Song Ji Hyo Teases Spring 2018 in New Sisley Pictorial

It may be freezing cold in many areas of the Northern Hemisphere, including the chilly climes of South Korea, so seeing Song Ji Hyo in her new spring fashion pictorial for Sisley is a welcome warm breeze. Even nicer is how cute and quirky these outfits are, I like them all except for the weird fashion style to wear socks with Mary Jane pumps but that’s been around for some time. She’s not my favorite actress or print model but whenever I do see her pictorials it always works, likely because her sincere persona really makes pictures feel vibrant rather than two dimensional. Last year she did the drama My Wife is Having an Affair this Week which I didn’t watch but was relatively well-received and she’s charting a solid course as no longer an ingenue but an actress working well in her thirties and beyond.


Song Ji Hyo Teases Spring 2018 in New Sisley Pictorial — 12 Comments

  1. She’s one of those actress who I thought was on the shorter end, but whenever she stands to average height female celebrities, it always surprises that she’s 167 cm, which is on the taller end for females. And love her smile!!!

  2. I like her a lot in RM until I watched her in Frozen Flower. She is an actress I know but I have difficulty digesting nude and explicit love scene. Guess I could never looked at her the same way anymore. But tbh, she is a much better variety star than an actress.

    • I think she is super muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better actress, she is one of koreas most beautiful actresses, super versatile and always shows amazing chemistry with her partners, i would watch any drama/movie with her in it!

    • I really don’t understad people, who see actors differently, when they learn that the actor did nude scenes. It’s just their job. Snd sex is a very natuarl thing that almost everyone does. I hope it’s not just female actresses you see differently after nude scenes. Zo In Sung and Joo Jin Mo had sex scenes there too. Alsl, Song Ji Hyo’s acting is pretty mediocre anyways. She revived her career with RM.

  3. She is a better variety star and model than an actress.She is one gorgeous woman I must say.She is 37 and rocking it so well.

    • she is only 36, but i totally agree she is rocking it soooo well, and i personally admire her alot as an actress and model, she has this classic looks along with a super charming personality!

  4. She took my breath away! She’s really beautiful – no wonder Yoo Jae Suk once mentioned she is the most beautiful actress he’s ever met. Her acting was okay for me, but she did improve in her last few projects. Can’t wait to see her next movie, Wind Wind Wind with Shin Ha Kyun, Lee El and Lee Sung Min.

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