Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Get Married in Star-studded Wedding at Shilla Hotel

This week felt a bit surreal in K-ent, with so many events happening both joyful and sorrowful it reminds me of the lovely British movie of the 90’s Four Weddings and a Funeral. This Tuesday October 31st is Halloween for us in the US but in South Korean entertainment it was the star wedding of the year with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo tying the knot in Seoul at the Shilla Hotel. Spectators were lined outside the hotel and got an eyeful with the guest arrival stream as impressive as any top awards show, so many A-listers who are all good friends with either or both of the couple.

The Song-Song couple’s unofficial matchmaker screenwriter Kim Eun Sook who cast them in Descendants of the Sun was there as were Song Joong Ki’s best guy friends brigade consisting of Kwang Soo, Im Joo Hwan, Cha Tae Hyun, and Yoo Ah In, among many others. Their wedding ceremony was clearly expensive but very lovely with traditional simplicity. The couple also released official pictures from the ceremony (above) and also a few pictures from their wedding photoshoot last month. Congrats to Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in living a happy life together!


The wedding guests include: Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, Kwangsoo, Yoo Ah In, Park Bo Gum, Kim Ji Won, Kim Jong Kook, Park Hyung Sik, Kim Min Suk, Kim Hee Sun, Cha Tae Hyun, Super Junior’s Donghae, 2PM’s Junho, SHINee’s Minho, Park Sol Mi, Hwang Jung Min, Moon So Ri, Choi Ji Woo, Hong Kyung Min, child actress Kim Soo An, Go Chang Suk,  Lee Jung Hyun, Im Joo Hwan, Song Jong Ho, Yoo Dong Geun, Jun In Hwa, Han Jae Suk,


Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Get Married in Star-studded Wedding at Shilla Hotel — 92 Comments

  1. Congratulations for SONGSONG COUPLE, from me who’s probably the only person who’s not watch any episode of Descendants of The Sun.

    When I know Zhang Ziyi will come I thought Huang Xiaoming and Takeshi Kanesiro will come too, since they all did a movie together. But… Wow what a guest list.

    It must be really hard for them too (the bride and the groom and the guest) remembering about what happened with Kim Joo Hyuk.


    • Watch a couple of episode but dropped it. I’m not against the two of them I like them as an actor/actress but I don’y get the hype for DOTS cause there’s some drama airing at the same time that’s much better but became underrated.

      • Agree..didn’t see any chemistry between the leads (I’ve never thought she could act, but watched 4 SJK) and the 2nd couple were far more entertaining. The other drama was far superior (IMO)

  2. Sjk will have a hard time creating chemistry with other actress. Hope he stays away from romance for two three years. The craze song song has is insane. Their combine popularity is huge. Haven’t seen this for any otp.
    Congratulations to the lovely couple. Their wedding pics are ethereal.

    • First, a hearty congratulations to Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong
      Ki ?!!!!

      @blazingflame Agreed.I already called this out a long time ago.Them song song shippers are rabid????.If Song Hye Kyo comes back to the drama scene with a romance theme.She will be ok.She will do just fine.But for SJK, not even five years will do it.

      He will need to flex his acting skills and explore other genres aside from melodrama and romance.His star/celebrity status/persona and real life romance is now much much stronger than his career path as an actor or should I say the line is blurred.

    • Soong Joong Ki will have no problem creating chemistry. Either acting chrmistry or sexual chemistry. He can’t have romance drama might be due to alot of rabid fans, not because of himself.. I don’t have problem with it. He is amazing in something else also.

      Congratulation song song couple

      • yes…I would love to see him in thriller genre…movie or drama…or maybe a role like Ji chang Wook in Healer or like lee Min Ho in City Hunter….oh my,he will be great..

    • He won’t have any trouble, but nothing wrong with moving away from your typical love line kdrama. It’s kind of the bottom barrel as far as acting goes anyway. Though I imagine he’ll have a loveline any and sell is well enough. There are tons of married actors out there who do the same.

    • Some the same guests like Cha Tae-hyun had just gone to the wake too, at the mortuary.

      Can’t imagine how to switch from tragedy -> celebratory-happiness modes for them.

  3. Been a long time SHK fan since autumn heart , now finally I feel so relaxed and released and happy that finally she has found her true love and happiness . From now on , I don’t care who SHK will
    Be pairing with in TVs or film because I know in real life she already has her man.
    Congrats SHK and SJK , wish you all happiness and lots of laugh in your marriage life.

  4. It must have been a bittersweet event for many of their guests. They really are a gorgeous couple and still seem so down to earth at the same time. Congrats to them, I wish them a long and happy life together.

