Lee Hong Ki in Talks to Join Hong Sisters Fantasy Drama Hwayugi

I’m getting more and more optimistic and excited with every new casting news on the Hong Sisters next drama Hwayugi, based on the Chinese classic Journey to the West. The latest name bandied about is idol-actor Lee Hong Ki who is up for the role of the Pig role (Zhu Ba Jie), which leaves only the fourth member of the traveling west quartet of the Sand demon character to be filled. If accepted Lee Hong Ki would join Lee Seung Gi as the Monkey King, Oh Yeon Seo in a gender flipped Monk, and Cha Seung Won as the cool and handsome version of the Bull Demon King. I’m loving this cast, even my initial trepidition on Oh Yeon Seo is gone because she’s still an experienced actress and in the right role and cast can be restrained enough. Hwayugi is currently slated for a December premiere on cable network tvN.


Lee Hong Ki in Talks to Join Hong Sisters Fantasy Drama Hwayugi — 6 Comments

  1. Aww !!! Hong Ki will be a hoot as a TOP star who makes gals fall for him. I’m only miffed Cha Seung Won is in a secondary role…. I hope the last to be cast is a an actor who can hold his own with the cast. this better be good. It has too.

  2. Imagine Seung Gi/Hong Ki cute bromance and having them sing duets *flashback to their live perf together in 2007* I’ll die of happiness.
    If this cast happens, it’d be a dream cast. Please make the drama a cute and well written/directed one.*-*

  3. I dont know if am gonna watch this drama.But wow; lee hong ki, lee seung gi and cha seung won in one drama!!! its gonna be hilarious..all three are just ???.The problem is Oh Yeon Seo and Hong Sisters.I can never warm up to Oh Yeon Seo for some reason and that Sassy Girl drama, didnt help with my inpression of her in comedic role.Hong Sister’s humour sometimes borders on cringe.Only good actors like Gong Hyo Jin can make their script work like in Master’s Sun.

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