Temperature of Love Screenwriter Teases that Drama Ending Could be Different than Book in Who Female Leads Ends Up With

I’m ready to put K-drama screenwriter Ha Myung Hee on my shit list now, I’ve concurred with a lot of the criticism lobbed at her for her previous dramas Doctors, High Society and even her earliest works One Warm Word and Can We Get Married. But being flawed doesn’t mean she’s completely sucky but now her attitude makes me think of her as such for being so manipulative to her drama fans. Ha Myung Hee posted on her SNS last week that she was really torn about how to end currently airing SBS drama Temperature of Love, whether female lead played by Seo Hyun Jin will end up with the younger chef Yang Se Jong‘s character or her production agency boss Kim Jae Wook. Come again woman? She wrote that even though the drama is adapted from her own novel with a set ending, the drama to her is fair game and open again to writing an ending that could be different.

I find this so crappy on her part because fans of the chef ship will feel worried and fans of the boss ship will get hopeful. I love Kim Jae Wook’s performance but his character is pretty annoying now and I don’t even want him to get anything much less the girl. And if Seo Hyun Jin is based on Ha Myung Hee herself then oh boy no wonder there is this veneer of self-absorbed righteousness about her that I just can’t stand. I hope viewers who are still sticking with this job can handle the whiplash to come for the final few episodes whatever the ending turns out to be.


Temperature of Love Screenwriter Teases that Drama Ending Could be Different than Book in Who Female Leads Ends Up With — 10 Comments

  1. I dropped the show and reading some recaps, it was the best decision ever, but say what??? First of all, I’m not even into the OTP who are the main reason I dropped it (I just don’t care for the maternal vibe I get from them), but really she never looked at the other dude for years and all of the sudden she will fall for his assy ways? Then again some weekend dramas are written that way. I’m so done with this writer. Unless she means the girl just decide to remain single and tell them both to screw off lol

  2. thats a ratings ploy isnt it? so that viewers wont know how the ending would be (when it was predictable all the way) unless they tune in to find out.

  3. Can’t agree with u more Koala. Found the lady lead obnoxious about 4 episodes . Persisted for 2 more cos I like the man lead. Glad that I didn’t go further.

  4. I have not watch drama since ep.4. The narrative is just to bland for my taste. But based on the recap either lead female end with Chef or she stay single. There is no way she will fall for her boss. She has not been attracted to him, never look at him all those years chef was out of the country, plus he is acting now like an jackass. He is not in loved with her. He is obsessed.

    This writter sucks. She is just playing with the viewers.

  5. OMG my sister who was watching this with me might be right. There was a scene that kind of indicated that the couple might not have a happy ending. I’m just in episode 20, so I don’t know how the drama is doing, but I think it’s the writer’s best work compared to High Society and Doctors.

    • i havent read the novel and in the latest episode that i got to watch, the chef ship is being tried and swayed by the boss. there is this feeling that the couple may break up but there is also this feeling that the boss is simply grilling the two.

      if people are not really ready into mixed up, ruffled up situation, they may really find the drama boring and stretched. but the beauty of the relationship is knowing the weakness and fighting to keep it afloat…

  6. LOL the writer is just teasing to get people curious and interested.
    Seo Hyun Jin is supposed to end up the chef Yang Se Jong.
    That made me think rather lowly of the writer of this drama. And she must turn Kim Jae Wok into an unpleasant character. This drama could have been better with good actors but poor draggy writing.

  7. I would prefer that she finish alone than with the CEO. There was nothing in their relationship that make me root for them, they had 5 years to be together.

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