  5. i cried tears of joy during the wedding ceremony.At long last my ultimate princess is married.thank you song joon ki for loving and choosing her.

    k-netz and i-netz haters alike tried all they could to discredit shk with all kind of unconfirmed dating rumours over the years which pains her and her numerous fans alot.

    i am glad that all is over now due to the mercy of Almighty God.i want to take this ,oportunity to thank God for bringing these precious souls together and i pray for their continues success in health,wealth,profession and marraige life full with flowers and peace.

    congrats again to the awesome couple.

      • Almighty god was where when kjh died, when people died at Manhattan tonite,weren’t they precious souls too ! If god exists , he is too above us to hear us ( Malcolm in the middle dixit DEWEY) . my personal opinion. not wanting to debate.

      • We’ll all know for sure someday won’t we. I don’t see the point in getting in debates about it now or forcing our views on others, let people believe what they want to.

      • yes, people can believe in what they want . say what they want too. and they should be able to live as they want too if it doesn’t harm anyone.

  6. Congratulations SongSong couple. I am another commentator here who didn’t watch DOTS but is very happy for this beautiful and popular couple. May they have a blissful and long lasting marriage. It’s crazy these secret shots of them from the paparazzi.

    • IKR? SOng Hye Kyo seems getting younger and he look like 25 like in his full house days. While SOng Joong Ki, well I have more words, he is so baby face.

  7. “Difficult for cha tae hyun to smile”?
    “bittersweet event for many of the guest”?

    Can anybody explain why? Don’t really follow celebrity news

    Where is Jo In sung? Aren’t they good friends?

    • A famous well known korean actor Kim Joo Hyuk passed away on Oct 30 in a car accident. Many of the attendants and most likely the Song Song couple as well knew him. Therefore many of the A-listers are subdued and grieving over the death.

      • Ah I see… that probably explains all the black clothes worn by the guests!! I was thinking why can’t people wear happier and more colorful clothes to weddings since it’s a happy occasion… now I understand why. Such sad news (about the passing of the actor) but happy for the SongSongg Couple!

    • Also some of the actors probably went to the wedding right after visiting the mortuary for Kim Joo Hyuk adding another layer of sadness.

      • Makes a whole lot more sense to attend the happy celebration first, then the Mortuary.

        Life/fate is just this unfair. A birth for one family, could mean a death when remembering the same date/date.

        Just as Oct 31 will be Wedding anniversary for this beautiful couple, but also remembered as Death anniversary Oct 30 for life take away too soon for Kim Joo-hyuk

  8. Park Hyunh Sik suddenly appeared looking so matured and old (why my boy?). Lol at Yoo Ah In and his big necklace and pendant making him look like a triad gang member.

    Anyway, congrats to the Song-Song. Now, off to wanting the same ending for the Kim-Kim.

    • I actually saw the opposite on PHS. I saw his other pics, he gained weight but he still looks younger than before but with a mature aura. I actually like his look now than before. Well, maybe diff taste for diff folks.

      Congrats to Songsong!

  9. Not my definition of a simple wedding ( see Rain and kim Tae Hee ‘s wedding). but the couple looked very emotional and i like SHK dress ( totally her style). Entertainment world bring another good news because lately it’s really a sad and mad world.

    • I agree with you .This is not a simple wedding. I love Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s wedding it’s simple and very private as what they said cause that’s what they want considering that they have the money to spend. I think it’s not about how grand the wedding is even they got the money it’s all about a marriage that will last forever. There’s some celebrity couples that had a grand wedding but got separated in the end.

      • Each has his own preference , don’t need to bring the comparison here if you truly congrats them. If you truly congrats them don’t bring the separation in this topic

      • ssc wedding was private,but cmedia livestream it using drone,no media inside it was announce beforehand,

      • Honestly Rain and KTH’s looked so simple it looks like it was put together quickly. I have a feeling she would have wanted a more grand wedding than that but who knows. Either way, what’s most important is their married life.

      • Bebot2727 girl do you have something against this couple you love your rain and Kim take her simply wedding yay happy for you but take you negativity somewhere else plus if you can’t see love in their eyes lol maybe you didn’t see the wedding videos

      • In today’s world, nothing is guaranteed in life. However, no need to compare another couple’s wedding to this couple. Perhaps, they are so happy that they want to share the occasion with their friends, which really, when you grow up, the occasion to get a big group of friends together starts shrinking more and more.

