KBS Drama Witch’s Court Hits 12.3% Ratings as Temperature of Love is Preempted Due to Baseball

When lady luck adds an extra boost it’s best to run with it, so it’ll be interesting to see if KBS Mon-Tues drama Witch’s Court continues with the unexpected momentum boost from this Tues. The legal drama broke double digits with 12.3% ratings for Tuesday’s episode 4, thanks in no part due to the unexpected cancellation of Temperature of Love‘s Tuesday episodes because a baseball game went into extra innings. I felt a sense of relief I didn’t have to watch the trainwreck ridiculous marriage proposal Kim Jae Wook‘s character was planning despite knowing the girl he likes is dating his good friend.

I would rather he get smashed by the proverbial K-drama truck of doom than go through with that harebrained idea. Please god let the OTP date in their bland vapid romance and go on your merry way, dude. As for Witch’s Court, it’s getting really good audience feedback from K-netizens so now I’m actually tempted to start and add on my Mon-Tues watch which is currently obsessing over This Life is Out First which had ab big ratings jump on cable to 3.841%. Unfortunately poor beleaguered MBC drama 20th Century Boy and Girl got 3.7% and 4.3% ratings and didn’t really benefit from the Temperature preemption. Continue reading

Temperature of Love Lead Mon-Tues Ratings Over New Arrivals Witches Court and 20th Century Boy and Girl

Two new Mon-Tues dramas are here and neither appear to make a strong splash and definitely nowhere near contending with time slot leader Temperature of Love. Witches Court on KBS nearly doubled the ratings at 6.6% over MBC‘s 20th Century … Continue reading