Bolin Chen and Puff Guo Star in First Disney+ Produced TW-drama Small & Mighty Premiering June 15th

The Eastward venturing of Disney+ isn’t limited to K-dramas as the streaming platform will soon premiere its first produced TW-drama, though not a solo effort as it’s co-produced by Chinese streaming platform Bilibili as well. Starring Bolin Chen and Puff Guo in Small & Mighty (Chinese title Calculation of Justice), the story is about a win at all costs lawyer teaming up with a rookie lawyer with a bleeding heart for the downtrodden, and the comedy and pursuit of justice that comes from working together. It sounds light and entertaining and dropping in the perfect summer start season as an option for family viewing, especially when you throw in the cute child actor.

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Happy Ending in Sight as TW-drama Before We Get Married Coasts into Final Episode on Friday

Taiwan dramas prioritize satisfaction over surprises the way K-dramas love to end episodes on cliffhangers and sometimes focuses on that at the expense of smoother storytelling. TW-drama Before We Get Married got me back on the motherland train after three … Continue reading

OTP Attraction Spills Over in Episode 4 of Before We Get Married with Annoying Exes Even more Annoying

I don’t think TW-drama Before We Get Married is making any statement about cheating being wrong or okay in certain cases. It’s purely about letting two beautiful people wildly attracted to each other try to keep apart and failing miserably, … Continue reading