Gong Yoo is All Beaming Smile and Mega Hair in Elle Korea January 2018 Edition

What the what is going on with Gong Yoo‘s hair. The mane of glory so often seen on properly styled K-drama male leads in sageuks can be applied here to modern day Gong Yoo in the upcoming January 2018 Elle Korea cover and pictorial. That he’s landed the cover of the first issue of the new year of a ladies fashion magazine clearly means someone on that editorial staff knows what sells and the Goblin himself still sells big time in Korea even a year out from the drama’s airing. Unlike his last big K-drama hit Coffee Prince in 2007 which established him as a Hallyu star, that drama equally showcased female lead Yoon Eun Hye in a cross-dressing role whereas Goblin was all Gong Yoo only and he’s so tied with the character of Kim Shin I think it’s a smart move to wait until the right next role comes along.


Gong Yoo is All Beaming Smile and Mega Hair in Elle Korea January 2018 Edition — 18 Comments

    • Not fan of his hair too but he looks cute with this messy hair. and yes coffee prince is better than Goblin

      For me GY best projects Coffee prince , Silence 2011 , Age of shadows 2016

      • Coffee Prince will always have a special place on my heart, even though it wasn’t a perfect drama (the ending was too much, I think, when Go Eun Chan just left for Italy fr the sake of mandatory separation)

      • I have to watch that! I’ve always loved Biscuit Teacher Star Candy, Coffee Prince and Silence a lot but I never somehow watched more of Gong Yoo. maybe it was after Big that I didn’t get to see him that much anymore. Goblin was a huge success but tbh, it was not my style

      • finding mr. destiny is good movie not wow . but i agree with you. GY nailed his 2 characters so well .
        @prettyautumn try to watch it . and Age of shadows is really good movie. SKH was brilliant as usual . GY played his role so well too , one of GY best performance ever . He was praised by international critics not like Train to busan

  1. From what I read, Gong Yoo himself is the one who contributed the idea on that hairstyle. Maybe he wanted to test if women still find him smexy even with damaged fugly perm.

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