jTBC Signs Go Ara, L, and Sung Dong Il for Legal Drama Miss Hammurabi

Looks like cable network jTBC is also jumping on the legal drama trend, as if there wasn’t a surfeit of such dramas over in the big three networks already. jTBC has picked up the K-drama adaptation of novel Miss Hammurabi chronicling the judicial legal profession. Sounds a lot like Nothing to Lose (Judge v. Judge) where all the leads are judges. The drama has confirmed the casting of Go Ara, Infinite‘s L (Kim Myung Soo), and veteran Sung Dong Il, with the drama being pre-produced with a scheduled airing in May. I remained very disappointed with Go Ara especially after Black, where even Song Seung Heon showed vast improvement and she was firmly rooted in basic acting expressions 101. Having her play a passionate idealistic judge in Miss Hammurabi sounds like a recipe for eager overacting, not to mention L is way to baby-faced to convincingly pull off a judge as well. Poor Sung Dong Il seems like the lone firm leg in this three-legged casting stool.


jTBC Signs Go Ara, L, and Sung Dong Il for Legal Drama Miss Hammurabi — 27 Comments

  1. Her character was so annoying in Black I had to suppress myself not to eyeroll every time she’s onscreen doing something stupid again. Doesn’t help that GAR was idk…Her acting does little to endear her character to me at all…

    I did however enjoyed SSH’s performance.

    I think I’m not touching anything she is in unless I hear really good reviews…I’ll just bear with her if the story is good.

  2. I’m sure this drama will get many acting awards, seeing how very talented the main actors are. L and Go Ara… doesn’t get any better than this πŸ™‚

    • Now now…that’s not very nice prettyautumn. You are not being appreciative of the pure raw talent we have here-it will take awhile for their true talents to show up-but I know it is there inside, somewhere—wait for a bit-err maybe a century or so and you will definitely see their sparkling, dazzling talent.
      As for this drama I foresee nothing less than Beaksang awards for them. Put in Suzy and Taecyon to the mix and we’ll have a drama that will make you speechless and glassy eyed and that will be the mother-of-all-dramas-that-will-not-be-named.

      *snark over*
      But Sung Dong Il…why?why?why?why are you here?

      • ????? Suzy and Taec? Sounds too good to be true! Maybe Sung Dong Il is secretly a masochist, who knows.. What could be worse than Real? O.o

      • Now now… that’s not very nice anugp61. Leave Taec out of this topic. He is serving MS for his country for at least another 1.5 years! What kind of person are you? Do you know Taec is not available to do any drama right now?? You just don’t pull random celebrity to pair up with that no-talent Suzy (Dream High was not bad for a rookie). Taec has not won any major acting award so that puts him in the general pool of actors. Why pick on him? There is at least one award-winning non-deserving actor you could have mentioned… why?why?why?why do you mention Taec?

  3. Honestly, it reminds me Nothing to Lose but I prefer a lot the casting of NTL than Go Ara and L. I don’t dislike Go Ara, she’e never really bad, it’s just that she’s never great either… For L, I liked him in the drama with Rain and Krystal, I think he had a better chemistry with Krystal than Rain. But yeah… he’s like Go Ara…

    Nothing To Lose could have been so great with this casting… what a shame.

  4. It’s hilarious to see L’s fans reactions to this news. They’re saying that he’s going to hard carry and talking about Go Ara’s acting skills when L himself is so bad. He has the most interesting and complex character in Ruler and it was wasted on him. I don’t like Go Ara either but it’s funny to see international fans always coming for the female actress’s acting skills and keeping mum about their oppa’s.

    • L…hard carry????? You mean hard carry the acting part????????? ……………………………………………………………………..#speechless

      I get that “oppa” is an eye candy, but to make it appear as if he’s an award winning actor able to carry a character and drama, all on his “nuanced” acting…. ???

