Top K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun Delivers Second Son in Healthy Birth

Another K-ent celeb baby has dropped in this new year of 2018, the second after actress Lee Shi Young delivered on January 8th. Top star Jeon Ji Hyun welcomed her second baby on January 26th, a second son to become baby brother to her first child also a boy. She announced her pregnancy in spring of 2017 after finishing mermaid romance drama Legend of the Blue Sea, which I really wished was cohesively better than it ended up being, on the acting, chemistry, and script fronts. It had potential but could never rise above the raw ingredients. With that said, her personal life continues to be rosy and seemingly perfect, managing to keep a low profile despite her incredible popularity in Korea. Congrats to Jeon Ji Hyun and her non-celeb financier husband on the happy addition to their family! 


Top K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun Delivers Second Son in Healthy Birth — 7 Comments

  1. Awesome! It’s always a blessing to hear that the mother and child are in good health after childbirth. Congrats to her and her family!

    Sidenote: Her styling is simple but impeccable in that second picture. Slay a little JJH!

  2. The superwoman herself..beautiful, rich, low profile with no media circus, and still at the top.Congrats to her and her hubby, and welcome to the new bundle of joy

  3. As much as I want to see her on a new movie or drama. Still hoping a baby girl on her next pregnancy,?. Always stay healthy, happy and beautiful ?

  4. Congratulations.

    I love her, she is one of the (rare) women who has acting talent and beauty but also is very likeable on screen and she is a lady that makes you want to sit down and have glass wine with.

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