case of romance, no thanks to Dispatch and the crazies.

      • I watched the Happy Together episode as well. It didn’t seem like Jeon Hyebin was eager to talk about their relationship. She spoke carefully, AFTER being asked.

        My opinion on LJG really changed after all these. Sure, he didn’t have to come out and defend JHB from the hate. But what he could do is not to encourage all those shippers. First, with all the earnest interaction with IU, then with PMY in Ear’s Candy. I don’t understand what is his purpose of doing all these, especially when he is no longer a young oppa who needs more fans.

  2. *pretends to be shocked* No seriously though..this was bound to happen.Who was in charge of their PR?One was advised to go all out about their relationship.Another was advised to stay numb about the relationship.Looking at how their news about their relationship was received.Wouldnt a good stratrgy be to keep on the low until announcing wedding news.Anyone who is a fan of JG or at least has read one or two of his interviews, knows he has always been consistent about his position on dating.No to public dating.No to questions about his love life.Since DEBUT.No love can flourish for public figures like them under the public eye.He knew there are psycho bitches and real life shippers of him and his co-stars who would behave like this if they knew he is in a relationship.

    Even as late as 2015, he said a public relationship is not good especially for the woman party.Boy was he right..Even song song couple took a year and a half to confirm their relationship even when everyone was shipping them, because some people are just too damn nosy.

    And the shit people are saying that he should have publicly condemned the bashing JHB was receiving?He has no backbone..blah blah blah..Like seriously,as if that would have helped!That would have only made the people who hated her bash her even more.

    Anyway,pointing fingers would not solve anything.I just wish them both well.Hopefully, the antis can lay off HB.That they both recover quickly emotionally.That success will always follow them in their professional and love lifes.No worries about them being in one agency.They are grown adults.They will be ok.

  3. I’m such a huge LJK fan and I feel horrible that fans have made his and KHB’s life and relationship a mess after the dating reveal. Those fans should be ashamed of themselves!!!! They have no right to interfere in their lives and have no say on who they date.

  4. *pretend to be shocked meme*these two are both victims.No need to point fingers here.This was bound to happen sooner or later.One(JG) was a victim of media greed(dispatch)after they saw his rise in popularity last year.The other(Hye Bin) was a victim of psycho sasaeng bitches and delusional real life shippers of him and his co-stars.A perfectly fine private relationship of two years got busted simply because some people just cant mind their own business.Some like dispatch also wanted to be like a “moral” police, stick their noses where they are not needed, and couldnt separate business/work from personal life just like those delusional shippers.

  5. See? This is why many choose to keep their love lives private. The insane amount of delulu fans and shippers will become a huge strain to relationship and not everyone can handle the daily slandering. Well, this was a test to their relationship and apparently they didn’t see it was strong enough so they decided to part their ways. I hope both of them can be happy and possibly find new partners. I doubt then, they’ll ever go public.

  6. Poor guy (and the lady of course), after many years in the industry, he finally goes public about his one relationship and look what happens. I hope this is a move to shush the delirious fans and they’re still dating albeit in secret as before.

  7. I wish them both the best. I just think it is such a bummer to go through all that mess and have it not work out. I was rooting for them. Were things really still that negative in Korea? Seems like it had all calmed down.

  8. I am glad for Joen Hye Bin, I’ve seen her IG and Lee Jun Ki’s precious fangirls were continually writing abusive, threatening messages and slut shaming her. Their precious Oppa is too naive, too perfect, too delicate a flower for mere mortal like her to be in a relationship with. Oh, the words they used. I won’t speculate about the reason of their break up but I think Jeon Hye Bin can breathe now.

  9. “Busy schedules” ! If Rain and kim tae hee or Song Song couple did manage to keep their relationship it’s probably because they weren’t enough busy !
    1 – It’s a private matter
    2- Haters made it hard for them
    3- Their relation wasn’t strong enough to overcome all that
    4- They were just dating like people of their age
    5- it’s easier when your couple is well loved by fans, sad but true.

    • 6- career over love
      7- it was said that some fans canceled their venue at Ryu Joon Yul’s fanmeeting after dating news…perhaps he didn’t want to lose a part of his fanbase
      8 – JHB had enough of haters …
      9- The list goes on… but busy schedules must be the real reason !

