Tiffany Hsu and Puff Guo Stunning in High Slit Couture Gowns

There’s always pressure to look beautiful but also eye popping as a star in public and sometimes the two are mutually exclusive. What’s interesting could be quite unattractive and the tried and true pretty looks grow stale if repeated too often. That’s why I’m loving the high slit in front big ball gown look that two Taiwanese actresses rocked recently – Tiffany Hsu was a fashion dazzle walking the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival and Puff Guo did her own winning photo shoot in a similar style and color. I love the unique and vibrant color rather than the white, beige, gold tones that proliferate ball gown offerings, and the front pattern and embroidery on Tiffany’s gown is especially gorgeous.


Tiffany Hsu and Puff Guo Stunning in High Slit Couture Gowns — 11 Comments

  1. Both ladies are stunners, my goodness they help make those dresses come alive. I think I like the color combo of Puffs, the best. These girls are talented and beautiful. Nice combo, if you can get it.

  2. Colors are good but nothing csn beat classic black or white for such occasions.

    Anyhow…how people manage to wear such front necks without the fear of showing a tad too much in case a wind blows or the dress shifts..just curious

    • I heard that they often use tape to secure those highly exposure dresses/tops. I think Jennifer Lopez was the 1st entertainer to start this deep chest, extreme cut style. I still think the classic, tasteful styles are timeless. Those women who wear this style made themselves look cheap.

  3. Tiffany is simply stunning. I sometimes find dresses that reveal too much cleavage to be off-putting, but she pulled it off amazingly. Her figure is superb! And I think the dress was classically done, showing just enough and not too much. Just perfect!

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