Drama Stills and Previews for Next SBS Wed-Thurs Drama Nothing to Lose with Park Eun Bin and Yeon Woo Jin

Looks like current SBS Wed-Thurs drama While You Were Sleeping will saunter off to a long slumber after this week’s final two episodes, maybe the ratings will rise to break 10% but ultimately the drama is a disappointment for screenwriter Park Hye Ryun and the big name cast. Next week comes courtroom legal drama Nothing to Lose, which if it does well in ratings will be validating that big name production and cast still comes second to a gripping drama with a good script and deft directing. I’m a little tired of legal dramas which is why I’ve yet to check out the well reviewed Witch’s Court on KBS Mon-Tues, what little legal bits are in WYWS is enough not to mention my day job naturally steers me to dramas that are entertaining escapes. With that said, I hope Nothing to Lose does well, Park Eun Bin is solid having transitioned into adult female leads and Yeon Woo Jin remains underrated and due for a deserving hit. The drama stills all look decent enough with the two leads and supporting cast Dong Ha and Na Hae Ryung.

Teasers for Nothing to Lose:


Drama Stills and Previews for Next SBS Wed-Thurs Drama Nothing to Lose with Park Eun Bin and Yeon Woo Jin — 26 Comments

  1. I feel like so many dramas are casting actors that look way too young for the characters they play. Is there a dearth of available actors in their 30s in South Korea or something? And these dramas with very young actors don’t even do that well ratings-wise.

  2. Another flop drama by yeon woo jin! He ain’t got no luck picking dramas & he’s such an average actor. I’m not a robot and black knight will destroy this drama especially seung ho and um ki joon with their chemistry will take top spot. Time for woo jin to return to second lead roles!

    • there’s nothing wrong with his acting. he simply has no star power. ratings are so bad these days because you have b-list actors like yeon woojin, go kyungpyo and yoon kyunsang etc taking on lead roles.

    • Sad but true. YSH alone can bring in 12-14% ratings. It will be an easy win for INAR. Even with the 2 week advantage the show will lose out because it has no star power and plot is cliche and overdone.

      • Don’t be so sure, no one predicted Fight My Way or Witch’s Court would be hits either. Or that WYWS wouldn’t break 10 percent. There are surprises everywhere!

  3. I’d have to agree. I’m getting somewhat tired of all the legal dramas. With Witch’s Court doing so well and getting great reviews, I don’t see this one getting near the amount of viewers. I may give the first couple episodes a chance just to see Park Eun Bin’s acting in this role though.

    • I don’t know what’s good wife. But the Korean judges I met are intense and take their jobs seriously. I don’t think we can actually meet a light hearted Korean judge can we? Since the society is all about status and honestly, everyone in court is serious. Friendly somewhat but man, dead serious about their jobs and responsibilities. That is real life, and yes, the judges were young too in real life. Some looking too young.

  4. I’m really excited to see this drama. I love the both actors ! I think the both can play comedy and drama very well without being weird. They have the good timing ! And they always have great chemistry with their partner.

    For the drama of YSH, I’m not so interested by the story. I will try because it’s YSH but I was so disapointed by The Ruler… even him with a bad script can’t save a drama.

    • Ruler beat SDQ in ratings the whole way! Boy is a ratings magnet he don’t need a good script! YSH will knock it out of the park again! YWJ can’t compare to the acting greats of YSH and KRw!

      • I didn’t speak about ratings term but quality. And Ruler was bad ! The main characters were useless and the only one who seemed to do things to help was killed… And I didnt find that YSH and KSH had chemistry.

      • Not to to but in but are saying then the large number of people who saw the drama must have no taste. What is a quality drama and what is not I’d determined by ratings not what some random one off person thinks. In terms of chemistry YSH and KSH had huge amounts of chemistry especially for a saeguk but they also only had 1.5 hours of scenes together. The only flaw in the drama was that their scenes weren’t properly explained but chemistry was not an issue. Even the bts videos were overflowing with chemistry. The two hardly ever took their eyes off each other the entire time. The large number Korean fans wouldn’t be wanting their reunion in a modern romcom if they didn’t have any chemistry and bombarded the after party with their pictures and videos just to make a point to the producers and channel.

      • As a die hard YSH’s fan, I couldn’t finish ruler and dropped it. Even my love for my bias couldn’t save it. I must reckon Ruler was crappy and messy, it got bad reviews from other blogs and korean viewers ranted a lot about the nonsensical plot. The viewers don’t have bad taste, they endured the crappy show because of the leads, they’re fond of KSH and YSH. To Minmo :no ratings don’t determine the quality of a drama, we’ve got plently examples of overrated dramas that I won’t name.
        The poor execution of scenes, messy writing and directing prevented the chemistry between the OTP to reach its maximum. If you think the bts were overflowing with chemistry, that’s fine, it’s your opinion. I assume you’re a shipper.

        YWJ is making his drama comeback at unfortunate time again, his competitors are YSH and KRW who have a solid fanbase and star power. 7DQ was such a gem but underrated, his acting is underrated too. I wish him the best and I hope next time he’ll act with a female actress who has some star power and he’ll make his comeback at a better timing.

      • @Minmo I think I prefered watch the BTS of Suspicous Partner because this couple was hot ! ( I mean the BTS of the kiss scene reached more than 3 millions views :p)

      • The BTS of kiss scenes for Ruler also had over a million views actually which is a lot for a sanitised kiss scene where one of the leads is a minor. I agree that the otp in Ruler had a lot of chemistry but the writing and direction did not maximize on the potential of the couple. As a die hard ysh fan I made sure to finish the drama and found it not so bad. What I was surprised by is how many times ysh kept saying he wanted to work with ksh again. The viewers weren’t the only one who enjoyed their chemistry clearly and he himself felt they could have done more if they had more opportunity.

      • Don’t know why we are talking about Ruler her but the drama was chock-a-block with chemistry between the leads! It’s only the antis who keep insisting they don’t have chemistry because they are butt hurt that the psychotic second female lead didn’t get the guy who couldn’t even be bothered to learn her name. Ruler was the best chemistry the leads had! Their kiss scenes were passionate and beautiful.

      • @Sopeshiper I’m sorry but people can have different opinion. I didn’t see any chemistry between the leads even if I like the both actors. It’s not about anti, hate or anything, it’s just my feeling about the drama. The kiss scene was really awkward for me. So you can say your opinion but you don’t have to name anti people who have different opinion.

      • One person insisting they have no chemistry isn’t a fact. If the entire Korean audience and a large majority of international audience say they had chemistry then it has to be true. Numbers outweigh some nugu comment. Don’t worry folks! The OTP slayed in their scenes together and won everyone over.

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