  10. It is such a shame. I feel sorry for both of them. Yes, together they never got everyone’s blessings so it is only right for them to go their separate ways (only the two of them know the real truth). I don’t want to judge but LJK has too many fans that love him so it’s difficult for JHB to share a boyfriend with his fans. Maybe, when LJK is older like Eric, and he just marries after confirming his relationship is the best way forward.

  11. This man is too old to remain single,why are fans so delusional. No wonder Korea has low birth rates too many people becoming idols and actors plus crazy fans who think their favs should be alone forever.

    • Too many eligible marriage material around JG’s age or older are single or probably in private relationships for the same reason.obsessive fans and delusional shippers interfering.Like Gong Yoo,Jo In Sung,Lee Dong Wook, So Ji Sub..etc

      Beautiful actressesin late 30s like Gong Hyo Jin,Ha Ji Won etc are still on the market or maybe have private relationships are still in the market for the same damn reason.

      I am really worried for the younger leading actresses like Park Shin Hye,Han Hyo Joo,Park Min Young who seem to have a lot of fans but also shipped with pretty much every co star they work with.These are all lovely women but I think they or their significant other, who ever that would be, would have a hard time if they were to date publicly.I think when they should just pull a song song and announce marriage.No dating news.

      • Some people also tend to priotise career over romance no matter at what age.Both have its pros and cons depending on their luck,connections etc.Those who priotise career over love arent necessary wrong or whatver than those who priotise love over career.Just different people with different order of priorities.

        Some people believe love conquers all.Some people think thats naive.Thats a concept that suits others and can fade with time.But still honestly, I do feel for mainstream artists.They do live their lives on the edge.Yes they have the money and public adoration, but what they have to sacrifice in exchange for showcasing their talents and earning money while doing it.Is way way too much.

  12. Lee Jun Ki, despite his sunshine personality is in fact a very private person. He keeps his personal lives well-guarded.

    He was bashed badly for appearing in MEC when it was later revealed that he already had a gf, when in fact, he was campaining himself a role in rom-com (since he said he nvr get this kind of offer) and like Park Min Young explained, it was the “EDITING” that made their interaction sound romantic to viewers when in fact, they were just bonding as friends.

    I feel sorry for both of them esp my LJK. He was right over why he wanted to keep his romance a secret. He knew this would happened.

    Anyway, I wish the break up is not even real. As LJK said, he wont reveal his dating anyone unless he is really certained that he will marry her. So, I like to believe that this announcement is just his way of protecting JHB. I see this couple has the potential to go a long way.

    • Keep your hopes high… I wish this is fake news too… but it sounds like she is a loose lip & he wants privacy. Will this work? She is in the business long enough to know the rules… this may be a case of she wants marriage but his fans won’t allow so she breaks off & looks for greener pastures elsewhere… she is not young you know…

  13. All it is is they either fell out of love or a mutual agreement of separation. Pure and simple…no sense in assuming and blaming.

  14. LJK is 35 and JHB is not young either. Sigh, how I wished they make it to the altar. But they are the only one who know whatever reason they broke up. I guess it’s not easy for JHB to date a star as big as LJK. Obviously a lot felt that she is just a second grade actress to deserve a star of his stature. I never understand why people can obsess over celebs they like to such extend of invading their personal lives.

  15. i dont thk any of us knows what is truly going on. in the end its the two people who were in the relationship that didnt work out who hurts the most- NOT the fan. and since they already voiced to the public that they have parted ways, it also means they wan all the commotion to die down. If you are fans of wither one of them, you really should stop asssigning blame or bashing.

  16. This is strictly my opinion but it seems like ljk cares about his career than his love life. Nothing wrong with that but I genuinely feel he should have stood up for his gf when she was viciously being attacked by his own fans.

  17. For many, LJK deserves more than JHB who many ppl consider not to his level. I bet if he dated MCW now, a lot would feel happier and more supportive. For that reason alone, I totally understand why in the first place he never wanted to be open about his dating status. When comes to break up like this, fingers started pointing here and there and the attention on his works being diverted to his personal lives instead which I am sure he does not like at all.

