Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri of Upcoming Mr. Sunshine Attend Blue Dragon Handprint Ceremony with Other Winners

Seeing this particular award-winning foursome of Korean actors and actresses together just makes me feel that one of these things is not like the others. Of course I mean Lee Byung Hun for being the multiple award-winning veteran and also much older than the rising young stars besides him Park So Dam, Park Jung Min, and Kim Tae Ri. The four were among the winners at the 2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards – Lee Byung Hun for Best Actor for Inside Men, Park So Dam was Best Supporting Actress for The Priests, Park Jung Min won Best New Actor for Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet, and Kim Tae Ri took home Best New Actress for The Handmaiden. I’m covering this event due to major curiosity over how Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri are going to mesh as romantic December-May romance leads in Kim Eun Sook‘s next big budget period K-drama Mr. Sunshine. Maybe it’s a good thing the two were standing far apart because at first glance Kim Eun Sook is going to have to work triple overtime to sell this romance to me.


Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri of Upcoming Mr. Sunshine Attend Blue Dragon Handprint Ceremony with Other Winners — 30 Comments

  1. Hahaha why do I feel Park So Dam seems to fit better as female lead to Lee Byung Hun than Kim Tae Ri? Maybe KES should have casted Park So Dam instead.

      • both dramas are criticised for the same reason

        people actually calming down cause both drama hasn’t specifically said if there is love line between the male lead and the female lead

    • None of them, please. LBH could be both of their father considering his age. The idea is gross, unless they act so well, that the age difference won’t be too disturbing. Kinda like Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet in Sense and Sensibility.

  2. Find Kim Tae Ri very pretty especially because she leaves her tresses naturally rather than going for those bangs and straight hair that almost every other actress has. And no seeming plastic surgery to look like one of those assembly line made models of K Ent and Even J ent.
    She is very refreshing, look wise.

  3. Kim tae ri is really gorgeous and talented to boot.curious to see how her career will pann out. I am expecting a lot from her and the 3 Kim’s in future.

  4. Oh no.what is wrong and kes. I can’t watch goblin before and here comes another one. Btw koala.. Yeh is coming to screen tomorrow. Yay!

  5. KIM Tae Ri is a promising actress, she is natural and beautiful so she’s got the looks and talent. Obviously she deserves better than KES drama with Lee Byung Hun. I predict that dumb international k-drama fans are going to call her a bad actress because of Mr. Sunshine because we all know how KES has the skill to make shitty female leads. Kim Go Eun did perfectly fine before Goblin, but in Goblin I couldn’t stand her cringey acting and character, although I much preferred her emotional scenes Gong Yoo’s somehow. Good thing is that before Mr. Sunshine she had a significant role in a critically acclaimed, Oscar tier film. From the pictures and the idea of her romancing with Lee Byung Hun sounds gross enough even without the added factor that he is a sleaze. He could honestly be her father and KES is bold enough to make them romance. I secretly really want Mr. Sunshine to not exceed the ratings and buzz expectation so KES will fall flat.

      • @Humor
        No, I wasn’t talking about A Muse. I was talking about how KGE did fine even before Goblin. She was good in CITT. Although she didn’t get the essence of the webtoon Hong Seol, her interpretation was very nice. Her performance in Coin Locker Girl was her best to date. Her performance in Memories of the Sword wasn’t the greatest. The film wasn’t good, but her shortcomings were too obvious next to Lee Byung Hun and Jeon Do Yeon. A Muse was interesting in a way because it was her debut, she was only 21 back then and she managed to shine even next to Par Hae Il. That movie was heavily from the male protagonists point of view and it was filmed from a male gaze. Even if the film tried to explore the themes of poetry, youth and sexuality, it failed as a whole because it never explored the female protagonists point of view. It wasn’t bad because of the salacious parts, it was bad because it lacked depth. But KGE’s acting was good for a debut actress.
        @cahill, ??
        No but really, I feel like a bad girl for wishing Mr. Sunshine to fail because it would be sad for the production team and of course Kim Taeri because it’s her debut in drama and there are a lot of expectations on her. But at the same time I despise how KES dramas become so popular even though they are so BAD. KES must be thinking that she is some sort of a writing God so she really needs to have a reality check.

