Press Conference and Final Set of Previews for While You Were Sleeping with Suzy and Lee Jong Seok

This Wednesday is the arrival of highly promoted SBS pre-produced drama While You Were Sleeping, teaming up for the third time screenwriter Park Hye Ryun with her most often used male lead Lee Jong Seok. Even if this drama is a hit I think this ought to be it for these two, Park Hye Ryun has had a good run with Lee Jong Seok in I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio but the two need to branch out further from each other. Park Hye Ryun is also re-teaming with Suzy after working together in Dream High but that feels like a lifetime ago and remains my favorite Suzy role and it’s sad that Suzy hasn’t improved much in the interim. I do like what I’ve seen of both leads in the previews, they have noticeable chemistry and the mood of the drama captures Park Hye Ryun’s ability to toggle between light everyday comedy and much more serious subject matter. The cast attended the drama press conference last week dressed tonally all over the place with Suzy being the standout in a cute leggy baring red and black dress.

Preview for While You Were Sleeping:


Press Conference and Final Set of Previews for While You Were Sleeping with Suzy and Lee Jong Seok — 15 Comments

  1. I don’t know how I feel about this drama. The more promos and hyped it is, the less interested I become. Seems like no exciting offering at K-dramaland lately and I am already dreading that I have 2 episodes left of happy dose with Live Up To Your Name ending this week.

    • Every time a drama is hyped up, I get more let down. I’m not sure if I’m getting more selective than I was one in the past or if drama story lines are just becoming unoriginal. Ironically, I loved the American movie “While You Were Sleeping.” Too bad this wasn’t a drama remake of that; I’d probably be more likely to tune in.

    • Same feeling. Sadly theres not much in kdramland lately that hooked me at all except Age of Youth2 & Live up to your name- which i wait to finish airing to marathon. And upcoming dramas that actually holds my interest only This life is our first.

  2. The picture with them looking at the love heart they made with their hands makes me want to shep them.

    Then I remembered they were rumoured before.

    Then I remembered she has an official boyfriend.

    So I shall only ship characters not actors. I’m not in the business of burning down happy homes.

  3. Lee Sang Yeob looks so good with that suit. He gives off that advocate vide. I’m hoping that Lee Sang Yeob’s character and Ko Sung Hee’s character have romance or that there’s no romance at all instead of having annoying triangle rivalry.
    I’m secretly wishing that Suzy and Ko Sung Hee turn out to have better chemistry than the main couple and Suzy ditches her male lead and starts a lesbian relationship with Ko Sung Hee. That’s because their chemistry already looks better in those press-con pictures than the main couple’s.
    Ko Sung Hee’s and Lee Sang Yeob’s attire look very suiting to their characters. Suzy’s too. I’m trying to be nice here so I’m not going to say anything about LJS ?

    • dont be tired, coz this looks like one of those, LJS is a prosecutor solving crimes, while Suzy is a fortune teller instead of crystal ball she sleeps, haha. well this sounds like Minority Report-ish.

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