C-actress Guli Nazha a Vision in Fun Fendi Style at Milan Fashion Show

I know what I find pretty when I see it but it’s also hard not to slightly have concerns that go along with it. C-actress Guli Nazha was in Milan last week for the Fendi fashion show as a guest and spokeswoman for the couture house and I was blown away by how amazingly gorgeous she looked. The softly upswept hair with delicate makeup set off with chunky hoop earrings, paired with an adorable age-appropriate green lace baby doll dress with thick bow-tie shoulder straps, and completed with adorable multi-colored furball sandals that match the red purse.

But I can’t help but notice how skinny she looks and she’s always been on the thin side already, but this is vying for uber-skinny along with so many of her C-actress colleagues like Zhao Li Ying and Zheng Shuang. All these young top C-actresses seem like a gust of wind, and not even a particularly strong gust at that, will blow them away. I still think Nazha is one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen though she has gotten her most famous Uyghur actress crown stolen by also much too think but so beautiful Dilraba Dilmurat. Nazha needs to pick better dramas and also beef up her acting but she has Crystal Liu career potential in her.


C-actress Guli Nazha a Vision in Fun Fendi Style at Milan Fashion Show — 14 Comments

  1. I like Dilraba better. She gives off a more personable vibe. Her acting is not bad either. I think she’s improving well with experience.

    They’re both gorgeous.

    Nazha looks like she’s mixed to me. If you didn’t tell me that she’s Asian then I would think she’s European descent.

      • she is chinesse uyghur, they look like that (little bit europian/turk looks)
        maybe because I am asian, but I almost can tell if someoe from japan, korea, chinesse, or mongol. They all have quite different feature 🙂

      • Turkish?? nah, this girl looks half European, I know that look from where I came from since we used to be colony of some European country. she probably grew up in Macau, a former Portuguese colony.

    • I could’ve sworn otherwise. For me Dilraba looks more European than Nazha. Nazha looks pretty Asian, I’ve seen some Han Chinese that look less Asian than her. But I suppose it’s got to do with the angles. In some angles she looks less Asian and in other angles she looks very Asian. :/

  2. We really are in dire need of natural women for modelling. And who are healthy not anorexic and plastic faced. This reed of a woman has the same face as so many other C actresses and some K pop idols its becoming ridiculous. Her body is so this, it even healthy to promote such body images. Utter bull.

  3. The hair and makeup is nice as are her features. But ive always like Dilraba way better- who also is better at acting than Gulnazar.

  4. I like Nazha better. She’s a girl that doesn’t take much place but still you’ll notice her. Just because she’s weak physically does not mean she’s mentally weak. She totally won me over after watching Divas Hit the Road 3. Her cute, random, fun and likeable personality is somehow “simple”, which is good in this already complexed world?

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