        Doesn’t matter what happened to other couples either, there is so much more to the relationship and no one outside the relationship knows exactly why the marriage doesn’t work. As long as they are happy at this moment….and really, a wedding is a once in a lifetime thing, so this is your one and only chance to have a grand party with all your friends wishing you the best, any lady would want a huge wedding if the budget permits.

  10. Congratulations to them. But among the celebrities that got married this year I LOVE RAIN AND KIM TAE HEE’s SIMPLE but beautiful wedding. And the picture that they’ve (rain and kim tae hee) released is loveable you can see how happy they are. Yet I can’t see it in Song’s picture its just my opinion but it just like they’re having a photoshoot

    • @Ta we do have the right to state that it wasn’t a simple wedding like they talked about. I just thought that they will have a wedding a la Rain /Kim tae Hee or a la Won Bin and lee na Young. That’s all. and @Bebot2727 and i congratulate them as i would for another couple.Because if they are happy ,i’m happy too. Peace !

      • @cahill , my response not to you but to the other person , there is nothing wrong stating the opinion; however bringing the separation associated with couples who has grand wedding onto the table in this happy news , don’t you think it’s quite of a lack of courtesy here ?

      • @ta, the other person was responding to my comment. Don’t you think that you lack of courtesy too when you state that our congrats are not sincere ?

      • Yours are sincere but not the other’s
        Let’s say you have a grand wedding assumely , and someone said oh some grand wedding will end up in separation to your face on your wedding day , what do you think ?

      • @ Ta agree with you . a ceremony ( grandiose or not)has nothing to do with the sincerity of an engagement. Sorry if you misunderstood me. I’m an impulsive person and hope that you’ll accept my sincere apologies. and i’m always happy when there is a wedding and this year we had plenty of them.

      • Just want to say that i prefer small weddings and just took Rain /Kim tae hee as an exemple, cause i don’t have a favorite couple.

  11. Finally My Boy is getting Married. I actually still can’t believe it my eyes still. Congratulation Song Song Couple. thank you SOng Hye Kyo for Choosing Song Joong Ki.

  12. I don’t understand why some KTH-Rain fans love comparing their favs to SSC? Yes I get love their simple wedding. So what? Does that mean other couples have to do the same too?
    Btw congrats to SongSongCouple! As a long time fan of SHK, I’m glad to see her finding someone to spend the rest of her life with.

    • Probably super expensive and as far as I know it’s Christian Dior. But it looks like it’s from the 80s. I like that it’s simple but the top is just ugly.

    • The bottom looks simple and good but the top is just ugh. Overall… a very 80s type of dress.

      Apparently her wedding dress is pretty expensive as it’s Christian Dior. Well it doesn’t matter who the designer is it’s unwhelming and maybe she was going for unwhelming.

  13. no need to compare celebrity weddings.every wedding is nice and what is truly important is the love they have for each other.peace

  14. They are so beautiful and their wedding was simple and elegant. I hope they have a long and happy life together. I seriously can’t believe a couple I liked ended up married. It’s like a dream. I feel bad about the media attention they got, but I can’t say I didn’t hang on every update. Hopefully now things will calm down and they are allowed more privacy.

  15. No need for comparison. Some prefer simple, some grand wedding. Both of them look beautiful. My fav moment of wedding was when sjk was constantly rubbing his hand against hyekyo because she was crying. They are one gorgeous looking couple.

  16. My favorite simple wedding ceremony goes to Kim Tae Hee and Rain. But for best looks of bride and groom plus best pre-wedding pictures I’ll choose Eric-Nahyemi couple.
    Still big congrats for the hottest couple Joongki and Hyekyo.

  17. Its also a very sad day as some guests rush off after the wedding ceremony to attend Kim Joo Hyuk’s wake. Cha Tae Hyun obviously cried alot for the lost of his hyung the night before attending the wedding event with puffy eyes.

    Congrats to the couple! Btw SJK looks so boyish and SHK is beautiful as usual.

  18. Just curious, are the spouses/partners of the celebrities ever invited to these weddings? I’ve never seen them with guests to weddings nor award shows.

    • Ikr. In our country it is considered very rude to omit respective spouses of the friends from wedding because after getting married they are considered as a one person.

      • Probably because most of these stars are coming straight from a shooting set or at this particular wedding some from a memorial of a well known Korean celebrity.
        I am sure a +1 was invited, but they are celebrities and probably do not want to disclose their non celebrity significant other to the public.

  19. A big hearty congratulations to Mr and Mrs Song. You don’t have to be fan to notice the sincerity and love They have to each other. It’s evident from every look of jk how much he loves hyekyo. I guess this is why they are not only popular among fan but also among General viewers too. And please don’t bring topics like separations on wedding post.