    • There is no way KES + LBH + this cast is going to fail. Just look at Park Shi Hoo’s KBS weekend drama has hit the highest rating this year. Wait till the buzz comes out and everyone will be drooling over LBH and he gets his commercial revenue back. ?

  6. well lets hope Lee Sun Kyu-IU new drama stay on the so called”healing” lane only… make it more like Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo than this. this one is beyond yucks to see. No matter how good Lee Santa and Kim Tae Ri as an actor, the age gap are too much. and i thought park so dam-jang hyuk mind boggling already.

  7. I really don’t understand why people want KES to fail. I like her dramas. She never writes the same things. She tests other stories. She changes the casting. The fact that she prefers write about strong male lead, it doesn’t bother me. The Director is great too and the OST are really good.

    I like LBH as an actor. He’s great and versatile. And for his personnal life ? I don’ care, I don’t know him.

    I saw KTR in Handmaiden, I don’t really like the movie. But she was good.

    For the age gap, I have to wait. I can’t judge befor seeing the chemistry or the lack of chemistry. But if the story is good, I don’t have issue about this.

    • I don’t think people exactly want KES to fail per se. They just think her writing is garbage. And I can’t believe you’re actually saying she doesn’t write the same lol. I mean, everyone can see it differently I supposed but basically every drama she writes are all the same with different packaging.

      It might look super different – high school, work place, military, super natural – but the core is always the same.

    • Before the drama, we’ll see LBH and Park Jung Min in their new movie coming soon, Keys to the Heart (It’s Only My World) – maybe end of 2017 or early 2018. Saw a Japanese site posted that Mr. Sunshine would likely air in May but from interviews, the production will start in Dec.

    • Her dramas does use the same formula – attractive alpha male lead paired with a typical innocuous candy. Its the premise and story building that’s different, but they are essentially the same. But idk, there’s something appealing about her script. Other writers and PDs also write chaebol-candy stories and cast top actors, but they don’t have the same influence as her to create a mega hit every time.

      It’s not just LBH’s scandal that repulses people, but his age. Idk what happened to Kim Eun-sook that she decided to go with ahjusshi-young girl pairing since Goblin. It started with DOT’s second couple, then the age difference increases with every drama. Miss the time where she cast age appropriate leads.

  8. KES is taking a huge risk . it’s not about age gap or the same crappy writting anymore . he is a known womanizer and the current state in the world with so many sexual harasment revelation has irked the world like never before .

    kim tar ri is like a breath of fresh air . and i don’t want to see her with that ajussi. he is a good actor i will see him in anything. but not in this .

  9. Park Jung Min looks really nice with the two girls. They match well even judging from the pictures. Lee Santa looks like their dad here. Is it that hard to cast age appropriate leads ffs

  10. I came across this Blog after sometime of desperately searching for episode 23 and 24 of Mr. Sunshine.

    Reading through the comments, seems like the people already judge the Cover of the Book even before they’ve flipped and read through the Book’s pages.

    I’m not a big fan and never been a fan of Lee Byung Hun and I never knew the existence of Kim Tae Ri either.

    Until, I saw the trailer of the Mr. Sunshine in Youtube which tickled my curiosity.

    So I tried watching the 1st episode and see if its good until I realized that I’m already hooked up with the story and the growing May-Dec romance bet. Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri.

    There wasn’t much of physical contact between them but the way they STARE their exchange of CONVERSATION and their unconditional CARE for each other seems like a caress and romance.

    I never through that GUNS and ACTION series could be so romantic as how it was portrayed in this Series.


    It was worth watching that even my officemates who never watched KDramas are now hooked up. And not to mention my DAD who only love watching thriller and procedural TV Programs is also hooked up with Mr. Sunshine.

    To sum it up.

    Mr. Sunshine is epic and legend in KDRAMA world.


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