  5. @candycane…Of course I was not being nice. But I was not specifically picking on him. He is someone who can’t act (like many of the others like him)a. He is a talented rapper and very good looking. But sadly acting is not his forte. I would say the same is true for Song Seung Heon (when he was younger).Same for Suzy-she lucked out in Dream high, Taec sort of managed in Dream high too, Go Ara in Reply 1994, L…well..I don’t know what his breakout role was.There are many more like that who just don’t make the cut.And their talents are at the very bottom of the general pool of actors. (probably buried under all that sand and pebbles)
    Also I don’t care what any actor/actress does in their private life (unless its domestic abuse, child abuse, rape or sexual harassment), I judge them by their acting. Don’t every male in South Korea have to enlist in military unless exempted for medical reasons? So what’s special about a healthy male doing what is expected from him as a citizen?
    And you have got me curios, who is the award winning but undeserving actor? Do tell. A little hint pretty please πŸ™‚

    • there is nothing special about a healthy male doing MS, but for a stranger (ie. us) picking on a person currently wearing a uniform serving his country is mean. Your comment sounds like you specifically pick on him by pulling his name out of a hat. Rain cannot act either, why don’t you mention his name? But anyway, you have admitted you were not nice, so I will chill down… For the little hint you ask… a male actor with a funny looking plastic nose (who has already worked with Suzy)… lol… have a nice day πŸ™‚

      • You are right about me pulling a name out of a hat. That action itself is random and the random names I pulled out happened to be Taec, along with Suzy. Why?Because they are on par with Go Ara and L.
        I consider both Rain and Kim Tae Hee to be serviceable-but not good. Lee Jeong Sook can become a better actor, but he tends to pick the same character over and over so there is no growth in acting for him- he has become a one trick pony. Even so all these are way way above Taec, Suzy,L,Go Ara,SSH (may be not SSH. I would put Rain and him in the same level). Its not that they try, but they effing can’t act. They don’t have it.And why is criticizing Taec’s (or any actor’s) acting insulting? I am a viewer who has the right to express displeasure at the mediocre performance of any entertainer. That’s what viewers are for.And wearing military uniform or serving the country has not got anything to do with that. Admirable perhaps, as a person, but bad acting is bad, whether it is before, during or after his military service!

      • oh well, then I am glad you won’t be seeing Taec in any drama for the next 1.5 years… Suzy on the other hand will continue to haunt us… stay tuned for more horrible k-dramas in the making…

  6. Revel in thy joy and happiness @candycane, for I am not in the habit of watching thy oppa at all military service or not!(unless he is on a stage, rapping and dancing and looking gorgeous with abs and all you know..) πŸ˜€

    And for Suzy….sigh.That Girl needs an honest best friend who is blunt enough to tell her that she should just focus ONLY on modelling and CFs

      • Erm…actually, you have been saying something very like that too about thy oppa. I’m not being mean now honest, but I couldn’t resist replying to you comment. All righty then @candycane, I’m off. It was really Lovely buttting heads with you. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        See you around !

      • I have never said he is versatile… coz I don’t think he is. When did I ever say that? Don’t put words in my mouth.

  7. I wrote off L after his brief stint in Master’s Sun and The time I never loved you.I heard he was good in Ruler.But I was really off sageuk last year.none of the ones that aired in 2017 caught my interest.I think the one word I would describe his acting is awkward.

    As for Go Ara, tsk tsk.Girl is jist not made for acting.I think many can agree with this.From You are all Surrounded to Hwarang to Black.Not a single bit of improvement.She is one of those beauties who are best suited for still photography modelling.Thats it.

  8. It’s nice to see Go Ara’s comeback after Black. Well, what can you do when she’s been picked to do that drama. I’ll just enjoy the show.

    • We have different tastes and for me, I like Go Ara in almost everything she’s in. I see her talent as an actress improving from Sharp to Black. I enjoyed her performance. So I’m so happy to see her in a new drama. And dramas are meant to be enjoyed by viewers so like you, I’m going to be entertained again by Ara’s new character, can’t wait!!

      • I’m not watching any drama since Black, but thanks I’m gonna return to kdramaland sooner than expected, when this drama airs!! like you my friends. For me, I totally love Go Ara and her acting is always on point. I’m not a good judge when it comes to good or best acting. For me, if the actor/actress caught my attention, I just simply love them and wanting to see them more in their other dramas and be happy. That’s the purpose of kdaramas isn’t it?
        I’m here to be entertained and support the cast as well, not to criticize. *peace*

  9. Hi chingu, but can you please change your name? you’re copying my name (although it’s not copyrighted)
    do you like cats as well?
    But I’m happy you also like Ara.

    • Hehe sorry if it bothered you, I like your name and I also cats but allergic to them (weird isn’t it?.)
      oh well, let’s just support Ara in this (new fan since Black)
      And here I changed my name. *sorry again*

  10. WOw! I’m so happy for this news! I recently read that they were offered the role and now they accepted it! I like L in Ruler and Go Ara in reply, 1994, I’m happy she’s trying different roles plus Sung Dong Il. This will be one awesome drama!!

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