  20. I used to think that top celebs like SHK or Lee Hyori would get married late or even not married at all because of their status & how popular they are (at the top of their game). But I was wrong. Look at them now. LH seems so happy with her married life & so does SHK, finally could find her soul mate. Congrats for both of you (SHK & SJK). May you two have a blessed married life.

    PS : their wedding ceremony is so beautiful. I’m touched by how so in love the couple are

    • Since most of top (& over 30 y.o.) actresses are already tied the knot now I’m waiting “good news” from Ha Ji Won next 😉

  21. Me too! I’ve watched the first 6 episodes but dropped it because I didn’t feel the excitement. Congrats to the new couple eventhough I think joong ki is better with the actress in my mind and hye kyo is better with the actor in my mind. Anyway, they are already married and there’s nothing I can do about it. *peace*

  22. I don’t understand the jealousy with some of this rain and Kim the he stands it not SSC fault that the media was very hyped about their wedding while the wanted it private

  23. songsong couple wanted their wedding to be soo private that they even rejected a freaking $13 million dollars by a chinese website to livestream their wedding.

    it is not their fault that the media was soo gung ho about their wedding.i wish they accepted the offer as it got livestreamed anyway.

  24. Song song wedding was neither grand nor private. They wanted normal wedding with good number of guests but the media and public attention on them was overwhelming. The amount of likes or RT they get even for simple of things was huge. Their wedding announcement and yesterday officially married tweets is most liked and rt in soompI and other media outlets. I am glad they rejected Chinese offer but their illegally were live streaming their complete ceremony on their ceremony. It was complete breach of privacy, but truth to ltold fans and nonfan were enjoying every bit of ceremony. Once again congratulations to SongSong couple.

  25. Chukae beautiful couple. I prefer this kind of wedding. Not that grand nor simple. Just casual wedding. Some people prefer to hold a wedding with their private ones. But some others want to share their happiness with more than just two or three friends. And song song couple has a lot of friends. As long as they’re comfortable and happy who are you to judge? It’d preference.

    I didnt see D.O, i think he would sing on his hyung’s wedding.

  26. Congrats to the happy couple. May they grow old sharing the same pillow.

    They both look so good. I love her dress. It is not demure but not trashy either. She looks so good. She is one of the most beutiful women I have seen on screen and they both make a good couple. I also love that she is older than him (the society is usually ok when the man is older but with this couple, everyone is on board and I’m loving it).

    As for the wedding, it is the type of wedding many people will go for it they have enough money. I wouldn’t call it a GRAND wedding but it is obviously top of the line and as long as the couple is happy any kind of wedding is fine by me.

    I have no problem watching either of them with other actors in romantic roles. Then again I love both but not really a fan of either. I think SJK is an actor with more talent than his wife but she has great on screen presence and I like her drama choices. I enjoyed DOTS a lot, the secondary couple was also good in that one.

    As for the guests the best looking among them -imho- is Yoo Ah In.

  27. The flowers choosen by SHK for her bouquet , are sold the 1st May ( labour day)in my country “Le Muguet”. You offer them to your family , friends… to wish them good luck. Every year i have plenty of them in my garden . They are really pretty and are only available in May.

  28. So cute. Wishing them the best. I am surprised Song Seung Heun and Won Bin didn’t show since “Autumn in my Heart” was what made all three famous.

    Wedding pictures are gorgeous!

  29. Beautiful couple! She is too gorgeous esp in that movie Hwang Jin Yi. I have noticed in most Korean weddings that a lot of the women wear black. Is that the norm? Same here except for the Chinese actress, mostly in black. But maybe because of death of another actor? But could have changed between occasions……….anyway noticed black outfits in other weddings too. Just asking.

    • they usually wear dark color to make the bride stand out in white,in korea they criticize u if u dress to the nine attending a wedding especially wearing white

    • in korea its not uncommon to wear black, its not like other country well in my country u dont wear black in a wedding, but in korea wearing white to attend a wedding will get u criticize, i read 1 time an actress wear white to attend a wedding of a fellow actor and she get bash,

  30. Seeing too many comments(posters) that jealous on couple Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki: beautiful appearance, beautiful bride&broom, very successful drama(DOTS) that’s still on Top list since broadcast-today(Nov. 2017)….! It’s rate=9.8…

    To be honest, both of them’re attractive and chemistry for romantic…!

    What happen to this threat(koalasplayground)? It shows so much haterful viewers= anti-Song’s HERE…!

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