Temperature of Love Lead Mon-Tues Ratings Over New Arrivals Witches Court and 20th Century Boy and Girl

Two new Mon-Tues dramas are here and neither appear to make a strong splash and definitely nowhere near contending with time slot leader Temperature of Love. Witches Court on KBS nearly doubled the ratings at 6.6% over MBC‘s 20th Century Boy and Girl which aired two hours of new episodes to make up for the preemption last week. 20th Century got 4.2%, 3.9%, 3.5%, and 3.1% for the first four short episodes. Temperature of Love remained the ratings leader for 9.3% and 11.2% as that drama hits midway in airing and seems to have a nice audience interest despite being so lukewarm I just want it to suck or get much better rather than stay so persistently mediocre. Between Witch’s Court and 20th Century it was a no brainer that domestic viewers would prefer the legal intrigue of the former over the romantic trials and tribulations of modern day 30-something Seoul urbanites.

On the cable network side, tvN’s This Life is Our First premiered at 2% which isn’t bad but is down nearly 1% from predecessor Argon‘s ratings.


Temperature of Love Lead Mon-Tues Ratings Over New Arrivals Witches Court and 20th Century Boy and Girl — 27 Comments

    • They have no competitors… Not saying she doesn’t deserve the success.
      Just that the drama isn’t even great to be called a hit

  1. 2017 is turning out to be like 2015.. Ratings are abyssmal.
    I guess only big projects like Kingdom and Mr Sunshine next year would revive the drama market, which sucks since K-dramas are practically just relying on a few star writers.

  2. Honestly, Kim Jae Wook and Jo Boa are the best part in ToL.I’m still watching it but I don’t have much feelings for the main couple. Seo Hyu Jin is doing a good job, but I wish she’d take some different roles before she starts getting typecast. Witches Court with Jung Ryeo Won seems interesting. The real life issues with a feministic take make it more serious. Haven’t seen 20th century Boy and Girl, but I’m not interested either. Han Yesul just turns me off, even if I liked her in Birth of a Beauty, but that’s because the drama was interesting.

    • Jo Boa is so so I think. That confrontation between her and Yang Se Jong wasn’t executed that well IMO. I say this because I questioned her intonation during my watch. Why did she raised her voice like that? In the hand of better actor it would be different.

  3. Park SHin Hye cameo gonna make the ratings soar more! Yess! Finally the hallyu queen will be seen again! Want to see her in a scene with Seo HyunJin!

  4. I’m so very happy that TOL still lead in its time slot despite all those dramas that premiered this week. Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin are a pleasure to watch, they complement each other very well. TOL is a nice watch overall (only Jo Bo Ah’s character is a turn off, your typical b!tch)

    Concerning the competition, I read many bad reviews about ‘Witch Court’, criticizing the female lead character (Jung Ryeo Won) so I’m really on the fence for this one, should I watch or not and lastly 20th Century Boy and Girl is unfortunately one drama I’ll skip, I just can’t with Han Ye Seul *sorrynotsorry*

    • Witch Court has good review on Naver. Actually three of the premiere have good review especially Witch Court and The Life is Our First.

      I guess korean loves cheesy and cringe lines plus doctor and chaebol stories.

      This year is not better drama year. 2016 was awesome.

      Not a fan of Seo Hyun Jin’s acting so don’t get what so special about her.

      Mad Dog will be another turn point like Defendant I think. Yoo Ji Tae will back. Hope the story will deliver well.

      And the hype seems will be for Revolutionary Love since youngers like easy and fun drama more.

  5. I swear the acting of the leads in TOL sucks. Omg…. The drama is become so lifeless. Yang Se Jong, can u act? Sorry i have to let it out.

  6. I guess I’m in the minority, but the leads are what is keeping me in TOL. I think they have some of the most realistic conversations that I’ve seen in a k-drama. Specifically, at one point when she’s telling him her woes, he says if you do that I’ll try to fix things. That is such a dude thing to say (as well as being true with many guys I know). I appreciate how down to earth it is and the wrong timing in the earlier part of their relationship is true to life as well.

    The misfires in the drama imo are regarding the jealous psycho 2nd lead…done other places better as well as all the regular love triangles. After the initial few episodes, KJW really settled into his character and would have loved for him to have his own separate love story.

    So basically I like but don’t love it and that’s the way it goes.

    • U echo my thoughts… It’s more slice of life which is refreshing for me, instead of more supernatural dramas…
      Anyway those who were prejudiced about the casting will remain so #hatersgonnahate# Ultimately TOL is leading its time slot.

      • Count me in! I’m living for their banters!XD Smart dialogue and the lovely chemistry between the leads are the things that makes me love this drama.
        I really like Jung Sun’s character, he’s not fickle and isn’t afraid to show his vulnerability, voice over his fears, his feelings. I also love how he rightly put Hong Ah in her place. She seriously needed a reality check (though I doubt it will wake her up from her delusional state)

        I agree with Pips,#hatersgonnahate, they disliked the drama from the start (Yang Se Jong being the male lead is probably one of the main reason…I fail to understand the hate, he’s good eventhough he’s a rookie)People on this particular blog seem to have some kind of agenda against the drama and its leads. Don’t mind them 🙂

  7. just finished watching 20thCBG (oh my god what a long name). Surprisingly, I found that the show is so heartwarming and their leads are calm despite low ratings. Ji Suk is so good as the lead actor. His acting reminds me of Eric Shinhwa. No overacting, just subtle. I love it.

    PS: still cant bring myself to watch ToL.

    • Same here – 20thCBG is hands down my favorite of the new drama batch. Though overall I liked all of them and have not discarded any outright.

    • The first three episodes kinda bored me a little, but the fourth episode was so full of heart and touching. I’m looking forward to Han Yeseul and Kim Jisuk’s romance – his character makes me swoon everytime he gazes at Han Yeseul.

  8. Currently enjoying This Life Is Our First the most, followed by 20th Century. I’m surprised at the low ratings for both dramas. Guess rom-coms are no longer in fashion?

    • This life is our first is a pleasant surprise and hopefully will get more viewers. TOL is low key for the most part but he seems more grounded and his no nonsense approach to the friend? Who is interested in him is refreshing. There’s always an audience for a well written/well acted rom-com and 20th Century seems to get better as it goes so keep your fingers crossed!

  9. The ToL drama is so so tho. Sorry to say but I’m not feeling the acting. Too smooth, predicted and kinda old formula. I think Witch Court will be good competitor. I wonder did Seo Hyun Jin get other offers instead of the same characters again and again. She should wait a bit longer to make people forget her previous characters if she want the similar roles.

  10. ToL is just bland, even if the dialogue is interesting, it has no spark as a drama, I mean documentary has a real-life dialogue too but they make sure we get the information without being too boring for the genre,

    ToL manage to make is a boring drama with an upside of real life kind of relationship, it just it’s not worth telling as a drama.

    Another thing is the acting, such a disappointment,

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