    • lol nope, mcw will get treated the same, his lunatic fans are those who shipping him with iu, who keeps leaving hateful comments on jhb’s ig

  18. There are more famous actors who date openly and get married even without much of a problem. The people who make a great deal out of this whole thing is Lee Jun Ki’s fans. Since Lee Jun Ki loves them so much, I suggest he marry them.

    • It’s so unfair to pin the blame of LJK. They broke up and that’s their mutual decision. He loves his fans, yes, he wanted to please them, yes. But who are we to judge that he broke up with his girlfriend just to satisfy his fans? I know you don’t like him (judging from your previous comments on him) but your sarcastic comment is really below the belt.

  19. ljk should have paid dispatch to silence them like every one else if he hated public dating that much.it hurt for a couple esp.female to breakup at a marraigeable age like that.

    ljk may be a higher profile actor than her but she definitely match him in looks department and everything else.i will be so sad if they really broke up but i too dont think so.i think they really said so to protect jhb and their love.

    i will only believe if one of them leaves namoo actors like so many celebrities does when breakups happens and shame on jhb antis and some shippers for tormenting jhb like that.will they do the same if she was their relative?

    • I think they paid them off earlier and that’s how they dated without a problem. Don’t think dispatch gave them a choice this time.

  20. Mmm I highly doubt that they are lying about the breakup. The signs were always there that it was coming if you did kind of observe the whole train wreck from the time they went public. My surprise is that I thought they would wait till both their dramas was off the air to release it. Then that article about hate comments she was receiving came out which I thought was very one sided. So his entire fandom got lumped as her antis just because of a small fraction of bad apples? She’s part of Namoo too so why did they let this get this bad? The other thing was that there some news clip I watched where they were basically questioning their relationship due to the fact that one was completely silent and the other was not. Unfortunately now those idiots bullies are just giving LJG a bad rap and people are quick to judge and blame him for the fiasco. Nobody knows about the real status of their relationship. They could have been on and off, casually dating, or even at the verge of breaking up when dispatch outed them. They are celebrities, yes, but they are human first and foremost just like the rest of us. I highly doubt that hate comments would end a relationship like that if it was a strong one. Only those two know why they are breaking up and it’s clearly none of our business. I won’t go around pass judgement on something I know nothing about. The only disgusting thing was the cyberbullying. No one deserves that. My main point is that I don’t think lying would help them even if they are able to pay off all the paparazzi out there. People need to remember that some fans are also the biggest enemy. Who really outed the Song couple in the first place during their trip? LJG is already being crucified as it is, it would be really risky for him to expose himself to another witch hunt if they found out they blatantly lied to the fans and public no matter how noble the reason. It’s one thing to deny dating news, but another to release breakup news. Knetz/public opinions are extremely fickle. I just wish both of them happiness and healing. I just hope Joon Gi doesn’t end up as an old bachelor when he has expressed that he did want to settle down.

  21. Come to think of it, is Namoo agency struck with bad luck or something?Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won, Jeon Hye Bin, Shin Se Kyung..All have been subject to harrassment from hardcore shippers and antis..Their PR team must be having migraines from dealing with these kinds of people…yikes

    • Add Moon Geun Young to the list back when she was dating Kim Bum. Now I understand why some actresses end up marrying either actors who don’t have some rabid fans or non celebrities. They can even go to athletes like their fellow labelmate Han Hye Jin and move to Europe lol

  22. I’m glad the Chinese entertainment has more freedom in dating. The Korean should free up a bit in the artist’s personal life. They are so miserable.

      • Not really. C-ent’s top actors and actresses are almost all dating or married. But they are still popular. And fans don’t go around bashing their husbands or wives (unless its Yang Mi’s husband).

  23. actually, i don’t get it why hide for 2yrs unless they care much on their career rather to stand by their feelings. take lee minho and suzy, oh well, suzy seemed to be a nice girl. maybe that’s why LMH fans like her. I mean, look at that JHB, seemed like after LGJ cuz he’s too popular. #justmytwocents

  24. Aww, how sad! I just found out that they dated & broke up at the same time now:( They looked like a very cute and beautiful couple! I’m one of LJK fans but I also like JHB! It’s too bad if it was because of part of his other fans to cause this breakup! I do hope that they will reconcile together again in the near future!

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