Chae Jung Ahn in Talks to Join K-drama Remake of Suits Opposite Jang Dong Geun and Park Hyung Sik

The casting for the K-drama remake of US legal show Suits is suiting up just right even if there’s still many elements to do right if this project wants to avoid the predilection for K-drama remake fail. The latest casting news is that Chae Jung Ahn has been offered a role in Suits, joining already confirmed male leads Jang Dong Geun and Park Hyung Sik. I love her acting since Prime Minister and I and continued into Yongpal where she was wholly underused. She’s got a composed but playful onscreen presence even if she’s asked to play bitchy or conniving, a bit like Lee El‘s style. With her lined up as a secretary at the law firm I feel the production definitely has a smart eye to finding the right K-ent talent for the Suits characters.


Chae Jung Ahn in Talks to Join K-drama Remake of Suits Opposite Jang Dong Geun and Park Hyung Sik — 8 Comments

  1. I like her too.She was in Coffee Prince too right? as the second lead.She totally outacted Kim Tae Hee in Yong Pal and had chemistry with both male leads.Her, Hong Soo Hyun and Yoo in Young are the type of actresses whose acting skills and screen presence oushines the female leads.They are pretty too.But are stuck playing bitchy second characters or supporting roles for years to bland actors/actresses.Just because they dont have enough “starpower”.

    • supporting actresses like Suzy, Yoona, Oh Yeon Seo and others. Also Kim Yoo Mi rocked her role in Cruel City than lead actress.

  2. Oooh I really like her and this whole cast so far……though I wish they weren’t doing a Suits remake. Like I’d want this cast in another drama something more original.

  3. Most of the American remakes have actually achieved decent ratings except Entourage which I find it odd as it was a actually a decent remake. But despite the low rating of Entourage, they were able to market it overseas. Thus it’s still viable for productions to invest into these remakes.

    I’ve only watched two and the Criminal Minds. I’ve watched many seasons of the American series, I like the Korean version too and it was an excellent remake. But I wished they have put more actions sequences in it which actually the added value to the production from the its original counterpart. Nevertheless it was great. It was one of the few dramas that I managed to finish in 2017. There aren’t many good kdramas this year.

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